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How Many Weeks' Will It Take To Pass A UA?

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  1. proliferate

    proliferate New Member

    posting results...

    i'm posting my results because so many have wished me well and given me a few minutes of their time to give me some information and this is my input. my results are supposed to be unusual so do not assume you will have the same results. :nono:
    i think i just got lucky.

    female, 130 lbs, 5'3", medium metabolism, work out 2x/wk usually cardio

    smoke irratically... couple months on, a couple off.

    smoked a bowl for one month until Dec 23rd.

    abstained (involuntarily) until Jan 5th.

    smoked a couple hits everyday until Jan 24th.

    was told there was to be a drug test(unspecified whether it was blood or urine or hair) on 28th and had to take it the next day.

    couldn't back out since they already had all my contact info and ID (resident)number and suspicion of MJ use could have cops crawling all over you and immediately have you sent to jail (this isn't america).

    had worked out the day before (yeah i know that's not good NOW). did the macujo hair treatment just in case in the morning. scalp stinging, drank a cup of coffee and about 3-4 glasses of water before test. turned out to be blood and urine test for all illegal substances. prayed.

    and I passed!!!

    who cares how or why but i did!!! i'm assuming the tests here are not as sensitive as quest or psychemetrics in the states and therefore saved my poor arse! good thing, since i'd be hauled off in handcuffs if i got found out at the hospital or from my potential employer.

    thanks to all who gave some input or wished me well. this has been a very interesting experience and now i am well educated about the entire procedure. i am very grateful.
  2. southerncomfort

    southerncomfort New Member

    Female, 150 lbs, 5'6"
    I was chronic smoker for about 8 months, quit for 2 weeks.
    I drank a lot of water and used some CRAP called testPure.
    I followed the instructions to the t and failed.
    This was a pre-employment test. Thank goodness I didn't turn in my two week notice at my current employer. So, at least I still have a job.
    My test was through a Aegis Analytical Laboratories (urine test). They test on the cut off of 20 ng/mL and confirmation on 5 ng/mL.
    I truly wish the rest of you the best of luck on your drug screens.
    I took my test last Tuesday (1/25/05) and found out today (2/3/05) that I failed. So, when it's over a week and you don't hear something, sometimes the saying - "No news is good news" is incorrect. I've been sweating it out pretty hard, but at least the burden is lifted and I don't have to worry about it any longer. So, I'm on my job hunt again. Good luck to all of you. Don't use the crappy products from the store. If I could do it all again, I would use S2's method.
  3. Mr Desire

    Mr Desire New Member

    Short Guy

    5'1, 133 lbs, average metabolism, chronic smoker, male, early 40s

    Smoked an average of 1-2 jays a day, average to good weed, no hydro or anything like that. My last 4 days of smoking I averaged about 4 jays a day, knowing I wasnt going to smoke again for awhile.

    Went on a low fat, high fiber diet and walked an average of 1 hour, 6 days per week. I'm no longer able to do anything high impact.

    Received THC test strips (ordered over the net) 23 days later. I tested myself on the first urination in the morning and passed. The second line was faint, but still clearly visible. I tested myself again later in the day, and this time the the second line was even more visible.

    I've read that walking a mile burns around the same amount of fat as running a mile, so I believe exercise is what is most important and not how much you sweat while exercising. I lost approximately 6 lbs during this time period and now weigh 127 lbs.

    Thanks to all who have knowledgably responded to everyone else's queries on this forum.

    One last note: I am an atheist. I did not pray for passing results like some on here have suggested. I followed the path of of science instead of following the opposite path known as mythology aka religion.
  4. johnnyrott3n

    johnnyrott3n New Member

    Male, mid-20's
    140 pounds, low body fat
    Moderate smoker, 1-2 grams of schwag a day
    infrequent exercise
    stopped smoking 2 days before test
    used creatine supplement powder and fiber pills the night before and the day of the test
    3 hours before test drank 4 glasses of water, a couple moutain dews and 4 aspirin. drank water off and on until test.
    pissed out only first part of stream a few minutes before the test

  5. KonaGirl

    KonaGirl New Member

    I Passed!

    Just got the call from HR:

    "Everything came back fine. When can you start?"


    Early 40's
    Average to slow metabolism
    Don't really work out much
    150 lbs
    Long time smoker, 1-2 hits nightly of good bud
    23 days clean
    Dilution method
  6. Thanksguys

    Thanksguys New Member

    My Results

    First of all I am so unhip I didn't know these boards existed!
    Here is my experience:
    I retired from a major job 1 1/2 yrs ago...basically smoked weed everyday after that. My company called me at Thanksgiving(2004) to apply to come back.
    I immediately quit smoking because I knew they drug test new employees.
    Never heard from them so began light 'weekend' smoking on Jan. 9th every weekend until Jan. 31st.
    They called me on Feb2nd-I got the job & needed to take a drug test w/in 48hrs.
    I FREAKED of course!
    Found these boards and learned of the dilution method. Began diluting and passed a home test w/ a faint line. I learned about the creatine issue too late-but crammed dwn quite a few cheeseburgers. Made the test as late as they would let me (fri.Feb 4 at 1pm).
    Day of test-just drank alot of water, took 2 aspirin & 2 vitamin b's every few hrs. I hr before test-drank 24 oz Gatorade, 2 aspirin & 2 vitamin b.
    Had to wait in waiting room until about 2:30.
    P was yellow enough-but I was still extremely worried!
    They called today-(Feb 10) and said everything was 'good to go'.
    55 y.o.female
    5'3" 174 pds(slow metab.)
    Have been exercising daily since Jan 1 to lose weight-but very little exercising entire week b4 test(just a coincidence).
    THANKS SO MUCH to the gurus on this board and everyone else for their experiences.
    BTW-never had a drug test before-I really feel violated!
  7. d4rk3

    d4rk3 New Member

    ok just wanna say, i've posted this before but to anyone who wants to see how i passed read on...also like to holla at Live and Learn, S2, N2, Mel and all you guys! you guys keep on fighting the good fight and researching the battle against THC consumers!

    18 yrs old
    127.0 (last i checked, naked on the scale)
    5'11" (maybe 6' now)
    kept this weight for the past few years, so i take it i have a high metabolism, i can't gain weight even if i tried (and yes, i have tried, always fail ;) )

    i started smoking almost 3 years ago, but let's get to the time period where it really mattered:
    dec 03'-july 04' i was an everyday smoker. good midgrade almost always, dank when i could afford it. then in the middle of july i cut back and started taking breaks (3 days here, smoke down, 5 days here, smoke down, etc., but not cuz of choice :( ) it was great for killing that tolerance i built up over months of getting stoned everyday. anywho, i basically kept smoking everyday until early january (with more breaks inbetween) keep in mind after the first few cleanouts during summer i lost most of my tolerance completley.

    now to what really matters:
    quit for almost 5 days.
    took 4 "light" hits of some dank
    quit for 14.5 days, with 3 exercise sessions in that period (1 heavy workout, 2 lighter ones)
    at just over 14.5 days since my last smoke, i used a home test with my first piss of the day...and passed! (faint line but still, a big lift off my shoulders)
    the next day i took my "real" test and passed! no dillution, just probably like my 10th piss of the day since i had been up since the previous day.

    ok real quick, my theory:
    due to the cleanouts throughout summer until my just over 2 week quitting, maybe my weight/metabolism was able to clean out my body easier, since it wasn't everyday anymore, but i was still dirty as **** :liplick: so i figure between that and the exercise (if it helped at all) i kicked the rest of the bulk THC's ass and passed! (50 ng/ml cutoff) it is possible, or maybe i just have magical piss :chokin:

    sorry to make this so lengthy,


    p.s. private message me if you want my actual THC metabolite number (X ng/ml) for security reasons :)
  8. frostburner

    frostburner New Member

  9. frisco415

    frisco415 New Member

    here is my story yall, all of you im sure will find this useful:
    quit for 3 months after smoking for 5 years every day many times a day
    *hit a blunt one time, diluted and passed after being clean for 7 days
    *hit a blunt 4 times that same day after test, diluted and passed after 18 days clean
    *hit a blunt 5 times that same day i passed, then after 3 days hit another blunt once, passed after 17 days of the last hit and diluting

    I have drug tests early in the morning, 9-10 AM, what i do is before i go to sleep i drink up a couple of big cups of tea, then pee, go to bed. wake up about 3 hours before going in, start drinking water and drink about 80-90 oz in total, ( one gatorade bottle every hour+ 2 gatorate bottles the last hour), take 4 aspirins 45 min before test. go in and my pee is almost clear white( which isnt unusual like some say because when u drink water to be healthy ur piss would always be pretty clear) i pee midstream. and pass easily with a good solid negative line on the test field.

    im 160 and 5'10 wit a good fast metabolism
    hope all of you find this useful, late
  10. Chi_WeedGurl21

    Chi_WeedGurl21 New Member

  11. thedude

    thedude New Member

    30 days + 3 quarts of gatorade + 4 asprin + 2 multi-vitamins = Passed Drug Screen for a 180 pound + Normal Metabolism + Daliy Smoker. Have a nice day folks and thank you.
  12. Dr.Crusher

    Dr.Crusher New Member

    Modified "S2" Method.. Worked at home..

    Hello all.
    I tried my own version of S2's method with an at home test that I purchased at CVS. It said that I was negative and it has only been 7 days since I smoked! Wooo Hooo!! I smoked KB too, not those cheap regs..
    I will take another test though in a couple of days without diluting to see whether or not I will even need to dilute as much as I did today.
    My method today was 3 large glasses of water, (one glass = 2 cups), and I took tons of niacin. I know you all think that Niacin is crap, but my friend on probation SWEARS by it. He is a heavy smoker too. I did not take asprin, but I definity will when I take the test for the job.
    Now my concern is, how accurate are these home tests?
    Are the ones that will be used on me at the doc's office going to be more sensitive? PS what if they do a blood test? what are my chances of passing one of those bad boys if I haven't smoked for 2 weeks?
    (*I was moderate to heavy smoker, 5'4, 145 lbs, moderate metabolism).
    PS: If I pass the next home test, hugs and kisses to S2.
    If I pass the REAL test, I will find S2 in real life and shower you with gifts.
  13. Locutus

    Locutus New Member

    good luck Dr. Crusher, i always thought you were totally hot on Star Trek Next Generation :D

    ok, here's my results from awhile back last year before i found these boards and read for several months without registering, so better late than never, i guess. now i'm a medical user with a legal prescription in CA, and i smoke a little everyday primarily for IBS spasms, and it works great.

    when i went for an interview, they said i had to go take the drug test that same day, so i had less than 2 hours notice. i knew those 300% guaranteed detox drinks said they worked in 1 hour, so i picked up TestPure Platinum Magnum Force - The Big One for $35 for those with high toxin levels. i followed the instructions and drank the extra bottle of water, so it was 48 oz total, prepissed a couple of times and when i gave my sample it was a real abnormal color like a glowing neon radioactive hulk sampole or something, very embarrassing to look at. i'm sure they could tell by looking at it what kind of studying i had done. but i after she put some drops on her panel test, and bottled up part of the sample, i was told it would take a few days for the lab results. little did i realize that meant i had failed.

    i bought some new workboots and blissfully worked for a whole week thinking i had passed... a whole week of no news should've been good news, but it wasn't... they called me up from work and said the failing results had came in and did i know why i might've failed? i wasn't sure how to handle this but i tried being honest and said i had a medical prescription for it. they said they would allow it if i showed it to them and it was valid, AND if i went immediately and passed a retest. again i had less than 2 hours notice before the place closed up... so i went to a different local headshop and picked up a different flush drink, Strip Extreme Cleanser 32 oz that was $50 for the highest toxin levels, and chugged it and when i got to the clinic there was a mixup and the piss lady had stopped taking piss at a different hour a couple of hours before the clinic closed. :(

    i had to go back to the test center the next day, so on the way home i went back and bought another one of the $50 Strip EC drinks and the next day i followed the plan even more carefully by giving myself a good 2-3 hours for the drink to work better, and i had abstained for about 2 days at that point. when i gave them the cup, i was amazed at how much more abnormal the color looked than the first time... it was like a florescent yellow highlighter color. and i failed again.

    the guarantees for these products say you have to send a copy of the lab results along with the receipt, but of course i wasn't entitled to get that document. instead i sent a copy of the letter of termination from my job to both companies. Testpure totally ignored my refund request. Covert Labs (Strip) somehow figured that twice my purchase price of $50 came out to only $79.90, shorting me by $20, and the other part of their guarantee was they sent me some other crappy product to drink, Black Magic, as if i would be fooled a 3rd time... i couldn't even give that little vial away.

    vvv DO NOT BUY THESE DRINKS! vvv (or waste your money like i did on any other similar products)
  14. IrishMikey

    IrishMikey New Member

  15. d4rk3

    d4rk3 New Member

    11 days later...

    so i smoke for a weekend while clean from the start of it (thursday)...i smoked till sunday morning (about 2 grams over the weekend, of some midgrade).

    then i quit for 10.5 days, and took a home test with the first piss of the day. passed. "no way", i said. very faint line, almost non-existant but it WAS there. i'll get another after work (so probably my "10th" or so piss of the same day) pass with an atleast-noticeable-this-time line. cool. dropped, and passed! pm me if you want the actual number in "X ng/ml", it's an actual computer that analyzes it, but it's not gc/ms. gives you a number but only checks for what drug/s they tell it to.

    bottom line, i was under 50 ng/ml in 10.5 days without any exercise, just regular diet with a little more fluid than normal. with a little more fiber than usual too, for the hell of it. guess my metabolism kicks ass.

    130-135 lb. (i'm always in this range, have been for years)
  16. ardieyardie420

    ardieyardie420 New Member

    D-tox is the way to go. i passed two tests with one 24 hours from the first and passed them both
  17. funkdoktaspot

    funkdoktaspot New Member

    Wow you guys are great

    yesterday i found out i had to go take a piss test for a job within 24 hours. Ofcourse i fretted and my nerves went banannas. I got some of those detox products but i didnt wanna rely on them because im smoke quite a bit of herbs. So in turn i went searching on the web for alternate ways to handle it.

    I found this forum last night and read all the opinions from everyone and gathered my thoughts. I called up my friend last night who is clean as a whistle and asked him to stop by and gimmie a few oz's of piss this morning for the test. Then i went got a digital thermometer this morning. I liked the stick the bottle in hot coffee idea so i tried it at home once before i went (i had limited time thats why i tried it once or i woulda practiced a TON which i suggest).

    I inserted the urine into the cup for 30 secs and to my amazement the damn thing registered 104 just like of the other members said it would. a big grin came across my face and i knew things were looking up. That done i left it out on the counter after heating it up...i left it out for 20 just to see how the temp would drop. After 20 mins it was still 96.5. It was still in range. So i cupped my big old bawls and found the spot suggested for the placement...ran out and got some tighty whitey's cause im a boxer man.

    I doubled up on the draws for extra support and for warmth. Everything was set. I stopped by my drug testing facility once everything was set. Once i parked i took out my thermos mug of coffee i had just purchased from the local convience store. Boom thermometer read 104 again. Shoved it in my bawls and i was off.

    I was very suprised how fast they saw me. i was into the bathroom putting in my sub urine withing 30 mins which was GREAT. Boom everything went just like planned. Once i was done with that i thought i was in the clear.

    BUT they did not tell me i was getting a physical as well. So after the urine part was done they took me into one of the rooms and told me to get undressed to see the doctor. i almost crapped my pants. i still had the empty bottle of urine in my crotch. I broke out some quick thinking and as soon as the nurse left to go get the doc i took out the bottle wrapped it in paper towels and hid it in the trash quick. I had no idea the doc was gonna do a hernia test as well. WOW. After almost panicing myself into a heartattack i sat and waited...doc came in, did his thing then left. As soon as he left i grabbed the bottle again and put it back in my crotch. The agony was over i had pulled it off.

    Sorry for the long post but i hadnt seen any others on the forum regarding the hernia and urine test all at once. Shocked the crap outta me but i wanted to share my experience incase it helps others. If anyone has had any expereinces like this id like to hear em.

    Sorry for the long Post. THANKS a ton to everyone who has participated on the threads and for the folks running this site. Without this info i woulda been hurting bad!!!!!
  18. weatemanu

    weatemanu New Member

    Civil Liberties

    Tall, average build.

    I'll start by saying I passed, after 19 days clean, having smoked, very strong, super-skunk for 5 nights out the 10, preceeding the 19 days. Prior to that nothing for a few months.

    When I had notice of the test, I ran for 3 days, and then for the last 4 days; ate fatty foods and did little. Hammered the vitamins and pure fruit juice.

    Planned on drinking steadily throughout the day; had a meeting, it didn't happen. Found myself an hour before the test with far from a full bladder.

    Drank 1.5 litres of water in one sitting. By the time I arrived, I was desperate for a pee.

    Produced the required amount. It may as well have been water, which unfortunately they noticed.

    They buggered about, moaned about the the dilution, asked me if I'd ever smoked cannabis, I said no. Asked me if I get randomly tested, I said yes.

    My heart rate at this time, must have been touching Mach 2.

    Finally filled out the form; passed.

    Won't be touching the stuff again. As much as I like a good smoke, it's not worth it.

    It is however an intrusion on your civil liberties. I could have been snorting coke and looking at child pornography a couple of days before the test and passed. But no, I smoked a bit of weed 3 weeks before and it put me in this situation.

    Is this civilisation?
  19. l33tHydro

    l33tHydro New Member

    long time chronic user, passes

    Age: 40
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 185
    Metabolism: Avg to High
    Frequency: 6 days a week for at least last 8-10 years.
    Quality: HQ Hydro for example NL, PH

    Swore I'd never work for a company that drug tested, but found out on Jan 20
    that current company getting new owners who insist on a drug free workplace
    and that we'd all need to be screened in about 30 days or so.

    Freaked out, of course, especially when reading how frequency/how long/quality
    could drastically effect THC in system time. Felt like a total hypocrite, too,
    for not having the balls to say "see ya" I don't want to be part of
    your "guilty til proven innocent War on Drugs crapola." But since
    I needed the job (very good salary, good benes, economy not in great shape),
    I began (mostly) total abstention after final 2 bowl hit on 1/20.

    Began to work out 5 days a week as well beginning 1/22. Workouts consisted
    of mostly of treadmill (started out walking 30 mins, within a week and 1/2 was
    up to 30 min solid running, about 2.5 miles, and 300 avg calorie burn rate).

    Abstention easier than expected (again proving marijuana is not an addictive
    substance), though did have unsupressable cravings on 2/5 (one small bowl),
    2/8 (2 good sized bowls, it was Fat Tuesday after all!), and 2/13.

    Knew test was approaching, so stopped working out on 2/24. On 2/25 was told
    would need to have urine test between 2/28 and 3/01. Knew nothing (duh!) about
    home test kits until reading the thread here. Bought a CVS brand kit on 2/25
    and took it after work. Passed with very solid line. Felt incredible relief.
    Was still planning to do a pretty heavy dilute per the methods discussed in
    the "Dilution and aspirin-- the technique." thread minus the creatine
    and salt.Began taking vitamin B12 on 2/25.

    However, bought a second urine test on 2/28 (different brand, just to vary
    it) and took it the morning of 3/1 on my second piss of the morning. Pass it
    with good line, not as solid as previous, but still confidence building. Decided
    to take my test that afternoon rather than wait until last possible moment on

    Test was a SAP 10-50/300 GC/MS performed by Quest Diagnostics. Drank extra
    12 oz of water during lunch for a 24oz total. Took 2 aspirins. Between 1 and
    2pm drank another 24oz of water. At 3pm I drank another 16oz of water on way
    to test and took 3 aspirin. Did the test. Urine looked quite yellow.

    On 3/03 was told I passed the test. The bowl on the evening of 3/03 was one
    of the best ever. Though relieved, I still feel like a hypocrite. As long as
    we continue to put up with this invasion of our privacy for what substances we partake in on our time and with no negative impact on our work lives, it'll continue and will only
    get worse. On the other hand, there is some comfort in knowing that the test
    is beatable with a little effort.
  20. JaKa

    JaKa New Member

    I passed my test.

    260 lbs
    Not active
    Smoked on different occasions between January 5th and 8th. Last smoke before January was in November. My test was Februrary 28th. That is 50 days clean. I drank more cranberry (48 oz a week) juice and water than normal during this period of time. Thanks for all the information on this board.

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