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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by frzcold65, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. frzcold65

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    Lately due to the dropping of former religious beliefs I've been thinking alot on the existence of "reality" and questioning the functions of the world.

    Now the way I think about it ever since I started smoking, up until this point i've been doing so for recreational purposes. Ive heard of getting high for spiritual reasons and was reminded during a session, so I attempted to do it. I started to think of our purposes in life and focused alot on nature trying to connect with it. With these combining thoughts I sorta convinced myself I was part of all this which gave me an overwhelming feeling. Weird huh.

    Anyways if you do smoke trees for spiritual purposes then can you explain how you do it and how it all works out.
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  2. budtoker420

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    well when i smoke for a spiritual purpose it is almost always at the beginning of a meditation sesson, its a great way to get a group of ppl really comfortable with eachother really quikly so that everyone has the best experience connecting. herb simply lets the mind let go of petty concerns and allows the greater powers of the world within to come forth and connect with a greater is no different than normal meditation, but the weed allows many to focus differently and rid themselves of also makes the overall rush/relaxation of a purposeful meditation seem even more blissful, and i can often connect body and spirit more readily with weed in my system.

    under the same token, if you dont really feel like meditating and you smoke, you will not get too sumtimes its good to meditate instead of smoking, and then to smoke afterwards. weed is good for any and all types of meditation and can really open the mind up to the possibilities and create some interesting spiritual dialogue amongst others.

    this is how weed normally affects me, hope it helped.
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  3. Empressive

    Empressive New Member

    I, too, started smoking for recreational and social purposes. I started getting into the whole spiritual smoking when I got into conspiracies and questions about the universe. It's actually a much more pleasant experience when you give your weed a purpose such as connecting with nature or trying to figure out the world.

    I tend to smoke with my fiance when I'm looking for that spiritual high. While I'm smoking, I acknowledge the purpose and then try to clear my mind (during the smoking process). When we finish smoking, I then go sit alone in my bedroom to begin meditation. I usually sit straight up, Indian-style with my palms on my knees facing the sky. I close my eyes and focus on my breathing. If I cannot focus on my breathing, I will focus on one thing, such as a word, the sound of a fan, rain, etc. Once my mind is completely clear, I either enjoy the feeling and could sit for hours, or I ask a question and hope for a response from a higher power or even from my subconcious.

    Interesting in hearing about your journey...
  4. budtoker420

    budtoker420 New Member

  5. dirtbomb

    dirtbomb Hippie

    Real simple answer to why this happens.
    Your brain generates more alpha waves while you're high. Same thing happens when you meditate or dream.
    Enhanced creativity is also part of the same package of goodies. :)
  6. Ygdonmir

    Ygdonmir New Member


    Spirituality + Marijuana = Awesomeness.

    It's great you've taken a more introverted exploration of yourself. I too started out smoking with a couple friends socially. Still do and always will. But I love to just space out for a while and just think. Maybe take a few hits and just meditate in solitude. Answer questions in my head, read new things about the universe/philosophy/religion...whatever.

    It's brain food. I find that spirituality puts you more on a harmonious level with nature. You just 'get connected' with it. It makes you a mellow person, really. There are few words capable of describing it.

    In meditation, like the others say, it allows you to focus your thoughts more. Allows you to probe your mind and existence with much more depth. It's cool sometimes if a friend wants to meditate with you too. Sometimes one will think up of a question or realization that they can share with you. But meditation should go further than when your smoking it up as well, I'd say.

    I love it.

    If your unsure of how to jump in to meditation, it's real easy. Try to find a very quiet and secluded area absent of interruption. Though some people like to play some very subtle music or listen to birds outside. Cutting out any annoying lights/tv's and stuff as well. Then find a comfortable position, I'd say sitting because a lot of people nod off when they're laying down, hah. Then close your eyes and just explore your thoughts. Ask yourself complex questions, dissect the sounds around you, ride the waves of the music you hear. You can look up techniques and exercises all over the internet too.

    It may sound weird and maybe hard to completely understand but you'll figure it out. Try it out for a half hour or so sometime.
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  7. Empressive

    Empressive New Member

    I totally agree. When I was in school, I could write killer essays if I was under the influence. I used to actually go home, smoke a joint, and do my homework. I would get everything done before the weekend and my grades were good.

    Love it.

    Friends are coming over tonight to smoke a few. I usually smoke with a few friends and then meditate when they leave.

    I just want to let everyone know that you shouldn't use marijuana to meditate every single time. If you do that, it might make it hard to meditate without it and meditating without it is another amazing experience as well. So try to do it on and off with the herb and some days meditate without it.

    Just a little advice. ;-]
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  8. budsmoker61

    budsmoker61 New Member

    for me, i only have more spiritual thoughts when i smoke alone or only with like 2 other people as opposed to going to a party with 10 15 people.
  9. Empressive

    Empressive New Member

    Me too. Being at a party really clouds my brain. I don't really understand why people go to parties when they are high (unless they are smoking someone else's reefer and that's where it's at).

    My fiance and I usually just sit in our backyard (we have a privacy fence and no neighbors to the left of us), start a small, contained fire, and relax. Sometimes we will invite a couple friends over and smoke with them too, but everyone we hang around with is so calm, reserved, and cool that it's great. I don't think you can have better weed-smoking friends.

    It sure beats a bunch of loud, obnoxious, alcoholic friends, that's for sure.
  10. SleepyJohn

    SleepyJohn Sr. Member

    Interesting, there are many time when I Vaporize marijuana, I think if the book, with The 1st Day,"Let There be Light". then I think of photosynthesis, the ability of a plant to draw up water,and sediment, and with the green photosynthesis it is turned in to sap, in a cannabis sativa plant,and with Alpha,and Beta Rays,in fared ultra violet light changing the sap, into a holding devise known as THC! A rainbow, a honey bee flying, the moon,the stars, very spiritual stuff,Plus, it makes You feel good!
  11. jakspar0w

    jakspar0w Tak!

    Spiritual highs are my favorite. The only word I can use to describe them is invigorating. It is definitely a beautiful high.
  12. the_sam

    the_sam New Member

    Is that the answer to the question, "Why"? Or is it simply the scientific process through which it manifests?

    (Which came first--the chicken or the egg?<--I don't need an answer, it's just a question along the same lines.)
  13. the_sam

    the_sam New Member

    I find myself unsatisfied when I smoke without purpose--even if that purpose is just to fully enjoy playing an ancient Final Fantasy alone and picking up new things I've missed about the art and storyline.

    As long as I have a purpose in mind, my whole world has purpose while I'm high.

    Spiritual highs are the best for me--especially if someone is there to share the moment with.
  14. zombi

    zombi New Member

    smoking for spiritual enlightenment or healing or w/e is one of the best reasons to smoke imho.
    however i recently finally figured out that smoking every day and trying to use it with that end in mind simply isn't that effective.

    if you really want to get the most spiritually or for meditation out of mary jane, you really need to use her intermittently. after a week or so tolerance break and a bit of orally ingested headies (cooked), it is sooo much more insightful.

    i understand thats not the best path for everyone. i smoked almost every day for the past few years too, but once i switched to a once or twice a week i feel i get so much more out of the experience.
    thats just me though.
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  15. the_sam

    the_sam New Member

    I completely agree. That little break time for me is now, actually. Plus I don't like to smoke when I'm under stress or going through some kind of transition because I tend to just retreat into myself and not accomplish or enjoy anything... I just think too many useless thoughts.
  16. Talk to the "resident Buddhist" about this one. I understand where your coming from here.
  17. mastro

    mastro New Member

    There really isn't a process to smoke spiritually. If you want to be spiritual then reflect in upon yourself and meditate. I guess if you wanted to "set the mood" you could light some incense and play some relaxing music to help you get in that spiritual mindset

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