The story of a lifetime: French Kissing My Mom

Discussion in 'Humor and Jokes' started by Davidius, May 29, 2009.

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    When I was around 11 years old, I've been curious about how adults kiss on TVs and movies. A friend say that they kiss by slipping their tongue inside there mouth while they kiss. And I was kind of disgusted by it, but compelled to try. My mom was the type to kiss her kids on the lips while she put me and my little sis in bed, so when she tuck me in and kissed me, i slipped my tongue out, and my mom freaked out and pulled back. She said to me that I can't do that, but in the next couple of nights, I would always stick out my tongue when she kissed me, and my mom always pulled away. Finally, when she kissed me again, I stick out my tongue into her mouth, and this tim she didn't pull away, she ACTUALLY moved her tongue and our tongue kinda played with each other for 5 seconds. My mom then blushed and told me not to tell anyone or else she would never do it again. I agreed, and for around 3 years, we have been french kissing ever since. Even as far as a 10 minute making out session in bed and even when we're home alone together. It stopped, but I really missed those days.

    lol, nah its not real. found it at Expose Your Dirty Secrets!
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    Better watch out. People are liable to remember your user name and you swapping spit with your Mom, and not the "its not real" part at the end. :laugh:
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    Oh my god hahaha. YOU GOT ME!
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    HAHAHA oh shit.
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    Lol, I love that sig or yours Killah
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    DUDE!! Remember when Davidius kissed his mom!!! ahhh

    Is ur mom hot? lol...jkk jk man...
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    i found it funny ... the way he put it
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    People may take you serious or think you are strange for joking like that I would say Please stop I mean I used to joke like that and some people find jokes like that very offensive
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    Thats pretty messed up.
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    How is this joke offensive in the slightest? The person who wrote the joke (or possibly true story) is only talking about him and his mother.
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    Well I do not know of a single culture that thinks French kissing your mother is acceptable and if there is one please let me know because that is just nasty. I do not understand how you can not find the very thought of kissing your mother disturbing to say the least
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    Hahaha :D
    How could we ever forget?

    Good story.
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    J,O,K,E, big man
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    I'm sure someone somewhere thinks french kissing their mother is acceptable.
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    Personally i think it is sick and was so relieved when it said joke at the end haha..

    But you obviously havn't heard of 'incest'..the act of performing sexual acts on family members...some places in the world, forms of incest is legal...France for example, allows siblings to have sex surely some places would accept son/mother kissing
    Disgusting? yes..but it does happen
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    See what i did there?

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