The Truth about passing a Urine Drug Test(verified)

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by jonthonson, Jun 5, 2005.

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    Hi everyone.

    Ill get right to this for all you who are in a hurry and dont want to waste your time reading a bunch of crap because I have done all the scientific research and have documentation for medical doctors to back up everything that is contained in this article.

    First off here is the snitch. I had a drug test for employment I smoke every day religiously but had not been applying for a second job for a very long time so this is what i did.

    I stopped smoking on sunday night at around 11pm. I went to get tested on Wednesday morning at 8 am. I pissed clean with no traces of THC whatsoever after months of smoking and being high well..all the time.

    First off and most important let me explain how THC works. THC comes from weed, marijuana, hash; ect. It gets in your body and floats in your blood making u high. Your fat cells in your body absorb the THC and store it equally distributed throughout your fat cells. The fat cells in your body move around constantly in your body and during this transition phase small tracew amounts of THC are releised into your blood stream therefor entering your urine. The goal is not to remove all thc from your body because unless you got instant lyposuction this sint possible. THe average person has about 15-17% body fat and thats why statistically on average it takes about 28 days to clean your system completely. But we are not trying to clean you out just trying to pass a drug test here.

    This is what you do. FIrst of all and most importanly is Water. Water is good but you dont need to overdose on water because you can only clean whats in your bloodsteam and urine using water anyway.

    Second and very important is an "inhibitor" or something that makes u piss a lot. For thsi get cranberry juice with no sugar. Dont drown yourself in cranberry juice either. For every cup of cranberry juice you drink make sure to drink about 3 cuyps of water but wait thats not all.

    *THIS IS IMPORTANT* ok here goes guys and gals. Since our objective first off is to clear your bloodstream we know how to do that it is by using water right. Well the other objective is to keep your body from moving fat around and releasing any trace amounts of THC into your blood stream.

    Three words can solve this.....


    This will put your body into whats called "hyper fat storage mode" so eat some junk food bro the night before the test and begin after eating the fatty food and during the process make sure to drink only water no soda only water and cranberry juice.

    So you drink about a half gallon of water i would recommend around atleast 8 cups of water during this process is all you need along with about 3 glasses of cranberry juice mixed in there basically every time u urinate drink more cranberry juice and water.

    Plan B

    This is plan B and corrolates with the first part of this process.

    Take vitamin B12 about 1000 mg it colors your urine darker so it doesnt look clear.

    Drink Spring water not just for the taste but it lacks the chemicals like chlorine that can dilute a drug testing.

    When you piss dont take the first and dont take the last of the stream but take the mid stream.

    And finally but not least and most importantly put that you took Robitussin within 4 hours of the drug test. RObitussin is one of the only over the counter drugs that can actually show up trace amounts of thc in your system therefore if they see something that "slipped" then they will dismiss it automatically by policy as you having either actually taken robittusin or having been around some weed but not smoked any.

    Friends this works and all I have to say is that everything here is not myth not hearsay and all comes from about a week of constant rersearch and reading medical studies and information written by PHD's and Doctors.

    If you with to contact me with questions I may be reached at

    Freedom and Peace to all!!!
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    Can I have a sticky for this please admin I want to make sure all read this.
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    All of this information and alot more is already sticky. You should have checked out those bad boys before posting this. Could have saved you some precious time. But thanks alot though. :wave:
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    What you've provided is a lot of recycled information that we've been handing out for years, along with an unhealthy admixture of misinformation about which we know better.

    Fat cells don't wander around the body releasing THC. They stay put and release THCA (a THC metabolite) when the body burns up the fat stored in them.

    Robitussin doesn't show up as trace amounts of THC. It can, however, create a false positive for amphetamines. If you put down that you've taken Robitussin and then test positive for THC and negative for amphetamines they'll know you're trying to fool the test.

    Tap water does not "dilute a drug testing" except that any kind of water will lower the concentration of THCA in your urine. If it did "dilute a drug testing", wouldn't that be a good thing?

    Something that makes you pee a lot is not called an "inhibitor", it's called a "diuretic".

    You should go into fat storage mode three days before a urinalysis, not the night before. It gives you that much more time to pee out whatever THCA was in your bloodstream.

    "Verified"? :rofl2: That's like a used car salesman saying "trust me"!

    You come off sounding like a kid who is "high well..all the time".
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    I think that the two administrators have really been kind to you :D
  6. Buzzby

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    We strive to be kind. In some cases it's a lot more work than in others. :laugh:
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    Um, then why does it only take a day or two for your blood to be clean ( but a month for urine? Yeah, I'd say check your facts again before posting something as so "verified".
  8. didorusso

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    Are you referring to me? :laugh: :laugh:
  9. didorusso

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    I will try to answer this:

    Contaminants in blood are quickly filtrated by the kidneys and get concentrated in urine. It may also well be that testing serum produces less sensitive results than urine due to the different complexity of the two fluids.
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    Ok well first the information I got came from a book called "How to pass a drug test." A legitimate and factual book written by a doctor. I may be off on some things but im not off on what i said to do because i did it and it worked so dont come out acting like your telling me what i wrote isnt (verified) because what I did worked and science can be wrong but what I did i did VERIFY!!! Just FYI im not a kid just didnt go to medical school so Im not abreast to all the terminology and correct explainations but this method worked and I have heard a lot of crackpot theories out there that people say that work but I have documentation from a doctor (whose opinions were of what I listed.) If you know anything about medical studies they CHANGE and this information about fat cells was from a new medical journal which is less accepted or less known to the internet junkies and more to real doctors.
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    One more thing.

    If you learn one thing in life. Learn what I have learned. Don't trust potheads over medical doctors who dont smoke pot but are fighting to legalize it for the freedom of the country.
  12. Buzzby

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    1)You are a pothead, therefore we shouldn't trust you. :D
    2)We have access to all the same information you do and have been studying this for years, not weeks.
    3)No one likes a know-it-all who shows up thinking he's got all the answers to a problem they've been dealing with for years, especially when he's spouting misinformation. When you give people the impression that you think you're smart and they're stupid, the natural reaction is for them to tell you you're full of sh*t.

    As for "verified", do you understand the difference between anecdotal evidence and scientific research? What happened to work for you is no proof that it will work for anyone else.
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    I have friends who to this day insist that Goldenseal, for instance, is the key to passing a urine drug test. They "know" because it has worked for them over and over in the past. When asked, they cannot suggest a physiological reason this works other than something vauge, like "It sucks the THC out of your fat cells." Some, perhaps correctly (I doubt it), claim to "naturally" be clean in a day or two (chronic smokers). I've challenged a friend very recently on this (right after my last test). He said he could pass tomorrow without doing anything -- we were smoking a bowl at the time. I made the following offer........

    I'll get a test from Walgreen's and we'll wager $100 and the loser pays for the test too. I'm a nursing student and he's had many surgeries, so he had no objection with the idea that I observe the test. He said he would, but $100 is too much. I said, let's just do it for the price of the test! Nah, he was "sure" it worked (his body's anti-THC ability) and didn't feel the need to prove it. How convenient.

    It rarely rains here. The other day, I was pissing on the ground and it started to rain. Welp, there you have it! To make it rain, just piss on the ground. It sure worked for me. I verified it.

    Anyway, the problem I have with this thread is that sub'ing was not mentioned. I know, for me, that I cannot sleep well if my own piss goes in the cup. If I sub with my wife's or synthetic, I'm certain I will not fail for certain reasons -- illicit drugs -- though I may get caught in the act of sub'ing. For unobserved tests, sub'ing is the way to go, IMHO.
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    I'm sorry, but I have it on the highest authority (my Uncle Bob) that it's washing your car that makes it rain.

    He conducted a double-blind experiment. Bob and his next-door neighbor got blind drunk and washed his car. Within half an hour it rained! :laugh:
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    Jesus Jon, they are devouring you like lions would do in a roman arena. Don't you at least realize that at your age you haven't learnt so many things and that you are still growing? Haven't you realized that older people are likely (not always at all) to have more knowledge?
    For what concerns potheads and doctors: I know surgeons who would cut you open after smoking a joint. I also know rocket scientists who’d only have good ideas after smoking a joint.
  16. Buzzby

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    Modesty. :rofl2:
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    Well people. Im going to stick my head in the ground on this issue because it seems somone already put a fork in it. I will leave you all with this irrefutable evidence however.

    "Hell is on the dark side of the moon."

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