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    I smoked chronically for 2 months straight everyday 2-3 times a day about 3.5grams within 3-4 days of some exotic heady (loud) whatever you want to call it bud and I found out I had a test in 19 days. FML right?
    Here's what I did... Quit as soon as I found out the test was coming. I was clean 15 days from blunt to mouth to piss in cup.. Day 10 my morning miss of coarse was still dirty...
    I bought a bottle of Total Eclipse Rely Detox from GNC, 2 actually, With the first one I did a test run to see if it would work. I spent $60 on 3 $20 marijuana drug tests. I took a test 1 hour after drinking the drink with the amount of water it recommended and passed. I took another test 5 hours later with no extra water consumption and still passed. So that my friends is NOT dilution. I took my test through labcorp and passed fine a few days later following the steps on the bottle. You hardly drink very much fluid at all. It's like a 16oz drink and it recommends 32 oz of water 15 minutes behind the drink. Like my post if you find this helpful. Hopefully it helps my fellow tokers out there! :)
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    Good deal. Did you bracket your urine tests at home by getting brands from Walgreen's, CVS, etc.? Just wondering so others can know :)

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    What you did absolutely is dilution. You consumed 46 ounces of fluid in a fifteen minutes span. Doctors recommend that you drink 64 ounces a day, so in a quarter of an hour you consumed nearly three quarters of your daily recommended fluid intake.

    I'm glad to hear that you passed your test, but don't be under any illusions that the drink your bought did anything special. You diluted with it and passed.
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    To Dave: I bought 2 tests that where from cvs and 1 I had left over from Walgreens. I took one an hour after the drink with the water and passed. Took another at the 3 hour mark and passed with color back in urine as well no vitamin supplements, and by the fifth hour urine was back to a more normal yellow and still passed the 3rd test(which I was assuming I would probably fail at that point because the drink is recommended to be used within a 5 hour window.) for the first 2 hours I had urinated probably 7 times before I finally got color back and the tests at the 3rd and 5th hour were none rushed and I just kinda made myself piss. This is why I don't think at that point dilution was still the factor although it may have been)

    Recommended daily water intake by the Instutite of Medicine is 3 liters per day which is equilivant to 101.5 fluid ounces, but needless to say recommended daily fluid intake does not factor out to a simple formula for everyone. Your recommended daily fluid intake can vary depending on how physical you are, your health state, and your location. To comment on your comment: I disagree. My real official drug test was through labcorp which now performs SVT-standard validity tests with all samples. (I emailed technical support to verify this) and when I took my test I had urinated 6-7 times and waited 3 hours after consumption to take the test. Most of the initial water had already been expelled prior to the drug test and with passing the SVT test as well? I mean it's easy to still argue with dilution and I understand your point of view, but I don't see how I still passed and did not get a negative-diluted result if that was the case. Maybe you are right and maybe it was not the drink. Maybe the 15 days clean along with urinating 10 times that day before the test had temporarily flushed out the THC metabolites, but I just felt I would inform all the people out there that worry themselves sick over taking a drug test that no matter how this works it did work for me.
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    I was basing the daily intake off the old adage "8 glasses of water a day" (glasses being 8 oz each). So I suppose I should have looked that up before hand.

    The tests that labs initially use are nearly exactly the same as the tests available commercially. They are dipstick tests that check for specific gravity, pH, creatinine, and oxidants (bleach, etc) in addition to the various drugs. They don't go further to a gc/ms unless specifically requested by the employer or if the dipstick tests come back positive. It's more cost effective this way and very few employers that I've heard of request the gc/ms. If they want to be that thorough they usually move on to hair tests or multiple tests (hair,blood, and urine).

    If you look at what is in the drink you drank, all it does it prompt you to drink a bunch of water after comsuming it (counting the drink itself, that's 48 ounces of water, or about half average daily recommended intake, in less than an hour, enough to dilute the urine your body produces after drinking it) then prompts you to urinate several times before taking the test, so as to expel any urine with concentrated THC metabolite levels. It is packed with b12 (10mg according to the website, whereas the national institute of health puts the daily recommended value at 2.4mcg, less than 1 percent of what is in the drink) another handy side effect of b12 intake is that it colors your urine yellow, convenient for dilution. It also has a ton of creatine in it to prevent creatninie levels in your urine from dropping to low. Extracts from peppers and acidic berry's to counteract the raise in pH from the excessive water intake.

    All those drinks are designed to do is dilute your urine to the point that it is below the regular cut off point of most dipstick tests (50ng/ml) while supplementing enough so that your urine doesn't come back negative dilute. More sensitive tests (20ng/ml) may still have come back positive, and a gc/ms definitely would have found the metabolites in your urine. There is no fooling a gc/ms through dilution.

    No drink can "cleanse" or "detox" you of drug metabolites. All they do is dilute for a short period of time. The metabolites from the drug you consumed are still in your body. The only proven way to rid your body of any drug metabolite is abstinence and time.
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    I can agree with that. :) my whole point was to just let people know that that detox drink does temporarily work while not showing negative-diluted results. :) thanks for the input too! Hopefully all this will help people if they are in a pinch to pass a urinalysis
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    Phew! LOts of great, detailed info here guys. Love the back and forth and all the knowledge. Hopefully this thread will help others. Thanks guys!

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    Immunoassays (IA) performed by commercial drug testing labs operate on the same underlying principle as the instant (dip stick) tests, that is an antigen/antibody reaction, but beyond that there is no comparison.

    Lab IAs use fully automated systems using microplates* (example see BioTek) with multiple wells allowing the reader devices and/or chemical analyzers to process hundreds of samples per hour per machine. The instruments can prepare the microplates with approriate reagents, pipette samples, wash the microplates and prepare for next sample batch. (see liquid handling). To my knowledge no testing labs use manual/visual testing of any type. It is this automation of basic screening that is the money-maker for the labs. Confirmatory testing via GC/MS+ is far more cumbersome, time consuming and labor intensive.

    When a given well within the tray shows positive a "signal" is transmitted to identify. Even though these devices are far more efficient they are subject to the same errors as the basic dip-stick/cup tests, cannot identify specific drugs nor measure amount of drug present. Those positives are (should be) then subjected to the more precise GC/MS+.

    Sample validity testing is also an instrumental process.

    *you might view these as miniaturized versions of drug test cups available OTC.

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