Thousands of pot plants seized in Humboldt County

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    Thousands of pot plants seized in Humboldt County
    The Associated Press / Aug. 14, 2010

    EUREKA, Calif. -- Authorities in Humboldt County have been especially busy this week in finding marijuana gardens. Sheriff's officials say during a series of raids between Monday and Thursday, deputies and officers from other agencies discovered more than 60,000 marijuana plants.

    The biggest find of the week came on Wednesday when authorities seized a little more than 30,000 marijuana plants on U.S. Forest Service land near the community of Orleans.

    More than 20,000 plants were seized during a raid Monday in the Redwood Valley, while another 7,500 marijuana plants were found on Bureau of Land Management and State Parks property Tuesday.

    Officials wrapped up their raids for the week by seizing about 6,400 plants on Bureau of Land Management property near Garbeville on Thursday.

    No arrests were made in any of the raids.

    I wonder if the growers in Humboldt county still want to keep prohibition in place to protect their profits or if legalization sounds a little better now?Even if all the grows that were busted were cartel grows,all those helicopters and police running around in the woods had to cause some stress for local growers and it ain't over yet.

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    That's a shame to hear, it's definately got to cause the locals some worry.

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