Time for a new bong, kinda need some help

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by GaryFlower420, Sep 26, 2012.

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    (FYI I'm High right now)

    I'm looking to buy a new bong. My Acrylic bong, which is my first bong, named Blue Neon has started to leak and I can't fix it. I've tried hot glueing the shit out of the base and it hasn't worked. I know now that I could of used something better to fix the leak but its time for a new one.

    I was thinking about getting a glass bong. I really like my friends glass bong and how great it hits, So I'd like to get one like his. It's about 14" tall double blown glass with a lot of color, Along with the pull out carb.

    So I pretty much know what I want but the main reason I made this post is to find a good Quality bong. I'm pretty new to the glass world of bongs and pipes. I'd like to know the different kinds of bongs and find the best company that makes bongs.

    Any help would be great on making a decision, thank you!

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