Time Warp

Discussion in 'Movies & Television' started by MattyBlunts117, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. MattyBlunts117

    MattyBlunts117 Sr. Member

    has anyone else seen this new show on the discovery channel? it debuted on october 15th and its on wednesdays at 8pm and its 2 episodes back to back. there have been 7 episodes so far, with the 8th this wednesday. the premise of the show is they use slowed down footage of high speed cameras and the result is things in pretty much super slowmotion. the things they have done are liquid nitrogen, fireworks, juggling, paintball, skeet shooting, result of a taser, jack hammer, skateboarding, car crash, yo-yos, and blending things like lighters with the will it blend guy among other things. its a pretty cool show, you guys should check it out
  2. gratefulvideofan

    gratefulvideofan New Member

    I like the show and have seen every episode. The narrator is annoying.

    The water drops and the skate boarder were nice.

    ADIDAS Represent. KY

    Yes, this show is pretty ill. Cant beat high speed, slow mo, HD. Id say itll be a success.
  4. Rossaroni

    Rossaroni New Member

    Being a total physics nerd, this show is like candy. The Discovery Channel in general is like an ethereal feeding tube hooked up to my brain. I am a slave.
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  5. allenlovesgreen

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    This show is awesome, I see it every time I can and it is always good.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0-TbUUXDtM"]Time Warp[/ame]
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  6. ohganja420

    ohganja420 New Member

    its amazing to watch when ur high as hell. everything is ten times more amazing. i just sit on the couch w/ my mouth open in awe :D
  7. Dudeimanoldfart

    Dudeimanoldfart New Member

    I just watched this show today!!! They showed a skateboarder, a guy that's pro at using a whip!!! That was sweet! He lit it on fire and and was whipping out flames!!!!!! And dogs shaking when they dry off! Haha too funny! I love it all!
  8. Freedom_User

    Freedom_User ....Is really high

    Wow, awesome show! This week they are skydiving and working with electricity. Very trippy to watch!
  9. Guru

    Guru Sr. Member

    Damn, I wish they showed this in the UK...

    This one is awesome.
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6QB5K3D4-U"]YouTube - Time Warp - Skateboard - Amazing! Must See!!! . www.TopFrees.com[/ame]
  10. JamoLovesBlunts

    JamoLovesBlunts New Member

    that show is awesome
    my favorite
    is the slightly over weight gentleman jumping from some ridiculous feet in the air
  11. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

    dude ive been watching this show since it started i love it!

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