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    I never used to have a problem when I first started smoking. Lately it seems as though I'll get a tingling/numbing/cold sensation around my nose/mouth after smoking. This usually happens if I'm talking alot, laughing, or just in a noisy environment. My thinking tells me that I might be mildly hyperventilating without realizing it, or could it be a precursor to passing out or anything along those lines? I dont really get dizzy or lightheaded, its just that darn tingling. I find it difficult to talk alot or even laugh now after toking without this problem arising. Anybody else get this?

    Not taking anything else, dont drink. No prescriptions, healthy as a horse. I DO have a lower than average BP, so i'm more prone to getting lightheaded/dizzy. Dunno if that has much to do with it.

    Any help is appreciated ::ahem:: Mamabudz....Hillbilly? :)
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    that actually used to happen to me, but not quite as bad as it seems to affect you. It went away after about two weeks for me.

    The only thing i can think of now that would be happening is some weird reaction to your nerves. (please someone correct me if i am wrong). I would suggest to try rubbing your mouth and your face...that always helps if some part of your body falls asleep for instance.

    Anyways thats what i say to try, if it doesnt work try not smoking for a day and see if it still happens if you dont get high.
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    Might have something to do with your low Blood Pressure.

    Based on the anecdotal evidence and historical evidence, I have done "home experiments" with friends of mine who suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure). I have monitored them smoking marijuana of a specific amount while checking their blood pressure over time in a home setting.

    The average has been a drop to normal bllod pressure range in under 20 minutes and sustaining that rate for upwards of 4 hours after having the smoke. The amount of smoke inhaled was less than 0.25 grams (about a 1/4 of a doobie).

    It sounds from your description that you are fine and experienceing a form of "body high" but as I am not a physician, nor able to diagnose you over the computer screen :D you will need to be more careful then most in imbibing our favorite herbal.

    Remeber to cognizant owho you are smoking with, be with friends who can take care of you if you pass out - rape is not an experience you want to have. Be careful to smoke quality un laced un-sprayed marijuana, you cannot afford to be experimenting with some crap someone thinks will get you super high... Basically be careful out there.

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