Tips on cutting back and staying that way?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Rob555, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. Rob555

    Rob555 New Member

    After several years of smoking several times a day, I want to keep my smoking down to 2-3 days a week. My main motivations are not wanting to feel uncomfortable on the days I don't smoke, and saving some cash of course.

    I stopped smoking completely for over 2 months, without much problem after the first few days. As soon as I started back, I was up to every day smoking fairly quickly (although not back to the 3-7 times a day like before). Took another couple weeks off, no problems.

    So my goal is to smoke on the weekends (preferably not more than once a day), and maybe once during the week for 'special occasions' (going to see bands, having a friend over to the house, etc.). Problem is I get the craving in between. In fact, knowing that I don't intend to smoke on a certain day will make me crave smoking earlier in the day than I would even smoke if it were a "smoking day."

    I've noticed a lot of folks here that say they only smoke a couple times a week. Who's got some advice for getting to that level and staying there? I have enough will-power that I can make myself resist those urges, but I'd rather -not have- the urges to smoke in the first place. I realized Tip #1 today for when I don't want to smoke: don't drink so much coffee! :) Anybody got ideas?

  2. JussBL4ZE

    JussBL4ZE Banned

    Find something to keep you busy. The mind that wants to smoke is a bored mind. Thats what I've noticed about myself. I desperatly want to smoke when I have nothing to do. When you urge to smoke, go to the gym and workout. The addiction is all in your head man. Its you vs your mind. But in all seriousness its all up to you. After all you control you. Your not the only one quitting man, cuz Im also quitting for a month or two. Think about it this way, if you smoke few times a week you will get noticable more high than smoking every day out of the week. it will give you an appreciation for bud, cuz after all its your time and its you money that your wasting.
  3. Rob555

    Rob555 New Member

    Ya know I thought more about this later, and realized the crazy thing is, I don't even really feel the need for the buzz at the times it's bothering me, I think it's the actual smoking part, the urge to feel it in my throat, lungs, etc. Not good. Made it all day, and now I think going to bed will do the trick. . .
  4. Rob555

    Rob555 New Member

    Nobody else ?? C'mon, I -know- other people have had issue regulating their smokage, and apparently with success, judging from the number of folks who say they smoke regularly but not daily . . .

  5. Dutch Skunk

    Dutch Skunk New Member

    Ive decided to quit smoking for about a month or two to build up my income and clear my mind up a bit...
    A couple of things I do involve relaxing to music keeping your mind occupied ..DON'T THINK ABOUT SMOKING! lol Once I think about it im up and ready to buy.. just keep it away from you and do natural things that relive stress such as sleep and just weird activities... maybe some video games/card games anything try to take up a hobbie that will occupy your mind and time...

    Like I said a couple months off for me and when I get back into the game ill be blazing up a storm
  6. Zilos

    Zilos Seasoned Activist

    ya, i just started again after a month and a half break, just kept myself busy, wasn't all that hard at all for me, guess it could be different for others.
  7. Rob555

    Rob555 New Member

    The weird thing is when I stopped for two months, it wasn't really difficult after the first several days. Problem is that now that I'm trying to only smoke 2 days a week, that seems much harder. It's kind of like going through that several-day adjustment period repeatedly. :splat:

    The drag is that if I can't get this reconciled with myself, I'll feel like I need to stop completely/indefinitely, and that thought is really depressing me. :bawl: . . . .

  8. Hi5inferno

    Hi5inferno New Member

    i totally know how you feel, and i totally agree with what everyone is saying about keeping busy.

    i too often just feel like sittin back with my nice little pipe and puff on it for a while. its not really a need to get high, but just to enjoy the experience... if you know what im saying.

    think of it this way; what do you do when you smoke up? listen to music? enjoy the outdoors?
    whatever you enjoy while you're high, go try doing them sober. it will keep you busy and away from the urge to smoke, plus hey, doing those things might cause a weed flashback! you can get psychologically high for free.

    one more thing to keep you from smoking up all the time is to just keep a small stash for yourself, and keep the big stash with a good friend perhaps. its just that having easy access to the weed isnt going to do much good for your cravings.
  9. Closet Pigs

    Closet Pigs New Member

    When I first started smoking, for the first 6 months or so, I generally only smoked on the weekends and every once in awhile during the week. I rarely smoked alone.

    Now, I smoke 3+ times a day. My dad knows I smoke so I don't need to hide it. I also smoke alone most of the time. All my friends have sports and stuff after school so it's become my favorite thing in the world to sit and toke and listen to music.

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