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Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by OGLucifer, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. OGLucifer

    OGLucifer New Member

    After going over this forum a good amount, and almost finishing reading and taking notes on Ed Rosenthal's Marijuana Grower's Handbook,me and a friend have decided to build a grow box and place it in my closet.

    How to Make a Grow Box From A to Z

    We are following this walkthrough to build it (not exactly, but pretty close) and plan on our first strain being Northern Lights since ive read in multiple places that its actually not a bad beginner grow.

    So we wanted to know if there are any good things to know in regards to growing Northern Lights? Does anyone have any experience growing this strain?

    Ive aso read that the mock carbon filter we will be making helps absorb the smell of cannabis, but will it be enough for maybe 5 plants, or at all for this strain?

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    I also wanted to mention this site has been great in helping out with the beginning grower (myself) lol and i look forward to learning more about cannabis and all its interesting properties. Its been an interesting learning experience so far, but i cant wait to deal with the physical learning experience now.

    Keep Growing Keep smoking!
  2. pHAETON

    pHAETON Well-Known Member

    I grow Northern Lights and a sativa.

    The Northern Lights likes more red than the sativa, not something that will come up during a first grow.

    The first grow should be straight by the book. That way you have what an average plant should look like.
    Any changes in lights or nutes after that first grow will be better or worse, giving direction.
    Without an average to compare it is hard to tell whether or not upgrades are really helping.

    That said, it is hard to give a plant too much light, it will cook first, so give it all the light possible within the temperature range. You have the book for details.
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  3. Faultline

    Faultline New Member

    I grow 3 strains one of which is Northern Lights (seed acquired from Dutch Passion Seed Company in Amsterdam). I have found that cloning the Northern Lights is the easiest of the three strains to clone. I've been cloning my NL for more then 10 years. Northern Lights is a good strain to start with.
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  4. OGLucifer

    OGLucifer New Member

    In regards to light,I'm thinking 4 100-150 watt cfl's during the vegetative growth, and most likely adding an HPS during flowering. Not sure on wattage yet due to money and space of grow box, but id like to get a decent amount as long as it wont create problems. Thoughts?

    Also i'll be growing with soil, any recommendations of brands or types for Northern Lights?

    I'm so excited to start this project up, itll be interesting to see how my final product smokes lol
  5. OGLucifer

    OGLucifer New Member

    I'm actually considering this product, but i have to look into it further.
  6. OGLucifer

    OGLucifer New Member

    I'm actually considering this product, but i have to look into it further.
    [ame=] iPower 250w Hps High Pressure Sodium Electronic Digital Grow Lights System with Timer (120v/240v): Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]
  7. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Cranched Scanner

    I personally would make the box twice as wide, The grow box from that link could fit maybe 1 of my 3' mature budding plants.... if your planning on growing 5 plants i would make the box something like 4 feet long 3 feet wide and 6 feet tall.

    If you do make it bigger for 5 plants, then your going to need more light. I would suggest either a 400 watt HPS combined with your side cfls, or a 600 watt HPS. You might want to instal some tubular florescents vertically along the inside walls too.

    Are you going to be using soil or hydro techniques?
    Are you planning on just using 1 giant pot full of dirt for all 5 plants?
    Got any idea of what kind of soil your going to get/use?
    got any fertilizers yet?

    Northern lights is a fine strain. not one of my favorite highs,but very pleasant smoke indeed.
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  8. OGLucifer

    OGLucifer New Member

    Hmmm...maybe I'll just do 3 plants at a time due to the space.its gotta fit my closet sadly.

    In regards to your questions...
    I'll be using soil
    I figured i would use 3 separate pots considering this is my first grow and i want to be able to be able to deal with each plant accordingly if any issues or extra work is necessary. (Unless you would recommend a bigger pot for all the plants)

    I have no idea on the soil or fertilizers just yet. I was actually looking for some recomendations on which would be a decent pick for this strain.
  9. OGLucifer

    OGLucifer New Member

    Can anyone reccomend a decent soil to use for this strain? Or just a decent one in general when starting your first grow?
  10. Equilibrium

    Equilibrium Cranched Scanner

    You have to decide if you want slow-release nutrient enriched soil, or if you want to feed your plants using fertilizer.

    some soils will have enough nutrients in them to last you about three weeks of growth,and then you need to add fertilizer to the water to feed them.

    This is what a skilled grower should use because it allows them to use fertilizers & boosters that are designed for marijuana growing. It also allows you to give the right fertilizers at the right time of the growth cycle.

    other "slow-release soils" will have enough nitrogen/nutrients to last the plant about 3 months, this is great for beginners because your plant will grow nice and healthy green without any work or playing around with deadly fertilizers..

    the main problem with this is you have no control over your plants feeding. If the soil is too rich your plant might burn and there isn't much you can do except maybe an emergency flush. Also 98% of the time the fertilizer used to enrich soil is petroleum based which if not flushed out properly will give you buds a harsh burning taste.. .

    just look on the back of the bag it should tell you after how long you need to wait before you start feeding.

    Its important that your dirt be fluffy and airy, so depending on what soil you do choose you might need to mix in some perlite and peat moss to lighten it up a . This will help with evaporation of water around the roots, and will prevent your dirt from forming into a compacted brick that won't absorb water.

    heres what i use

  11. OGLucifer

    OGLucifer New Member

    The northern lights seeds I got are coming from homegrown fantaseeds. Anyone ever had experience with them?

    Also, which NL strain would that be? Like NL 5 or whatever?
  12. OGLucifer

    OGLucifer New Member

    The northern lights seeds I got are coming from homegrown fantaseeds. Anyone ever had experience with them?

    Also, which NL strain would that be? Like NL 5 or whatever?

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