Today's Celebrity Stoners: Passing the Torch to a New Generation

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    The Bong Has Been Passed in Holly-Weed...
    It used to be that Hollywood potheads were grizzled and off-the-mainstream grid - think Cheech & Chong and Willie Nelson. Then edgy rappers like Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill became the famous faces of marijuana, with a couple of mischievous Texans thrown in: Woody Harrelson and a naked-and-bongo-playing Matthew McConaughey.

    Today's stars caught with cannabis? Meet the mostly twentysomething toke turks: They're the antithesis of counterculture, including heartthrobs like Justin Bieber, Chace Crawford, Michael Phelps and Armie Hammer. And then there's Rihanna, who readily flaunts her affection for the illegal flora, posting pictures of her Valentine's present (a bouquet of weed), 25th birthday cake (adorned with a gilded marijuana leaf) and Christmastime tush tattoo (yep, another leaf of weed).

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