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  1. Landova975

    Landova975 New Member

    I've heard people use it as a synonym for 'smoke', but I recently heard it used as a description of how to roll a fattie (fold the corners, that is). I'm pretty sure that's a load of horse s**t, but I might as well check.
  2. anonymity

    anonymity New Member

    I've never heard it used besides as a synonym for smoke, but there are different forms of slang everywhere. For example, around here, dank means fresh not necessarily high quality. Maybe your friends or whoever told you just made it up, but it could be just what they say it means. I'm more leaning towards the horse**** though.
  3. bradicles

    bradicles New Member

    Toke: reloaded.

    The only context I've ever heard anyone use "toke" is as a verb, such as..

    I haven't toked all day.


    As a noun, another word for a "hit" from a bong, pipe, etc. Such as...

    That was a massive toke.
  4. kollision king

    kollision king New Member

    I hear this word alot. I take it to mean "smoking marijuana". Is this term used world-wide?
  5. dreamer

    dreamer Inclined to Isolate

    yes toke pretty much means smoke. toke=smoke dont know where it came from, i would say its used all over the world but only because ive heard people in other countries use it.
  6. dreamsurge

    dreamsurge New Member

    I also say ''take a toke'', which just means take a hit.
  7. Cryo

    Cryo New Member

    I use toke alot:
    Toke - Go smoke or take a hit.
    Toking - Geting high
    Toked - High
    Toker - Someone who gets high

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