Took U/A Today and Home Test Pics

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Think I passed?

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  1. sublimelaxer

    sublimelaxer New Member

    I have attached the my home test pics. Do you think I passed a standard pre-employment 5 panel test at Labcorp? I am only worried about thc test as I haven't touched anything else since college.

    Background info
    • 6'0 210lbs heavy wide frame (played linebacker) not fat 33in waist
    • Lift weights every other day
    • 34 days no pot whatsoever. In last Days 45-34 smoked 3x 1-2 hits each time. Previous to 45 days smoke 2-3x week 1-3 hits each time off hotbox vape.
    • Stopped working out over weekend.
    • Passed 5 home tests. 2 first void of day. 3 taken at my test time to practice dilution method.
    • Today consumed at least and probably more than gallon of fluids by lunch time. 32 oz fluids after lunch time. I did not want to come off as negative-dilute. This was enough that my voids were light yellow and I was voiding every 15-20 min all morning and afternoon.
    • Gave test sample midstream I'd say about 25% before cup 25% in cup 50% in toilet.
    • Test was Non-dot urine test 45ml
    Please let me know what you think.
  2. Nikila

    Nikila New Member

    They all look negative to me! Good luck!
  3. bogo

    bogo New Member

    looks good to me too

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