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Discussion in 'Music' started by Krippul, Oct 29, 2001.

  1. Krippul

    Krippul Guest

    Anyone here listen to Trance? I have found it is the trippiest type of music to listen to while high especially, in a hotboxed car, all smokey and smaller area. ****ing Trippy I Say!
  2. I do even though half the board doesnt even know the subgenres of electronic music is.
    My fav subgenres of trance is prog trance and goa trance. :cool:
  3. Dr.BlackLung

    Dr.BlackLung New Member

    Love Trance. gave me my favorite Trance artist: Trance[]Control.
    It's the best for a stoney high, you can fall right in and stare at a wall for hours.
  4. I don't know much about the subgenres of trance. I'm kind of a newbie to that style of music. I like slower tempo trance, I can't get with the faster stuff that's all up in my face. I prefer drum and bass and trip hop when smoking the ganja.

    Peace out

  5. Likuid-Raver

    Likuid-Raver Guest

    trance pplz... TRANCE

    hey there! i was reading on this forum here.. and i realized that NOBODY listens to trance.. it frightens me...i HIGHLY recomend that u download some trance.. like.. paul oakenfold.. or paul van dyke... or george acosta... im always thinkin that ppl dont listen to trance and wutnot.. only because they havent heard any of the really good stuff... or maybe im just a stoner.. hrmmm.... well ... download some!
  6. TheCleric

    TheCleric Novice Healer

    Naw man some of us listen to trance, ya just gotta do a search for it thats all.

    I love trance id have to say oakenfold has the craziest stuff to trance to, and Sasha's song Expander thats awesome to turn on and zone out to. I have a whole trance cd of variious artists and i love it all the songs are made to blend together and where as i can detect as soon as the songs switch my friends continually remark at how "this song goes on forever"

    Another great song is a Ministry of sound 72 minutes song i downloaded from some concert they held, amazing stuff.

  7. Likuid-Raver

    Likuid-Raver Guest


    yeah.. most of the trance/ electronica albums "blend" songs together.. thats also one of my favorite parts about trance music... is u listen to it in a different way then punk.. ska.. err.. wutever ur gig is.. i listen for how the dj mixes in different sounds.. and how sepearate sounds blend together.. not JUST the music as a whole... god i love trance :)
  8. techno_trancer

    techno_trancer New Member

    i listen to trance, then again i listen to most types of music...
  9. Same here even though i tend to preffer goa trance over regluar trance even though its still good.
  10. 23skidoo

    23skidoo New Member

    check out some psytrance acts, the likes of infected mushroom, psysex, psy craft and activate morlack there are tons of more but these are what im listening to right now. really trippy and gets your foot going::bounce::

    and binary finary 1998 paul van dyk remix, soooo sweet
  11. TokeyMcBongHit

    TokeyMcBongHit New Member

    I like trance, although I like most techno.

    Infected Mushroom and ACED are probably my all time favorite trance artists.
  12. CarliN

    CarliN Guest

    Im not too into trance, but I like Dj Keoki, is he anything like what you guys like? Im more of a dead head phish guy, though ive been listning to blues lately.
  13. Likuid-Raver

    Likuid-Raver Guest

    Hell yeah

    YEAH!! i love goa (psytrance) too!! infected mushroom is the f*ckin sh*t!! my favorite song by them is small moves.. i also love jungle and drum n bass!!! at raves i mostly stick to the drum n bass // jungle rooms cuz they got hella phat bass.. and they are the best to rave to.. peace
  14. Shaman

    Shaman Seasoned Activist

    Likuid-Raver- Ever listen to NuSkool or progressive Breaks? Sgot da same kinda low rumbly bassline, at a trance tempo with little trancey noizes over the top...
    I used to only listen to trance myself, but then opened my mind to other stuff like DnB, House, Tekno, and BREAKS (my newfound love)
  15. 23skidoo

    23skidoo New Member

    Yeah, I also dig d'n'b (especially hard, like dieselboy), house and techno also some industrial electro (Assemblage 23, Funker Vogt, Velvet Acid Christ), or as I like to call it gasmasktechno/end of world techno
    Any good artists doing nu school and progressive breaks, sounds cool
  16. Shaman

    Shaman Seasoned Activist

    Hmm, Question For The Moderators:
    Would I be allowed to post a link to an audio stream of my latest DJ mix? (Prog. Nuskool Breaks, yo!)
    Just wanted to make sure I don't break the rules and get the thread closed or anything... ;-)
  17. hydr0

    hydr0 New Member


    I'm sorry if its not too 60's like, but I like listening to Trance when I'm high. Who else likes Trance? No lyrics, just tunes...

    And no, I'm not the stereotype Raver that rolls on E or anything, I just like to sit still and smoke weed w/ Trance, thats all.
  18. Untitled

    Untitled New Member

    i occasionally listen to it. i use to be a big fan into the style, but my friends ruined the for me, always listening to it while out, in, laying down and chillin, then started listening to my brother cds and decided to get into tons of other stuff, that was when i was 13, now i'm 19...****! 6 years goes by fast! oops sorry, got of topic, well, my favorite trance dj/artist, whatever, would be BLT, Space Cat, Bonky, Astral Projection (SFX), Sandman (Green House Effect), Zoultan, Kailum, and Fungus of Light, oh, and Sonic Terrorism, and P.Cok. good stuff to listen to when i'm in the mood to listen to it, i'm pretty much a big fan of kraut rock/space rock at the moment.

    well, later
  19. Hell yeah

    It's awesome. I love dancing to it when I'm baked, it's so much fun, but once I get going I tend to neglect other things.

    I like progressive trance the best.
  20. imported_cky

    imported_cky New Member

    most all music is good to me when high

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