Trans Siberian Orchestra

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  1. Wow... i just got back from their concert and it was unbelievable... there really are no words to describe it. They are the group that play the song that most of you have probably seen with the house and the lights flashing. They are just amazing... i really have no way to describe it but it involves metal, a great light show, pyrotechnics, and amazing singers. Wow, i hope i get to see them again.

    Oh and my sister and I were called on stage and they gave her a autographed guitar... fuckin awesome, im probably gonna have to steal it from her and play it cuz shes two small to even reach all the way to the first fret.

    but yea you guys have to get tickets whenever they come to your area... highly recommended!

    this may be able to help you get the picture -
  2. i love weed 420

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    what kind of music do they play? sounds interesting:wave:
  3. Hookahs

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    I saw these guys about a week ago. They defintely rocked. I highly recomend this band and show to anyone. They play (mostly) instrumental X-mas songs ( they have vocals in lot of songs also), with a rock theme. When I saw them they had 2 guitarist and 2 piainists about 8 an person string section with a drummer and background singers. This band is made up from some of the members of an old rock band named Savatage. Pretty cool indeed. :cool:
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    My friend saw them a week or two ago and he said they were a must see. I have a few of there songs on my computer and they do rock pretty good.:)
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    You went to a concert?! I envy you. They're really cool. It's like classical music played with musical instruments you generally see in metal bands.
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    I gave my parents front row seets middle stage for x-mas

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