Traveling Cross Country With Bud.....Need Some Advice Please

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by Silverbackman, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. Silverbackman

    Silverbackman New Member

    So my brother and I will be taking a cross country trip soon. He is moving to either New York or Pennsylvania for a job and grad school. We'll be leaving from California and we will probably be going by Las Vegas, Nevada, then Arizona, then I'm not sure after that specifically, but he mentioned Oklahoma and Texas will be on the way too. Some of you might be wondering why we are not taking a more direct root to the northeast which there certainly is a good one that goes straight there....but we wanted to avoid snow and the like as this will provide difficulties to our journey.

    Anyways swim is planning on bringing a quarter ounce of the finest dank buds cali has for the trip fo sho. But there is some worry in not only my brother's mind about this but mine as well. How safe will it be to carry weed across interstate lines through some of the places/states I mentioned? Do they ever stop you on the side of the road and randomly search you? I know that would be unconstitutional but this is post patriot act america so I'm worried they can try to nail us. Well even if they decided to search, it's unlikely they will find anything as swim plans to hide the bud very tightly in a bag and put it at the bottom of the back. We are less likely to toke in the car but even when we do we are probably going to smoke somewhere outside the car just to be safe.

    But there maybe one big problem. And really at heart there would be only one thing I would really be worried about to the point of dissuading me from even taking the dank buds across state lines and the country. The worry I am referring to is of course drug dogs. Drug dogs are the only ones that can really smell the bud, and I would be quite worried if I saw any. Are drug dogs going to be a big issue at interstate checkpoints and in other states?

    I know that even pot pipes are illegal in places like Arizona, so I would want to avoid smoking as much as possible while we pass by there. I'm not sure what exactly the laws are concerning pipes in other states, but I certainly won't want to take many chances in Texas either.

    So I need to know what I need to worry and watch out for during this cross country trip. What should I be careful of? How often will drug dogs be around? What else should I keep in mind during this journey? Is it worth it for me to bring bud on such a trip or do any of the risks make it not worth it?
  2. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Two young guys traveling with out-of-state plates? You're a prime target. Every police force seems to have a drug dog now, and if you get pulled over and decline to give the cops permission to search, they will call in the dog. You have to decide if the risks are worth it. Is your brother depending on federal grants or loans for school? A drug conviction could wipe them out.
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  3. stoneygreenbud

    stoneygreenbud Super Moderator

    You really need to ask yourself this question
    1. go to jail, 2. car impounded, it could happen in the blink of an eye and ruin your trip completely
    what buzzby said, 2 young guys/out of state plates, "prime target" thats already 3 strikes against you

    is it worth the risk for a quarter oz. IMHO I wouldn't risk it.

    I think a better option would be for you to plan ahead, meaning if you are planning on visiting people you know along the way, try and arrange for them to have some on hand for when you get there.

    that way your not really risking anything and you wont have any worries if you do get stopped

    just food for thought,

  4. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    True enough, and the cop doesn't need ANY reason to call a dog to the scene.... A refusal almost always brings on, but as long they don't detain you byond the scope of a normal traffic stop, they can run a dog around your car to their heart's content...and once it it most likely will if properly'll find yourself in handcuffs if its an arrestable offense in the state you get popped in, or with a ticket to pay if in a decriminalized state. I travel with weed myself, but I am under no illusion about its safety...its a consioderable risk, and 2 people in your age group would be a PRIME target as Buzzby said. profiling is alive and well in today's police world. Think about i this way...if a cop clocked two cars, virtually indistinguishable from one another, but one is driven by an eldery lady with local plate, and the other in occupied by two college aged males with very NOT local plates, who is going to get pulled over? Once the traffic stop is madeits really the beginning of the end in a lot of cases. Keep that in mind....

    Of course, theres always the option of mailing it to your destination as well.....
  5. Silverbackman

    Silverbackman New Member

    Ah ok, thanks for the replies everyone. I'm actually quite surprised the replies aren't as confident about this working as I thought. In other threads I have recently found here;

    Certain folks point out there isn't as much to worry about in that thread for instance.....random drug searches for instances aren't allowed and drug searches on interstate crossing lines is less likely, right? But yeah, say whatever you think could happen. I do want to hear what is most honestly thought.

    Anyways some extra information.....there is a strong possibility we won't be taking our original route and instead we will be taking the Interstate 80 straight to New York. We plan to make it a 3-4 day trip at most, and we plan to stop very little. You can take a look at the Interstate 80's route here;

    Interstate 80 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    By the looks of it we are going through California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and finally New York at the end. Keep in mind though that we will be most likely traveling just on this freeway, and stopping very little....probably only at night when we might rent a hotel to crash. The weed is mainly just for the trip, although the way you guys are talking about it we probably shouldn't smoke in the car at all.

    Something else has changed mom is probably coming too just so that we can have an extra driver so when my brother and I get sleepy she would drive. So luckily, by the sounds of it at least lol, the car won't have just a couple of young guys in their 20s lol, she in her early 50s I think so yeah. Will that make it less likely for cops to come after us? Perhaps she should always be sitting in the front seat.

    Besides random stopping, what should I expect at interstate lines? Especially if we take Interstate 80? Is it likely that the interstate agents will give us trouble or will they have active drug dogs or what?
  6. stoneygreenbud

    stoneygreenbud Super Moderator

    I've traveled all across the U.S. and for the most part as you are crossing out of one state into another the only thing you will come across is a great big sign, welcomming you to the state you are entering into.

    there is the exception, the lower states that border into mexico, there are a few border type check points like in AZ. TX. and new mexico,

    whatever you deceide to do, just be careful in doing it.

  7. MestUp7

    MestUp7 Sr. Member

    My friend and I recently drove to Boston and Michigan from Pennsylvania (7 and 9 hour trips) and smoked multiple times on the way there and back. As long as you drive the speed limit, have all your shit together with your car (lights working and such), and keep your stuff down while taking tokes (if you're smoking on the way). It's risky, but if you follow traffic laws you won't get pulled over which means you won't get caught. Also, no accidents.
  8. klepto

    klepto Sr. Member

    I've driven (and smoked) on i-80 many a time, though not further than Illinois. I'd be careful in Nevada, they have some heavy drug laws. Not sure about Utah, but Wyoming's laws aren't too harsh and the HP tend to leave people alone if you're not speeding or being an asshole. DON'T speed in Nebraska, they use speed traps quite a bit (for a reason - Nebraska is an unbelievably boring and straight drive). Iowa is fairly chill from my experience. I-80 has some pretty heavy semi traffic, especially when you get past Wyoming, so you're probably not going to ever be like the only one on the road for an HP to pick on. Good luck!
  9. Big Nate

    Big Nate New Member

    You might want to slip an orange peel or too into the bag so that your bud won't get dry. As for Interstate Police, they can and will search you for anything. Most police will be happy to bring the dog into the situation, so i reccomend a smell proof bag that grass city used to sell, I don't know if they still do though. Im sure you can make one. Hiding it? If it's just a quarter ounce rig up your rear view mirror to act as a little hiding spot for your bud. Use a hot (like, put a torch lighter to it) knife to cut a round hole in the back of the mirror (not on the actual mirror part, but the black plastic). Once you put the weed in the hole, plug it up with the circle you just cut out. If you take your time and do a nice job, it doesn't look sketchy at all. I advise putting a little slit in the plastic for your fingernail so you can get it out later. This has worked for me before, hope it doesn't fail you.
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  10. Kiefer Suthrlnd

    Kiefer Suthrlnd New Member

    not so sure about putting it in your rearview...the medical bud i get smells through jars in my trunk sometimes. I would just bring like an eighth total, split it up so each of you have it on you and if shit goes down have a drink handy and eat it.

    ive had cops ask to search my vehicle randomnly, and it was when i was on long t breaks so my car had no chance of smelling...
  11. Silverbackman

    Silverbackman New Member

    No matter where I go, I would probably be as safe as possible even if they don't have heavy drug laws. But what I'm wondering is whether interstate police will randomly stop folks who are otherwise following the rules of the road just for a random check. And how often they will use a drug dog if such a random stop were to occur.

    Will most state lines have a toll booth like check point or do all the states just have nothing but road at each boarder?

    Do I have much to worry about if we follow the rules of the road to the word all the way there? I'm thinking if we decide to take the I-80 straight there while following all the rules, never speeding, ect that we may not have as much to worry about. But who knows now a days when cops think they can do what they want (illegal or not, and drug check points/random drug checks are supposed to be unconstitutional but as if some cops care).

    I'm not sure whether the mirror method is totally workable for me, but I certainly want to create a smell-proof bag. How do I do this? Can I do this with simple household items or what else would I need to create such a smell-proof bag (anything a dog can't smell certainly makes things a lot easier)?
  12. BartSimpson

    BartSimpson Sr. Member

    While you asked for my opinion in a PM, I'll post here for all.

    Travel Rule #1 - only break 1 law at a time.

    And I am not sure what you mean by "interstate police"? You seem to be worried about some mysterious paramilitary force out there dedicated to stopping personal use amounts of MJ - they do not exist. It is not economically feasible. Personal use amounts are discovered in relationship with some other asshattery - not by interstate checkpoints and random traffic stops of out-of-state travelers.

    Paranoia seems to prevail in this thread and on this topic - perhaps the folly of youth whose experience is only in the High School world of implied consent.
  13. Big Nate

    Big Nate New Member

    You can buy one online or at a headshop but here's a useful way to make one at home, this is the method I use.

    Collect yourself 5-10 ziplock bags and 2 sandwich bags, axe deoderant spray, and some electrical tape. spray the sandwich bags with axe and put the weed inside, double wrapping it and using the tape to seal the top. Cut the top part that closes off of all the bags EXEPT ONE. Spray small amounts of axe on each bag and put one inside of the other, with the weed in the first bag. Wrap that up in the bag with the zipper, and seal it then re-seal it with electrical tape. It would be a lot easier to buy one, this one works equally as well but the weed is harder to get to.
  14. Blunt Wraps

    Blunt Wraps New Member

    Bake the weed into brownies and just keep the brownies with some food for the trip. Boooooom son.
  15. Silverbackman

    Silverbackman New Member

    That's actually what I wanted to (or expected) to hear, which is why I was surprised when many folks started saying it wouldn't work. Other threads on this forum tried to indicate there wasn't much to worry about, and I'm thinking that this is what your trying to communicate in your post as well. I hope that the first few posters or so were just being paranoid, or this trip would suck lol.
  16. Rhymenocerous

    Rhymenocerous New Member

    Yeah I don't see how driving through different states with marijuana is any different than driving in your own state with it, except that you have out of state plates. One exception might be the southern states a previous poster mentioned.
  17. greenmonster2420

    greenmonster2420 Sr. Member

    I have driven all over the country blazin it up. Be smart, use cruise control and all proper signaling and you should be fine. The key is to not get pulled over in the first place. LEOs will not pull over every car with teenagers or out of state plates, but it will certainly influence how they look at the situation once you've been pulled over. So, if you don't give them a reason to, chances are you wont get stopped in the first place.

    As I stated earlier, if you can, USE CRUISE CONTROL. It has saved my ass sooooo many times I cannot even begin to count. This way, even if I don't see an officer clocking, I dont have to panic because I know I wasn't speeding. The number one reason people get pulled over (especially on interstates) is speeding. If you don't speed, you already reduce the the risk of getting pulled over by a huge amount.

    If your smoking, I also recomend pre-rolling joints or blunts because they can be ditched easily and do not look nearly as suspicious as someone driving with their knee and hitting a bowl.

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