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    So, I was wondering if anyone by chance has used trimmings to make edibles (butter or oil) and had an idea of good proportions. I've got about 30g of trimmings that I wanna use for something, but I'm not sure how many servings it'd make.
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    Dry it, grind it into powder, and make canna-oil or canna butter/margarine.

    Some will talk of ratio of oil or melted butter to powder but my experience (and I've had a bit ;) ) is simply have enough oil/butter/margarine to cover the powder and then add about 5cm (about an 1 inch) more.

    Keep the flame low so you don't scorch the powder or burn the oil and keep it covered. Some use an electric slow cooker (crock pot) others use a double boiler (a double-decker saucepan with an upper vessel that fits into a lower pot, the lower pot hold water that heats up and in turn heats the upper pot and keeps the stuff in the upper pot from burning -- usually used for melting chocolate or delicate sauces.) What is important is keeping the heat low and the top covered.

    Heat for at least a half hour -- longer is good -- more than 2 hours is probably over-kill.

    Let the pot flour/oil mix cool for a bit before straining -- I use a metal strainer rather than cheese cloth for straining as cheescloth just absorbs the oil and what good is that?

    Getting it to a powdery or flour like consistency is important as you want the maximum surface area to be in contact with the lipid (oil margarine butter) of choice.

    To use, simply replace the butter, oil or margarine called for in any recipe with your canna version.

    Give yourself an opportunity to test the effectiveness of your oil when you know you won't be working or doing anything requiring too much concentration -- I know I get a serious body high and couch lock and others do too.

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