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  1. DaDornta


    My dad is going on a trip at the end of the summer for a buisness meeting in Trinidad. I know zero about this place, other than it's an island in the carribean. I did some searches and this is what the "CIA World Factbook" said about "illicit drugs":

    "transshipment point for South American drugs destined for the US and Europe; producer of cannabis"

    This got me thinking...I wonder if I could "tag along" with my dad and go romping around Trinidad in search of some quality cheeba. Toke up, hit the beach...ect, ect...I don't know any of the local laws reguarding cannabis...anyone?

    Worth a try? What are some arguments for letting me tag along?
  2. imported_madman66

    imported_madman66 New Member

    Just some local laws for you. Always be informed!
    "All narcotic drugs are illegal in Trinidad and Tobago. In any quantity!

    There are no exceptions and no excuses.

    Trinidad and Tobago laws do not allow for "personal possession" nor for ignorance of the law. The smallest quantity of marijuana found on your person will earn you at least a night in jail, and a hefty fine. Larger amounts of marijuana or any amount of cocaine will get you charged with "trafficking" - penalties for this include a minimum of 5 years in Trinidad's State Prisons, and possibly confiscation of your assets back home.

    Finally, do not even think of taking home any "souvenirs". The airport drug squads are very efficient"
  3. DaDornta


    Doh! Awww...just because it's illegal dosen't mean It wont be easy to find!
  4. imported_madman66

    imported_madman66 New Member

    Really? :rolleyes:
    I was just giving out the laws because you said you knew nothing about this country. From the sites that I've read, drug laws have sounded very strict in trinidad.
  5. DaDornta


    Well, drug laws are strict here in the USA (harsh penalties/fines)...But drugs are abundant if you know where to look. The paragraph i found on the CIA website said that Trinidad produces cannabis for exportation. Now I happen to know that tourism and cruise ships are a sizeable chunk of their gross national product (from the CIA website)...This would lead me to belive that despite the harsh laws, cannabis is probably abundant and easy to find for a tourist.
  6. TriniWeedMan

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    yo dude i live in trinidad i smoke everyday or close to it and getting weed for me i got 3 dealers in my area that i use there are many more but u cant just buy weed anywhere being new it can be dangerous, what u want to do is go to port of spain thats the capital city of trinidad and you can go to "the drag mall" which is basically some wooden some brick structures its on the main street in port of spain which is fredrick street right next to the brick structure there is a wooden one selling clothes once there are no cops around you pretend to be interested in something (t shirt or smething) and then while talking with him about the clothes u choose u can jus casually ask him "kno where i cud get some "grade" thats street slang for marijuana if u dont sound jumpy or funny you will be able to buy as much as u want
  7. TriniWeedMan

    TriniWeedMan New Member

    or higher up fredric street there is a place called zero effect a stairs going up to a bar really not noticible but but concentrate on the left side of the street if your walking up ull see on a piece of the wall next to a staircase "the zero effect" its basically a bar where weed is accepted (STILL NOT LEGAL THOU) but u can g in there purchase weed and also sit and smoke it and there is als a bar if ud be interested in trying a few of the local rums or beer, and thats it basically just police raid that spt sometimes so u hada kno how long ur stayin in there of if ur buyin weed and leaving, I CANT STRESS ENOUGH ON BEING VERY CALM CASUAL AND BASICALLY NORMAL dont act scared,anxious,or anything funny it will make d dealer get susp[icious and he wont want to sell u so just be very casual and nrmal and ull be tking up in no time
  8. strutinshizz

    strutinshizz Sr. Member

    I dont know Trinidad but if i where you i wouldnt go messing with the drug trade in a place you dont know...
    but if triniweed says its cool then i would give it a go ;) you already got valuable information on where to get it thats the hardest part

    just think of it as vacation, theres nothing better than getting high then going swimming

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