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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by katmiaow25, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. katmiaow25

    katmiaow25 New Member

    DH had a really bad trip last night. We were taking mega-hits on a HUGE glass bong. He started having seizures and things really got fucked up. He said he felt like he was dying and was telling me good-bye. I believe he was hallucinating and having a near-death or out of body experience.

    He has tripped out a little bit when he smoked before (not to this extreme naturally), but was always able to calm himself down.

    I'm scared. We smoked the same stuff, I got toasted, but had to work on calming him down (he was screaming and freaking out) so that sobered me up really quickly.

    Has this happened to anyone else before? What did you do? Incidentally, we have been smoking fairly regularly for about 3 years.

    I myself have tripped out a few times (once when I said I thought I was dying, but don't really remember it--I got sick before too, when I first started smoking), but never seized or had any of the other things happen to me.

    This scares me.

    Any ideas, or has this happened to you or anyone you know?


  2. Lpwn_Ranger

    Lpwn_Ranger Sr. Member

    Chances are that you were just getting paranoid. You felt like you were going to die. Usually when I have a bad smoke I just think that I am going to get caught or kicked out of school etc. Take breaks in between hits, if you feel like you can't breathe, open a window or walk around outside. Having a drink helps also, my favorite is either green tea or coffee. If your friend is freaking out, just tell him it's going to be ok, and don't let him smoke any more, until he calms down. I have found that the worst thing you can do when you are becoming paranoid is to smoke more. You can't overdose on marijuana, it doesn't cause seizures, and you won't die from smoking a joint. I don't really know how to answer your question, because I've never heard of anyone thinking they were dieing from pot before, usually it makes people feel like they are more alive than ever!
  3. If this has been getting progressively worse over the years, I suggest he take a break from weed.

    After that he will probably feel refreshed a bit, and he will want to blaze and have a good time.

    I think he may have had a panic attack or just a really bad experience...
  4. Meursault

    Meursault Sr. Member

    My friends have had milder freak-outs, talking a bunch of crap about how they were going to have heart attacks and die. I told them no one has ever died from marijuana before, tried to calm them down and tell them that they're just too high, but there was nothing I could say or do to change their minds.

    They've both quit marijuana for good shortly after, and I guess I can't blame them if the feeling was recurring after each session.

    Either tell your buddy to quit marijuana, or just have less. If you have dank buds, then you don't need to take MEGA HITS to get MEGA HIGH. Sometimes just a couple of decently placed hits from a bong will make you feel very niice.
  5. katmiaow25

    katmiaow25 New Member

    Actually, this was the first time EVER something to this severity has ever happened. He felt a bit paranoid sometimes, but nothing serious.
  6. mizzOe

    mizzOe New Member

    I had a rather bad experience just last night (I'm no stranger to panic attacks either). Last night I packed a decent sized cone - took a hit, and felt great and all calm. So I was just chillin' in my car listening to music, and about 15 minutes later, I pack another cone (slightly bigger than the first) - pull that through, and it kind of got stuck in my throat (I didn't cough the smoke out) but it felt real unpleasant to exhale.

    That got my heart beat racing (but still felt in control). I was driving home, and sprayed some air-freshener into my car, and I must have accidentally inhaled the fumes - cuz that gave me a huge head-spin, and from there it started.

    I got into my room, my chest started to feel like it was going to explode, heart was racing - I kept thinking that I was just going to drop on the floor and die (keep in mind that this isn't the first time this has happened to me while high). I actually felt like my mind was slowly shutting down, ready to die.

    I just kept telling myself it's just a bad trip, and it'll pass in a few minutes/hours. Washed my face with cold water, drank some water and started to eat salty snacks - and yeah about 20 minutes later I started to feel better.

    Like I said, this has happened to me before, and after it happening twice within a fortnight - I stopped smoking weed for about 6-8 weeks, it helps taking time off the herb if you're a regular smoker - flushes the system; ready to be fucked up again haha
  7. paki_eyez

    paki_eyez New Member

    I have a mental disorder, and I have had very very similar feelings while smoking, (RARELY)
    The bottom line is, if you or a friend is feeling like your going to die, you just have to think logically. Say to yourself. "Im high, thats all it is. Im just really really high and I need to calm down. Nothing is PHYSICALLY wrong with me and its all in my head."
    I have never heard of ANYONE dying from weed. So next time your friend trips out like this just tell him that. I honestly wouldn't be able to smoke with a person like that, nor would I smoke if it did that to me.
    Sure, ive had my bad experiences of paranoia. But the "Im just really high" speech always works like a charm for me.
  8. ncbex1982

    ncbex1982 New Member

    totally understand

    i don't smoke anymore for this very reason. i also think telling you that your husband was just paranoid or needs to drink green tea is ridiculous. if you've been smoking regularly for three years, you know the difference between paranoia and a seizure.

    everybody always says that you can't die from marijuana... but you can't always be sure what's in your marijuana either. all i can tell you is, from my experience, when you have this sort of trip out on weed, it is likely not to be the last. i also smoked regularly before my big trip out with little incident... then all of a sudden... things were drastically differently.

    i can't tell you why it happened to me, so i wouldn't venture a guess for your husband. before i gave up smoking completely, my boyfriend and i began treating smoking sort of like going out for drinks. somebody has to be the DD so that, if something like this incident were to happen again, one of you would be lucid enough to get help if needed. hope that helps!
  9. gliph5

    gliph5 New Member

    I had similar experience the other night. But im on a very intense medicine at the moment and i kind of figured that was the reason. I talked to other people about it and said it also happened to them while on the meds im on. Maybe he is on a serious drug or medication.
  10. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    It's unfortunate that so many people seem to believe that marijuana is about stuffing as much as you can into your system until something overwhelming happens. That is to healthy marijuana consumption as binge drinking is to social drinking. Drinking or smoking until you fall over is drug abuse.
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  11. GoSmokeMore-

    GoSmokeMore- New Member

    i kinda got a story like these
    I was at my buddies place this one time, outskirts of town, and his parents went away for the weekend
    So me and him get in his car and we drive into town, pick up some bud from some buddies, spark up a bit with em before we go, and things were going good
    on the way back to his place, he was just..high, giggling at random things n shit, it was pretty amusing
    and back at his place, he starts boiling some water for hotdogs, and we go out, smoke the last 2 joints and went back in
    and he stick his hand in the boiling water to check the hotdogs, forgetting that the water was effin boiling, it was pretty effin funny, he just laughed about it
    but anyway..
    so things were going good..
    and i noticed he looked like he was getting a little quiet..possibly paranoid or something, but i wasn't sure
    so he goes upstairs to calm down or something, and he was like..losing his mind, i know it was a bad high, but it seemed like he was losing his mind
    he thought i was gunna kill him or something, so he wanted to kill me before i could kill him, and he was laughing hysterically, like a madman
    with..brief periods of being ..from a little more calm, physically, to..rocking back and fourth saying he's gunna kill me
    and i guess at some point, at rocking back and fourth he thought he should kill himself so I couldn't kill

    he needed to chill, so i went downstairs, made some kraft dinner, and i went up and offered him some
    and as he was eating, he just kinda..looked at it.. and was like, where feck did this come from ?! and chucks it across the room
    like.. he didn't remember it being given to him, and starting to eat it, it was his lap, and decided to..throw it? i guess lol
    so he goes from madman, going kill me, to.. serious, going to kill me
    and eventually he decides to sleep, and faces away from me (i was in the door way) and he kinda turns his head towards me and says in a serious tone.... im still gunna kill you... (starts laughing hysterically like a madman as he turns and puts his head back on the pillow)

    sorry for the long story lol
  12. Zebra

    Zebra New Member

    I've tripped on weed 3 times before. My first time smoking was like a trip, I freaked out because I was so disconnected from reality and kept telling my friends that I was in a dream and it felt like the high would never end, but overall it was an enjoyable first time.

    My second time tripping, I smoked a 1.5 gram blunt with 2 other people and tripped out pretty hard. My eyes were completely shot, my heart was racing too quickly, and I looked like an idiot in the mall lol, but by the time I got to the movie theater I was able to relax.

    My 3rd time tripping was when I smoked Sour Diesel and I was laying on the couch listening to this trippy ass House music my sisters were playing. The beats from the music kept repeating and they got faster and faster and it freaked the hell out of me that I had to cover my ears and began freaking out.
  13. MemphisBBQ

    MemphisBBQ Sr. Member

    Sometimes I can't help but think some of these people who freak out do it to themselves. I mean, I've had my fair share of scary freak out moments, but either I calm myself down or I get something to drink, I never make it worse and freak myself out more by telling myself I I'm gonna die or feel like I'm dying, that will probably make things worse and the only thing that ever really happens is it scares your pleasant high away.

    Next time you freakout, go through this short short list:

    1.Tell yourself(not outloud) "I'm gonna be ok."
    2. Maintain calmness, breathe slow deep breaths, get a class of water if needed.

    Then again It might be a little ignorant for me to say that. You never know, there may be a chemical reaction from THC to some people thats causes them get an adrenaline rush. That's my best logical guess.
  14. Maverick93

    Maverick93 New Member

    Does noone good trip in this day and age, SHIT?

    I smoked 2 J's of what I BELIEVE to be laced with opium (don't hold me accountable) And well. I remember the world seemed to mirror itself quite often, Everything was tinted blue and I had severe cotton mouth SEVERE.

    good days haha.
  15. Herbal Meditation

    Herbal Meditation New Member

    haha what an idiot you have to be to think you're gonna die from weed alone
  16. AdamJJ

    AdamJJ New Member

    I have had a fucked up trip twice on weed, I was kept seeing the world/earth getting smaller and smaller. I was in space and it was as if I left my body and couldn't get back in, nothing around me was real, it was as if I was dead :/, I kept thinking what is the reason in living, I felt like a drifting sole waiting to die. I'm so glad I came across this post as I thought I was going mad because it's just weed but i had the same trip as if I was on salvia, which I have never tried :/, I came across this video today and it describes my panic attack better. Please watch this - if anyone else has had this illusion experience on smoking weed. Email me. Thank you, ~Aj
  17. GreenGrace

    GreenGrace New Member

    I've had one or two "near" freak-outs before, but as others have said, I managed it by telling myself I'm only really high and I will be okay. I also think that marijuana doesn't create a new personality or mental problem for you after smoking it. However, it can magnify what is already inside a person's mind. I've also never done anything I wouldn't do sober, except for maybe playing my ukulele really loudly. Normally I play it softly because I don't want my neighbors to think I'm weird. But if I'm high, I play a few songs at the appropriate volume, which might be kind of loud for my neighborhood. Music is soooooo fun when high. :)

    GoSmokeMore - I wouldn't want to be friends with that guy anymore if I were in your shoes. He was laughing -- but saying he's going to kill you isn't funny at all. That's just scary. As I said, I would never do anything high, even VERY high, that I wouldn't do sober, which DEFINITELY includes harming someone or throwing food at the wall. It's my opinion and experience that marijuana doesn't make you act out of character... it just magnifies it and sometimes brings out aspects of the self that the user may not have been previously aware of on the level of conscious thought. Honestly, he sounds like kind of an @$$h0le.

    ~ Grace
  18. Kranter

    Kranter Above the Ignorance

    When you have a low tolerance, and then you smoke quite a bit, the shit can make you trip balls. You obviously have never been that high, because that shit is fucking scary.
  19. boobie420

    boobie420 New Member

    Could've been synthetic marijuana mixed with actual cannabis. and sativas are more likely to get you paranoid than indicas. it all depends on what you actually smoked.
  20. RenoShade

    RenoShade New Member

    This is scary. But its all just mental. I've fainted 3x in 1 year from smoking. I was really dehydrated and was mixing it w/ alcohol. And collapsed. It was the most scariest feeling in the world. So i learned to tolerate less b/c during the summer i was smoking multiple blunts a day D:

    Just keep repeating that its all mental and they should snap out of it. It works for me.

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