Trying to make a tincture for e-cig

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    Hello good people, haven't been on here a while. Last time I was here I was trying to beat a hair test, :)

    Anyway I want to try making a solution that can be used sublingually, or added to liquid for an electronic cigarette.

    Last night I took an old bag of mids, about ten grams or so, crushed it up real fine and added it to a small 4 oz jar. I then dumped in approx 1.5 oz of Everclear. Just enough to completely submerge the plant material. I then realized today it probably wasn't enough alcohol to completely extract all of the THC. So I may need to add more everclear. From what I understand it can take up to one oz alcohol per 2 grams bud to be effective in removing all the good stuff.

    Now my major question is how do I get the alcohol/bud mixture transfered primarily to my propylene glycol? PG is the major constituent in e-liquid and also aids sublingual absorption.

    Should I let my bud/alcohol finish steeping, filter it out, then add the THC infused alcohol to the propylene glycol? Then heat that until the alcohol dissolves?

    I would sincerly appreciate any help. This is my first tme doing this.
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    propylene glycol, is that like glycerin, cuz with clyberin, all you have to do is make it like greendragon, just soak it fora fewweekswith theweed in it. but it don't know what the PG is.
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    Ingestable Essence

    First off I wouldn't recommend propylene glycol for anything that you're ingesting or putting on your skin as it is a petroleum product . As far as extracting with grain alcohol you're right on and that is the way to do it !(!!!NO ISOPROPYL!!!) But , I don't recommend letting your material sit in the alcohol for more than a couple of few minutes before draining into a catch pan to evaporate off. I put material into a mason jar and close the lid and shake for about a minute or two, then pour through a strainer into pan(Also I recommend using more alcohol than you think because you can always run it through the material again). At which point you can start the evaporation process, the dynamics of which state that lower the heat the less "essence " you lose (and alcohol does boil/evaporate at a pretty low temp), but in the case of this plant "essence" and because we are ingesting it , we need to get the heat up to convert the thc to acids that can be used by our nuero receptors through our stomach/skin, so I tend to boil the stuff straight in the pan. This way can be tricky(more fumes to contend with and should only be done with an electric element or out doors or very good ventilation!),and especially as you get closer to the end, you may want to reduce heat and watch VERY closely so as not to tint the fine clearish oil that is left after the alcohol evaporates(at this point will your oil be lighter or darker depending on how close to browning/burning you get)by burning it into a sticky "resinous" material(still good to smoke but not as pretty maybe , even more concentrated?and which I have used to make a really fine butter in the same pan as I didn't feel like taking the time to scrape it all up)(Another note: A small stove top still and cooling element could be implemented here to recover the alcohol and essences or even an essential oil extractor could be implemented above the steam below the cooling element to extract more plant essences!). Maybe even take the pan and mixture off the heat just before you think its done and let the pan heat and a little time, finish the evaporation process! Now , you have a fine oily , medicine containing goo, that can be used as is or cut , with another oil, maybe hemp oil, or flax oil, or any other ingestable oil that doubly suits your purpose ! To create the right solution for your condition. Hope this helps and keep on experimenting !

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