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  1. sonofisis

    sonofisis New Member

    So yesterday I just copped about a quarter of some primo hash oil from a local dispensary (they had a killer promotion going as I'd never buy that much before trying it). I've been recently introduced to the waxes and have been using the TI pad/skillet to smoke it and it has been working flawlessly. I assumed that the TI pad was made for smoking things like oil and wax but when I take a dab of oil, heat up the pad and put it on the skillet, it smears, runs, and doesn't burn right (took more than a second to burn or didn't produce much smoke and smeared a bit, while wax on the same dabber would burn fine at same temp).

    Is this normal? Does the pad need to be hotter for oils or could it be that my batch is too runny for the skillet and dabber and I'd be better off just heating it onto my buds (or making "honey buds")?
  2. cabriosnap

    cabriosnap Not Man, Merely a Machine

    i personally don't like smoking straight hash oil, like you are saying, its kinda tough to do correctly. i put a little oil on top of my bud, and blaze it in a bowl :D

    works killer for snap's on the bong
  3. #BuD

    #BuD New Member

    You'd probably just be better of heating it onto some bud.
  4. BC BUD

    BC BUD New Member

    Just smear some on top of the bowl of weed, put the lighter flame above it to melt it, not burn it.
  5. sonofisis

    sonofisis New Member

    ^Thanks guys for reaffirming my suspicion that this stuff is simply hard to manage (period, and not just for me due to inexperience). I will go with the "smear on top of a bowl of weed" option.:)
  6. 1956

    1956 Sr. Member

    Smoke it in a glass crack pipe, heating the pipe over a candle until it smokes. Then take a hit.
  7. shadeslayer42199

    shadeslayer42199 New Member

    I've never heard of this TI pad/skillet thing, but I have smoked plenty of hash oil. You have to buy a piece called an "oil rig", or at least that's what they're sold as in the headshops 'round these parts. It's basically a bong without a bowl. Instead of the bowl, there's this removable glass dome piece with a hole in it where you can stick a dabber with oil. The thing that burns the oil is either a quartz glass or titanium "nail." You remove the dome, heat up the nail with a propane torch until its red hot, replace the dome, and stick a dab on the nail. It should vaporize instantly...

    I assume that's not what you're using?
  8. L&S

    L&S New Member

    Just wondering if you managed to find a way to smoke the hash oil with your skillet I am having the same problem it seems like the pad cools down to fast before the oil has a chance to burn off. The whole reason I bought the swing arm for for the hash oil

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