Type of pre-employment test Pepsi bottling performs???

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by southernboy, Oct 31, 2008.

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    I have a Pre-Employment Drug screen on Tuesday November 4th 2008 at a local hospital. This test is for a very good paying job at Pepsi. I was wondering if anyone on here knows for sure if they just do a piss test or what? I have gone to the same hospital about 2 years ago for a previous employer and they only did a urine test, but around a year ago I encountered my first Hair Test and failed miserably. This test was done in another location all together. I stopped smoking back around 08/15/08 and cracked about 9 days ago and took a few pulls off a joint of commercial low grade shit. I also smoked a very awesome bowl of the Chronic later that night. I passed a mouth swab test on Monday and plan on substituting if indeed this is a piss test. I plan on using the Quick Fix synthetic, I've used it several times and just ordered a new batch about a month ago. It is 4.2. I'm hoping to find out for sure if it is a piss test versus hair test. If it's another mouth swab I'm totally not sweating it, but anyways. Thanks for any help anyone. I tried searching and haven't found any information regarding a Pepsi test. Thanks again. My main goal is just to find out if Pepsi just does a piss test or if I should expect worse. Cheers. :)

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