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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by bushido, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. bushido

    bushido New Member

    I had a pre-employment drug test at Quest, and my friend informed me of the substitution method. I used a condom, my friend's clean piss and the tighty whitey method and the piss was in the right range, but the one thing he didnt tell me was to use a NON-lubricated condom. I discovered this forum and was reading the sub thread, and when i saw that someone had said to "make sure to use a non-lubricated condom" my stomach dropped. I used one of the trojan-enz condoms. I made sure to rinse it off really good, but will this affect the outcome of the test?

    ROTFLMFA0 New Member

    I would think, although, I'm by no means an expert, that the sheer physics of a condom (I.E. the non porous nature of latex) would mean that since you rinsed it off really good it probably won't be to much of a problem. Although I could be completely wrong and even a small amount of the spermicide will come off as a tampered specimen. Makes sense, a condom is a logical choice for subbing and if I was a DT clinic I would put that on my panel...
  3. bushido

    bushido New Member

    ok thanks for your post man. made me feel a little better :)
    maybe sec3 will decide to chime in?

    ROTFLMFA0 New Member

    Indeed. I take mine in about 6 hours, but I'm using dilution as I don't have a suitable sub. I'm not to confident about my chances as I don't have all the nessicary requirements, but under the circumstances its the best I can do.
  5. bushido

    bushido New Member

    good luck man.
  6. Secs

    Secs New Member

    When they conduct drug testing, they are LOOKING FOR specific substances. They do not run a wide array of tests to see what all you have in your urine then choose whatever they don't want.

    As long as the lubricant in the condom didn't contain a known adulterant, you should be fine. If your lubricant was water based (like KY Jelly is), rinsing out the condom would be just fine. IF the condom contained a petroleum based lubricant, rinsing with water would have no effect on the lubricant.

    Most condoms contain a water based lubricant because petroleum products tend to degrade latex and rubber products.

    The long and short of it: I think you are good.
  7. bushido

    bushido New Member

    on the box it said that the lubricant is in fact water solubale! Hopefully now I am a member of the sub club!
  8. tmaxxtim

    tmaxxtim New Member

    I had a friend use the sub method, and the rinsed the condom out a few times and used it and the results came back A+, so everything went perfect.

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