Ulcer: Can I Smoke?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by ataman, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. ataman

    ataman New Member

    Hey. I have a mild ulcer and Ive been told by a doctor to stay away from alcohol and cigarettes for 6 weeks. However, I dont know if I can smoke weed, since its not really cigarette smoking. Thanks.
  2. ataman

    ataman New Member

    Guys, I need some advice here.
  3. NILation

    NILation New Member

    If your doctor directly told you something I think it would be a good idea to just ask him. Weed is different from cigs and alcohol but until you know why you shouldn't have them or get an ok from your doc I wouldn't smoke anything. The cigs might be cuz of the tobacco or it might be inhaling a plant. If he told you no to the legal drugs I'd stay away from other stuff unless you ask him.
  4. ak-47

    ak-47 New Member

    if i were you i would just ask him i dont think he would care much, he may send you a "week information" bs pack of papers but thats it so i would just ask him
  5. quartersack

    quartersack New Member

    i jsut posted as well about this issue..... heres what it comes down to. cigs supply stong acids to the body which is very bad for an ulcer.....

    heres the million dollar question

    does marijuana have an acidifying effect on the body?

    dont listen to doctors. they will tell you to avoid mj just because they know it wont help the situation and many docs dont encourage illegal or any drug use unless they perscribe it!! they dont want those troubles so a fail safe is for them to say dont do it.
  6. FakeBoobsRule

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    Cigs don't supply strong acids to the body. Nicotine can increase stomach acid production by the body as well as decrease muscle tone on the esophageal sphincter. This can let acid come back up your esophagus so if you have heartburn or GERD (refleux) cigs are double trouble. THC on the other hand does not increase stomach acid production and if anything might reduce it. I'm can't remember what effect THC has on stomach motility but all and all marijuana will more than likely not adversely affect your ulcer. Of course every body is different but in moderation you should be fine, especially if you are on and H-2 blocker or proton pump inhibitor.
  7. Richi

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  8. Zubi420

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    I wouldnt take the risk. Any way just ask your doctor straight up, "if i smoke mj what will it do to my ulcer". If he really cares about your health and is honest he will tell you straight up yes or no. If you cant ask him than just dont take the risk until your ulcers gone. Itss nice to have a break from mj once in a while cause your tolerance falls and then you get mega stoned!!!!!!!!:D :D :D :cool:

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