Ulcerative colitis and marijuana?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Theri, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. Theri

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    Im 18 years of age, never tryed any form of marijuana although both parents did or still do smoke it. I have ulcerative colitis, i was diagnosed with it around 4 or 5 years ago and have never been in remission. I live in england so its not legal overhere buts thats no problem. For the past 3 weeks or so ive become quiet ill with it and have been thinking about trying marijuana as ive heard it helps your digestive system in various ways... I also have other things wrong with me such as asthma which also benefit from marijuana use, or so ive heard. Now my question is would you guys recommend trying it? Seeing as most legal medication isnt working... I Could easily get hold of it either of a friend or even if i have a chat with the parents they might be able to get me some.

    So yeh, all information is appreciated...

  2. canecorso505

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    mj is nothing short of a godsend for gi problems. chrons, uc, it helps greatly with all symptoms. google and youtube it, youl find tons of info. dont put the laws of a stupid nation before your health. you have every god given right to feel better. just be carefull with munchies. stick to your specialized diet, cause the relief will make u wanna eat normal
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  3. Theri

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    Im not on a specislized diet, just have to eat little and often to avoid big cramps, thanks for the info also :)
  4. MightyColon

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    I was initially diagnosed with UC back in 1972.... I have had this disease for 40 years, mate... Was diagnosed at the ripe old age of two years old! Over the years I have tried everything, but Marijuana is the best medication I have found. It acts as an anti-spasmodic, anti-inflamitory, immunosurpressant, appetite stimulant and fantastic at relieving the horrific pain of the constant churning and grinding, intestinally by reducing the colony's motility (or how fast the food in your system shoots through you) so breakky, lunch and dinner don't fly through your system like a Japanese bullet train. Last time I was in hospital my back door looked like a starfish some had hit with a hammer!.... But I was unable to get any Mary-Jane at the time, though as soon as I WAS able to "hook up" my symptoms abated and I started to get better once more. Now, with a reasonably reliable supply at my disposal, my colitis has gone back into remission. I heartily endorse its use for UC, Crohn's or IBS; it has given me more freedom from the constant worry of this stupid illness and allowed me to live like a "regular" person...... Granted, I'm not operating a vehicle or heavy farm machinery, but at least I can leave the house without worrying about possibly disgracing myself in public, before I can make it to the nearest loo! I'm on FB, if you have any questions I didn't already cover here!.... Talk to your folks about trying it, and maybe hooking you up with "a guy".....
  5. MightyColon

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    There is also a special diet that helps too.... It explains just WHY we should avoid certain foods... Like breads, pasta... Anything with wheat gluten/ flour in it... No coffee, spearmint, soy products just for starters.... Here's the link to the site... It's called "the Illegal List".... Hope all this helps!

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