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Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by didorusso, May 3, 2005.

  1. didorusso

    didorusso Jr. Activist

    As a final step (on test day) a Ultra Clean shampoo will reduce the concentration of THC in your hair by 36%. Read the following abstract:


    To buy Ultra Clean follow this links:


    from the above site you can also buy Root Clean Detox, very popular within this site.


    Also seriously consider to buy Get Clean Shampoo as suggested by N2:


    Consider to review the following site!


    I don't recommend hurting yourself with maccoujo!

    I do recommend to monitor yourself using:

  2. didorusso

    didorusso Jr. Activist

    I am not a maccoujo supporter because his procedure doesn’t produce consistent results and for these reason it must be seriously questioned. I understand that most of the people (not all) report of passing their hair test using maccoujo. But, how many who didn’t pass are not reporting because extremely disappointed and shocked to have lost their jobs or the opportunity to become employed? It is definitely much easier to post “I passed!” rather than “they screwed me!”.
    There are several methods to reduce the THC and metabolites (CBN and CBD) content in your hair. Their efficacy has yet to be tested, but I do believe that they all contribute to the removal or masking or degradation of THC and metabolites. Most of these methods will cause a much reduced suffering to the user compared to maccoujo.
    While I struggle to understand what is the most suitable method (I am unemployed and looking for a job) I invite everybody on this board to try different commercially available products and absolutely, to their benefit and to the benefit of this board, monitor themselves using http://www.homehealthtesting.com/hair-drug-tests.htm and post their results in terms of % reduction of THC contaminants using a given product or set of products.
    Thank you all.
  3. nobull

    nobull New Member

    As I wrote before. I passed all my 4 hair tests just by using specialy shampoos (with gel). The first 3 tests, I used Detox Root Clean and on all 3 tests, I was cleaned only about 3 weeks. The last test, I used All Clear shampoo and I was only clean for 5 days. I did try Macujos method and did a self test before and found that it did lower the toxin level but it might not be enough to pass the cut off points since each individual are different. I still prefer the much less torturing method such as shampoos and gel to mask the hair shafts.
  4. didorusso

    didorusso Jr. Activist

    Thanks for this information, nobull. Did you get a chance to compare the quantity of contaminants before and after a treatment?
  5. nobull

    nobull New Member

    Shampoo or Macujo? I did a few self tests with both shampoo (Root Clean) and Macujo since one of my friend worked at a lab before. So I tested myself once without any pre treatment just to get the start out point (and ofcourse I failed badly).

    The second test, I used Root Clean, and again I failed (I didn't ask the level though). I found out that I was not supposed to use half bottle only even when I had short hair. I actually called Detoxify and the person who answered the phone questioned me :
    - Did you follow the instruction properly?
    - how long is you hair ?
    - Did you use the full bottle or just half?
    Well, that pretty much said it all.

    So I used full bottle and retest. The result was negative and my friend told me it was almost no trace of drug found. I actually failed by only using Macujo. My friend told me that the toxin level went down but not enough to pass the cutt off point. But he said maybe it's because of my thicker than normal hair shaft (Asian).

    I did not take a close look at the reports since I was only doing that for my own. At that time I didn't know there are forums like this on the web. I got the macujo method from a friend (typed me a copy). If I knew, I would get all the results posted here to share with others.

    And FYI, on all my self tests, I made sure I was only clean for only 3 days since many shampoos claim that the user only need to be clean for 48 hours. The reason I ended up choosing Detox Root Clean on my real tests was because the specialist gave me straight to the point answers. Other brands, I either didn't get any human answering my phone or gave me nonsense like they were scared of being recorded.
  6. didorusso

    didorusso Jr. Activist

    Thanks very much for this information, nobull. I have added to your reputation.
  7. didorusso

    didorusso Jr. Activist

    Take a sun bath!!

    I am passing information regarding the possibility of having THC contaminants degraded and reduced through the exposure to the sun or an uv lamp. The authors of this article suggest that these habits may cause false negatives and that people subjected to a hair test should be questioned about the time they spend outdoors or under a lamp :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

  8. slownlow

    slownlow New Member

    How does ultra clean compare with root clean? 36% does not seem like that much.
  9. didorusso

    didorusso Jr. Activist

    No, 36% is not much at all, but at least this figure gives you an idea. I actually believe that Ultra Clean is one of the worst and think that there might be commercially available shampoos that work close to 100%. Root clean appears to be much better than Ultra Clean. My gut feelings are that Get Clean Shampoo (http://www.urineluck.com/product_details.php?id=10) might be even better. But I don't see valid data, so I can't actually recommend it. Until somebody decides to continue smoking, have a home hair test, a shampoo and immediately a second hair test so that we can all see what the efficacy is. Such an experiment would cost about 150 $ including the shampoo and would give tremendous information on whether or not we should continue the maccoujo torture.
  10. didorusso

    didorusso Jr. Activist

    I just read club 420 post (05-10-2005, 10:51 AM) in the maccoujo thread...very very scary! I fully understand his madness.
    I must conclude that maccoujo, head shop products like Nexxus Aloe Rid and All Clear, and Hair Mudd products don't offer anything close to 100% protection, when used alone or in combination.

    Has everyone used a different hair product alone or in combination and failed the test? Can a moderator of this forum provide such information? Please!

    Thank you all

    ps. today evidence from ace21 is that Afterburner alone is not sufficient to pass the test.
  11. didorusso

    didorusso Jr. Activist

    today evidence from ace21 is that maccoujo efficacy is close to .0%
  12. Grimreefer

    Grimreefer New Member


    What about these "detox" shampoos? The ones that are supposed to detox your hair not mask the thc. I ask this because I am considering a job but will have to go out of town(500 miles) for an interview and would like to be detoxed rather than masked because I have no way of washing my hair with a mask shampoo before the interview. I have looked in to test'in hair detox shampoo and it sounds promising. Please let me know if anyone has tried the test'in brand.

  13. didorusso

    didorusso Jr. Activist

    I am positive I read about someone using it but I don't remember what he/she said. I have tried to search this forum typing-Test'in-but no matches were found. I agree, it's promising but, are these people (http://www.ipassedmydrugtest.com/hair_follicle_drug_test_products.asp) telling us the truth? The best thing you could do for yourself, myself and the rest of the community is test your hair using the home based Psychemedics' PDT-90 Personal Drug Testing Service (http://www.homehealthtesting.com/hair-drug-tests.htm) twice ($65x2), before and after the shampoo. If you find out that it worked (please post here your results) but, not sufficiently to pass, you may consider to wash your hair again (and possibly test your hair for a 3rd time). Up to you!
  14. Grimreefer

    Grimreefer New Member

    Thanks for the input. It really all depends on how long I can hold out before I start the interview process for my job. I will use the detox as a last result. I was a heavy smoker up until about 2 weeks ago. I stopped completely about 3 days ago. I was thinking I am going to try washing with both pm3 and aloe rid and then trim about .25" a week off my head. It is currently about 3.25" long and grows very fast(more than the averages given). If I can find me a temp job in the mean time that I can pay my bills with then I think I will be alright. I figure after about 60-75 days I will order the pm test and see if I'm still dirty.

    So are the pm home tests similar to the ones they use for job prescreens? If I pass the home test I should be clear for the one issued for job drug screens, right? Is there a cutoff on hair like urine? 50ng
  15. didorusso

    didorusso Jr. Activist

    1. Psychemedics laboratory will perform an initial immunoassay drug tests. If the initial test turn out positive, they will automatically confirm the results with a second test - a GC/MS laboratory analysis (the gold standard in drug testing).

    2. Hair Testing FAQ (http://www.marijuana.com/420/showthread.php?t=34343), although not always accurate, will provide information regarding hair cut off.
  16. didorusso

    didorusso Jr. Activist

    more for grimreefer

    Found it for you! Moebert, last post of the thread-wonder why my search failed to find it-http://www.marijuana.com/420/search.php?searchid=133287 He/she passed the drug test. No evidence to attribute it to Test'in, though.
    Other products for which there is evidence that can make you fail:

    Q Clean Hair Detox
    Paul Mitchell 3
    Root Clean Detox
    Get Clean Shampoo (I will have to add a note to some of my posts)

    Any other?
  17. momoftoker

    momoftoker New Member

    Test' In Hair Mud and Perm Cleanse did not perform well, even after 5 weeks clean. Bummer all the way!

    COURTSUCKS New Member

    Maybe I can shed a little bit of experimentation light to this subject. I am a reg MJ smoker and we are talking multiple times per day everyday of the good KB. sooo. I had a hair test because my ex falsely accused me of using meth.. so I was subject to random weekly urine testing.. All of the urine tests for the first month and a half were clean and not dilute using cleansers from the local head shop, but after a while they started becoming diluted like my body was immune, so the judge wanted an explanation for the many diluted ones, and made me take a hair test ASAP. So I bought the "Test'in shampoo" from the website "Ipassedmydrugtest.com" and used it exactly as directed. I use prescription percocet and the shampoo washed away that but not the THC. I have very fine thin babylike hair -- it is right below my shoulders it has been color treated at the salon with bleach and color. Thinking that my hair may be badly damaged due to the dye and hair type I have, that it should wash every metabolite away.. one prob I face is the judge.. and I could have gotten a doctor's note for the percocet but why not the THC!!!! I have determined that if I have to be retested then I am going to pull up everyone who passed and use each and every method they did until its time for me to get a chunk of my hair clipped from my head. Cause only GOD knows that I'm not quitting the herb... Best of luck to all!!

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