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    Just took my test and very worried. This is test for bank. They did not have results there, it is being sent to Labcorp. The lady from labcorp said that is not the normal tests they do, that the bank sent them those tests. Test was taken at the bank location. Had to put it under tongue and not cheek and gum.

    Smoked last 10 days ago, two bowls. Before that was a week, one bowl. before that was a week and at full force. I smoke an ounce in two weeks time.

    The last week I went through almost a whole box of detox tea. Drank as much fluids as I could. Scrubbed my mouth with baking soda and peroxide.
    The day of the test I gargled with peroxide, used new toothbrush and brushed my teeth good. (no mouth wash, was concerned about alcohol) Chewed many, many altoid spearmints and chewed some ice breakers gum. Right before the test I chewed up a suger daddy ( had to pick it off my teeth..lol ) and went in there.

    5' 3" 110 lbs female 40yo

    Please, please Grillmeats. What do you think?
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    Was hoping someone would answer, please.
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    I would think that you will be okay but I'm not real familiar with under the tongue thing. Grillmeats will probably be able to answer that one for ya. I'm sure he will be around eventually. I am looking forward to his answer for a little more knowledge.

    Good Luck!
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    Click ont the detection times link in my signature. You should be fine.

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