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Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by SweatingBullets, Dec 28, 2006.

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    I had my "real" hair test today and was shocked that they took it from my underarms, (a little from both sides). I had recently done 2 home tests, (one sample I collected from my own head and another sample from my head was taken by a collection place). I passed both of these tests.

    However, now I am very concerned about the real/underarm test, (it was my own fault, I did nothing to prepare or remove this hair). My question is if I have any chance of passing the hair test with samples from my underarms. The samples are getting shipped to Psychemedics in CA. My usage for the past year:

    Smoked a few hits over a 4 day period in October, (10/09-10/13)
    Smoked a few hits over Memorial Day weekend

    Other than that, nothing... Can I pass the dreaded underarm hair test with these credentials? Thanks...
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    I passed...

    For waht it is worth, I heard today that I passed my (underarm) hair test. I am not a frequent smoker, and did nothing to treat my underarms, and the previous post gives some of my background. (I'll probably post my results over on the results thread also, but figured I would reply hear as well).

    Many thanks to all posters here for their input, and best of luck to everyone in dealing with the anxiety of this dreaded test.

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