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Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by Jewelz420, May 1, 2010.

  1. Jewelz420

    Jewelz420 New Member

    What is the BEST strain that majority of the time GUARANTEES a HAPPY, super fun uplifting High?

    Edit: I did some research and read that Master OG Kush is one of the most uplifting highs, but how is that when that is an Indica Dominant Strain..?
  2. Shellshock

    Shellshock Subscriber

    Any properly grown Sativa plant will give you the type of high you're looking for. Here are the types that I have tried that fit your criteria:
    -Blueberry Haze
  3. Raizor *3GS*

    Raizor *3GS* Sr. Member

    I really liked the Blueberry Yum Yum I had a long time ago... I got baked as hell at work with my co-worker... Best day of work ever.
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  4. Love4TheNugg

    Love4TheNugg NorCal MushroomCloud

    Blue Dream, very uplifting, very giggly, very nice overall. It's a sativa-dominant hybrid, so you do feel the indica with a bit of a body high.
  5. Cannabis_Joe

    Cannabis_Joe New Member

    Sativa strains mainly are your mind high, therefor will give you the "uplifting" feeling you're looking for.

    Re: EDIT: Just because it's an indica-dominant strain, doesn't mean it can't still be uplifting. Just that generally indica strains are primarily a body high, while sativa are mind highs. Also, you may want to note that what may be uplifting to some, may not be the same "uplift" that you may be thinking of.
  6. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    My personal favorite in that category is AK-47, but any pure Sativa or highly Sativa-dominant hybrid should have that effect.
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  7. Shellshock

    Shellshock Subscriber

    Yeah for a complete screw up of your mind, go with that. Blueberry Haze was good but it was a different kind of high.
  8. LRdank22

    LRdank22 New Member

    to get a happy high i either smoke blueberry purp,cali bloom and skunk
  9. gnjisthbst

    gnjisthbst New Member

    OG kush of any sort, is in fact, not a kush, and is a sativa dom strain. The origins of it are BELIEVED (so dont quote me cause i aint sure) to be massachusettes super skunk x chemdawg. I know man its a fucking trip

    EDIT: right i forget the uplifting weed haha, Kali mist man, that shit is all up in the head

    Double edit...i have a strain review thread in here called sirsogs strain reviews, ive got a few really good head high;s in there so far....im workin on getting more in there lol
  10. Gee

    Gee The truth is in here

    I must be the only person in the world that didn't enjoy AK-47 :laugh: I tried it in Amsterdam and it just made me sleepy. Maybe it wasn't really AK-47?

    Silver Haze is a great Sativa that made me feel like I was walking on clouds yet my head felt very clear. Highly recommended!

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