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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by bobbobsen, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. bobbobsen

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    I've been clean over 30 days now and I've been taking regular urine tests now every few days. Obviously failed in the beginning. After a week the line was VERY faint. What I am wondering is that there doesn't seem to be much consistency in the line color. Is it pretty much accepted that if you can see the test line at all then you are clean? I've had tests 2 weeks ago where the test line was darker than a test I took today. It's kinda making me a little paranoid.

    I have been able to see the line for the past 2 weeks but it doesn't seem to be very dark at all compared to the control line. Can anyone comment on how the test line compares to the control line on their tests?

    Heh or am I just being too anal retentive and I'm fine now?
  2. Webdox

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    What test are you taking? Not that it matters but ANY line no matter how light is supposed to indicate a negitive THC. I have taken a few that there was no line what so ever so I know that the mere presence of a line in the THC area means you should be good. I suggest going to a local clinic and paying for a 5 panel test. Usually only 20$-25$ and takes only 2 days to get the results. That way if you do score positive in the assy test they will run a GC/MS test to determin the exact ng/mL you are.

    Just a suggestion, good luck.
  3. bobbobsen

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    I'm just taking one of the simple THC tests I got from meditests.com. I might just pay for a test for peace of mind. I was just curious if anyone took a test when they absolutely knew they were clean. I'm wondering if it's just the chemical in the test just isn't that dark... ie a 0ng/ml would still be a light colored line because the test area is considerably lighter than the control line.
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    Any color line means you passed. But getting a lab test would be your best bet.
  5. Justme2

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    I used First STep Home test. I believe I am negative but am waiting for confirmation from GS/MS.

    Anyway, I noticed that when I took the test randomly..the line was less reddish..but when I took it first am pee..alot darker red.

    I think it has something to do with concentration of urine as well as how much if any THC.

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