Urine Test 11 days after smoking - Help.

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by sharpsb4101, Jun 5, 2011.

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    Today it has been 9 days since the last time i smoked and that day i smoked twice. Once at lunch, and once at about 6:00p.m. 2 days after smoking i started drinking more water than usual, but not tons and tons. Over a period of 3 days i rode a total of 26 miles on an exercise bike and was sweating badly. I am also an infrequent user and the day i smoked was the first time in 1 month. I am currently 5'8 or 5'9, 150lbs. good metabolism, and my body fat is 14.5%. I was wondering if on the 11th day after smoking i will be able to pass a urine test for a job i am looking forward to getting. Is there anything else I need to do like drink more water? exercise more? I also read that an infrequent user can take 8-11 days for THC to clear of your system or even less, but wasnt sure. So if anyone here can help it would be great.

    Note: The hotel that is testing me told me to drink plenty of water before i go in for my test. But i thought if i drink plenty of water wouldnt my urine be dilluted, and they would fail me because of that?
    Tell me what you think and help me out your best.

    Thanks. :)

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