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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by ctina, May 4, 2007.

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    I'm stressing like crazy! I got a job offer at a large local hospital and I had to take a urine test yesterday! I am 5'4 about 115 pounds. Last time I smoked was 4/20/07- only about 4-5 bong hits but really chronic. Time before that was 4/14/07 and probably around the same amount. Before 4/6/07 or so, I would say I would take 4-5 bong hits at least 3-4 days a week. Anyways, sober about 13 days, I passed a home test 2 nights before my test without any extra liquids in my system. I had two shots (alcohol) the night before the text and about 5 glasses of water, didn't eat much. Got up early, ate nothing, had 1 1/2 glasses of water, I think I went to the bathroom about 3 times before the test and then used the " mid-stream" pee for the test...

    LORD JESUS!!!! Do you think i'll pass... I'm freaking out! :eek: :eek:
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    Yes, I think you will pass. You passed a home test, you drank some water, but not an excessive amount. I really think you will do just fine.

    Be sure to come back here and post your results.
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    Tested Negative

    Tested Negative!!! :woohoo: Well, I smoked maybe 3 times the first week of april ( only 4-5 bong hits-my size.. which I'm guessing is a small hit) Then on 4/14 and last time on 4/20, 13 days without smoking, and I passed the test. Mostly I just drank a lot of water, coffee, cranberry juice, and green tea, and did some light exercise daily up until a couple days before my test - I think I lost 2-3 pounds. I'm really active so i'm guessing that helped. I made sure to eat light the night and morning of my test and drank a lot of water. I guess I was just lucky and I also reduced my intake of pot a lot in the beginning of the month before I got serious about not smoking at all! I can't wait to get home and actually RELAX tonight! ; )

    I'm guessing that my bong hits are not the biggest, I refrained from smoking for 13 days. My boy got his caretaker card, and we're in the last week, so I guess i'm in the clear for the harvest!! :)

    Thanks so much for all your advice and all these postings! I feel so much more informed and have told several others about the site!

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    that is great...congrats! :D

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