urine test in 7 days , how can i pass ?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by jbudz_07, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. jbudz_07

    jbudz_07 New Member

    i have a urine test for prohbation in 7 days. I was just informed yesterday that i was being tested , so now i'm in a scramble trying to pass it. I've heard Niacin cleans out the toxins in your fat cells , is this correct ? Also i was going to take a metabolism booster to burn the fat quicker along with alot of water .... Will these ideas work ?? Or do you have any better ideas .. ? If i dont pass the test , i get locked up ! Please someone help me ...
  2. jpbc99

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    Dude, probation tests are not to be messed with. If you fail a pre-employment test you can always apply some where else. If you fail for probation, that could mean jail time. You came to the right place for help, but help your self out more and just quit all drugs.

    check the sticky out about dilution. its pretty good and will help if your not a heavy user.

  3. Tacoplz

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    Did they give you any time to clean out your system? I know a guy that used to work as a drug and alcohol counselor and he told me that when they got someone on probation, they would test them right away knowing full well that they'd test positive. They used the first test to get a baseline.
  4. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    No. There is nothing that removes THC from the fat cells. Only time and exercise can do that.
  5. jbudz_07

    jbudz_07 New Member

    i haven't been tested yet , but the thing is i was put on prohbation february 1st of this year and its not almost april ...so i think they might have given me that time to get clean , and obviously i'm not ...
  6. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Nice legs are a must (LC)

    Stop smoking while on probation and get a home test. If you fail with the first void of the day, exercise you ass off with aerobic exercise and then stop 3 days before the test. Test again and use dilution as your last resort.

    Time and aerobic exercise, that is all you can do. Maybe some soluble fiber too.
  7. Darius927

    Darius927 New Member

    Yea, not sure where I read this. It was on a sticky, on someone's post, on someone's signature, etc. But these are the ONLY ways to get THC out of your system quicker.

    You need to increase GFR (globular filtration rate?), or how fast your kidneys filter our your blood, because THC bleeds our of your fat at a constant rate as your fat cells are turned over. The only ways to do this are:

    1) Get pregnant :D beacuse GFR increases during pregnancy.
    2) Have a doctor implant a 3rd kidney in you :eek: .
    3) Exercise with intensity, eat lots of protein/fiber, and abstain.

    This was the gist of what it said. Props to whoever posted this or whatever.

    EDIT: Oh yea, about the probation thing. Never been in trouble with the law, but is jail really worth it? HELL NO! Quit while you can! Good things come to those who wait, just imagine how skyward you'll be as soon as your probation is done. Even if it's non-chron.

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