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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by bdub3, May 7, 2007.

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    I have a couple questions for the experts – I received a dream job offer last Monday (April 30) and was told it would be contingent on passing a drug test. The said they were sending me a “kit” via Fed Ex (regular, non-DOT 5-50) and I could take it to my local Quest testing center. Here are my stats: 6’0”, 165, single-digit body fat, above average metabolism, lift weights four times per week. Light, daily smoker (three to fours hits of decent mersh per night to chill) for the last ten years.

    I panicked, did my due googling, which led me to this awesome site, and followed the dilution thread. I bought all the materials, three test kits and stopped smoking. On Tuesday, after only about 48 hours clean, I drank a lot of water, tested mid stream and got a strong negative line almost instantly. I tested myself again on Friday with only my normal morning coffee and one glass of water and again got a negative line right away.

    Friday I started pounding creatine (10g), fiber and eating red meat, which I rarely do. Sunday night I started the aspirin. Monday morning (today) I tested myself with the first void of the day to get a better picture of what was going on. I got the negative line, but it took longer to show up and was not as strong as the other tests. Now confident I would pass, I slightly curtailed my dilution plan as my biggest fear became getting a neg – diluted back. This morning I took Gatorade, salt, creatine, Rolaids, and B complex, as prescribed on the thread, or sticky or whatever it is, using about 1/2 of the recommended fluids.

    I think because of all the stuff I’ve been ingesting that I normally don’t, I had horrible diarrhea for about two hours and could not pee. When it finally stopped and I was peeing again, I went to the test site. The B2 must have kicked in when I got there because my urine was BRIGHT yellow, almost to the point of being neon green. The tester even commented – “wow, that’s really yellow.” I was dumbfounded and said nothing, just nodded and kind of chuckled.

    My questions:

    1) Can a suspicious tester “flag” a sample to go directly to GS testing?
    2) Could the diarrhea do anything to my creatine/salt levels?
    3) Has anyone else heard of someone showing clean after two days just by drinking a lot of water. I do have super low body fat, and retested 3 times to be sure, but it still amazes me. Maybe my bud is really crummy and I just don’t know it.
    4) Should I even have tried to dilute at all with a neg test the morning of?

    Thanks in advance for replies.

    ** On a side note, being clean for the first time in years I have realized I sleep horribly without smoking. I am considering getting over-the-counter sleeping pills until I can burn again, but am worried it might trigger something on the 5 panel if I need to retest. Any ideas/advice to help me sleep better? Thanks again.
  2. ~Flor~

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    It took me about 2 weeks to be able to sleep regular again. A glass of wine helped too. I'm currently 63 days clean and sleeping with no help...probably reading this board for hours a day helps. Don't give in and smoke in case you need (provided the opportunity) to re-test. I'm sure one of the experts will answer your other questions. Good luck.
  3. Buzzby

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    Yes, but that shouldn't make any difference if your THC metabolite levels were low enough to pass the immunoassay test.

    Absolutely. Salt draws water into the intestines. There's a whole class of "saline laxatives".

    You can pass a home test quite easily that way because all they test for is the concentration of THC metabolites in your urine. Official tests look at creatinine levels and specific gravity, which would be thrown off scale if all you did was drink a lot of water.

    If you get a negative result with no dilution and the first part of the first pee of the morning, then there would be no need to dilute for the official test.

    For people without underlying sleep disorders, that usually goes away after a few days.

    BTW, urine color is the least important aspect of a dilution protocol. Your urine could be as clear as water or glow in the dark, as long as your THC metabolite level is low enough and your creatinine and specific gravity are high enough.
  4. FakeBoobsRule

    FakeBoobsRule Nice legs are a must (LC)

    1) I was going to say no but Buzzby says otherwise so I will not answer this one.
    2) The creatine is what might have given you the diarrhea. Too much and you get it. Also, since you are losing water through the diarrhea, it may affect your urine water content.
    3) THC half-life ranges from 0.8 days to 10 days. You may be one of the lucky ones. You should have tested with the morning void without dilution. I saw Friday's was close to this but caffeine is a diuretic so it was still not as accurate as possible.
    4) I can't give an accurate answer to this one either because you were not using a pure first void.
  5. bdub3

    bdub3 New Member

    Thanks to everyone for the replies/advice. Flor - I will try a glass of wine and hope I can sleep better until I am free again.

    FakeBoobs and Buzzby - from both of your answers it sounds like me getting the runs might have lowered the water content in my urine, which would be bad for someone trying to dilute. I think I'm ok and am now currently more worried about failing the dilute test.

    No matter the outcome, what is the protocol from Quest? The nurse packaged my sample to be tested at another facility in the same town and said the results would be to my potential employer within 48-72 hours. I'm assuming no news is good news. If I fail or if it's too diluted, will Quest contact me, my employer, or both? Do employers generally allow a second try if it is too diluted? What if someone is just a heavy coffee drinker?

    Man, if nothing else this board is a good outlet for my anxiety. This is killing me. I've made the decision that I'm going to quit until I'm in the seat at this job, or if I fail, my next job so I don't have to worry about this. It will make that first hit all the sweeter.

    Thanks again.
  6. Cozack25

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    I took my test last Fri at a clinic and they sent it to quest, quest sent it back to the clinic and they called me first with the results of the test, So I think it depends on who gives the test if you will know the answer before the employer. BTW when they called I had 151 NG's in my system. So I failed and got fired todady but its cool shit/life happens.
  7. Secs

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    Originally Posted by bdub3 [​IMG]
    1) Can a suspicious tester “flag” a sample to go directly to GS testing?

    I gotta differ with you Buzzby, on this one. No, there is no bypassing the laboratory process. All specimens are done exactly the same for each and every specimen that comes into the lab. The only variable is the types of substances tested for and the cutoff levels.

    All specimens are screened once they arrive at a lab then if non-negative, they are given a confirmatory trip through the GC/MS.

    A "Tester" or "Collector" cannot bypass the laboratory process on a feeling or suspicion. IF there is something unusual about the specimen, the collector can make a note in the "remarks" section of the custody and control form, but that is it. If the situation is unusual enough (blue/green tinted urine, off temperature, adulteration or substitution materials seen), the collector can and should re-collect under direct observation, but there is no bypassing the laboratory procedures).

    Even if the urine is screened at the collection site with an instant device, then forwarded to a laboratory for confirmation, once it arrives at the laboratory, it goes through the same process as every other specimen with the screening and if necessary, confirmation.

    A collection site and a laboratory are two separate entities. Even if you go to the lab itself, such as Quest, LabCorp or Kroll to have your specimen collected, the collection personnel and facility are totally separated from the laboratory personnel and facility.

    The collector can use an instant test to screen a specimen, receive a non-negative and forward to a lab. The lab then does the same thing (only using more sophisticated equipment than an instant testing device) to screen the specimen. If the lab also receives a non-negative, then and only then, is it subjected to a GC/MS test.

    We do this all the time. We don't mark on the form if we have done an instant on the specimen prior to forwarding to a lab. For one, we don't want to bias the lab personnel by planting the idea that this specimen will or might fail, and for two, is isn't necessary. The same process is done for the specimen whether the lab knows if it was screened with an instant device at the point of collection or not.

    So the quote above could be changed to say:

    No, and that shouldn't make any difference if your THC metabolite levels were low enough to pass the immunoassay test.
  8. Secs

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    just FYI, it wasn't the lab that called you, it was the Medical Review Officer. The doctor who reviews the laboratory tests and collection procedures. He is supposed to call you to verify that a positive was not caused by a prescription or OTC medication. THC is almost never caused by an OTC or Prescription medicaiton, so the phone call from the MRO was only a courtesy, a sort of "going through the motions" if you will.

    The employer is always notified of results and the donor is never notified of the results. Cosack was "asked" about his specimen and told what his specimen tested positive for simply because it is protocol for all positives to go through this process. If you don't hear from an MRO, chances are very good that you passed with no problems.

    Sometimes the point of collection and the MRO are from the same clinic or facility. This is ok. Just the laboratory needs to be separate. (The collection personnel and the MRO personnel are not supposed to share info, but in reality, they are probably one in the same person).
  9. bdub3

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    How do I thank people here so it shows up in your profile? Am I missing an icon somewhere?

    Thanks, Sec3. That's what I assumed. I will be waiting for the phone to not ring all week. My start date is Monday, and I'm assuming they will not want me in unless all is well.

    I was talking to my fiance last night, who is a manager at a Fortune 500 company, and she had a situation last month with a temp employee that is kind of scary. The temp had been working for her for a month and was rocking the job, but one day the temp agency (Kelly) called and said, "somehow the paperwork got misplaced and we just found out your temp failed the pre-employment UA last month." By my finace's company policy, and by the agency's policy, they escorted her (the temp) from the building and shipped her personal stuff to her home. My fiance was really upset - because she smokes too and because the temp was really good.

    The moral of the story - just because I'm at the job day one does not mean the testing is all over. I'm going to ride this out for this job, but going forward I will be subbing as Plan A. Keep a kit nearby for randoms (which I don't expect for this job) or for future jobs. Thanks again to all.
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  11. Buzzby

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    I bow to your greater and more practical knowledge of the subject. I do tend to be wrong around 2% of the time. I'm rarely wrong on the same question twice.
  12. Secs

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    Buzzby, I would have guessed you were wrong only 1% of the time, but then I am wrong from time to time and this was one of those times I guess... :D

    JackBauer, that was one of the very best explainations of the reputation process that I have ever seen here on mj.com. Thank you.

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