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Discussion in 'Legalization/Decriminalization' started by Delta, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. Delta

    Delta New Member

    Welcome : GoodSearch : Search the Internet with GoodSearch and support your favorite charity or school.

    I recently discovered this site, and it has amazingly great potential for our movement, and it costs us nothing.

    It's exactly the same as Yahoo Search, except before searching you type in an organization registered with them (both NORML and MPP are), and 50% of the revenue generated by your search (yes, searches generate revenue) is given to the organization of your choice. That's about one cent per search.

    Imagine if all marijuana legalization supporters used GoodSearch every time they searched for something online!

    Even if you don't donate to the organizations directly, at least do this, as it costs you nothing.
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  2. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    I've been using goodsearch to benefit our local school for almost a year now...It never occurred to me that MPP and Norml are both listed with them.

    Great idea and an easy way to benefit legalization. Plus rep+
  3. pkster8235

    pkster8235 Lazy Dancer

    That's an awesome idea. I didn't know this existed. Definitely will be using it from now on. Kudos to you!
  4. Lit_Match

    Lit_Match New Member

    Got it bookmarked.
  5. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

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  6. Delta

    Delta New Member

    True, but that seems mainly because not a lot of people are searching with NORML. If more people did, then more money would be raised.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. However, I believe that we should use every object at our disposal. Using GoodSearch is NOT a replacement to direct donations, but it's a great idea to do both. As well, we all know that there are people who just won't donate to these organizations, but perhaps we can at least get them to contribute via GoodSearch (while still hounding them to directly donate :D).
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  7. Richi

    Richi CB1 receptor agonist

    This is probably because not many people know of this search engine. If it were more popular or main stream, it would generate much more income.

    Especially since it costs you nothing, and benefits a good cause, it's worth doing on the side.

    MPP has made about $30 a month since this website started donating to them, which ain't half bad.

  8. I do not donate, but I plan to. I am a student (a poor one) who is coming close to graduating. My wife and I plan on working regular contributions to NORML (and others) in to our budget as we both acquire our first professional jobs. GoodSearch is a great way for us to get started. Call it leveraging; we are putting to use what we do not have. Thanks to the OP I had never heard of GS. I plan on telling all those whom I know that will actually use it.;)
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  9. Delta

    Delta New Member

    Good on ya. Any donation is appreciated by them.

    Oh, and welcome to the forums!
  10. beezleb878

    beezleb878 Sr. Member

    Sweet, I did not know of this.

    Just fyi info Amount Raised

    Please use this site honestly. Fraudulent searches will result in a charity being de-listed.

    NORML - National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Washington , DC)
    ID: 812902

    Year: 2006 2007 2008
    10/31/06. We are currently working on speeding up the Amount Raised report and hope to have it available again tomorrow. All searches and revenue earned during earned this period continue to be counted. Thank you for your patience.
    MonthSearchesAmount Raised from Searches (est.)New! Amount Raised from Shopping – Updated WeeklyTotal (Estimated) January4223$42.23$14.38$56.61 February3482$34.82$7.43$42.25 March2451$24.51$0.00$24.51 April2147$21.47$1.43$22.90 May151$1.51$0.00$1.51 Total: Year-to-Date12454$124.54$23.24$147.78 Total: Since Inception35506$389.78$37.04$426.82 For GoodSearch to succeed, it will take a major grassroots effort. Please spread the word to your friends and family and ask your favorite charity or school to include GoodSearch in its next newsletter and on its website.

    We estimate that each search will raise $0.01 for your designated charity or school (image, video and site-specific searches are not included). For the fiscal years 10/05 to 9/06 and 10/06 to 9/07, each search actually earned 1.3 cents. The more people use GoodSearch, the more money will be directed towards your cause. The sky is the limit!

    While the searches and estimated search revenue is calculated in real time, the GoodShop shopping data is posted weekly. There may be a delay in the donation appearing in the results as our retailers can take up to eight weeks to report their sales back to us from the time of your purchase. Also, you may notice a change in the totals due to returned merchandise or cancelled orders.

    Here's an example of how much your organization can earn:

    Charity or School Size Number of Supporters Average Searches Per Day Estimated Revenue/Year from Search Amount Purchased Per Person/Year via GoodShop Average % of Sale Donated Estimated Revenue from Shopping Total Donation/Year Small 100 2 $730 $500 3% $1,500 $2,230 Medium 1,000 2 $7,300 $500 3% $15,000 $22,300 Large 10,000 2 $73,000 $500 3% $150,000 $223,000

    The data provided herein is estimated. For example, the revenue does not reflect certain adjustments which may be provided for in the terms of service (e.g. adjustments due to fraudulent searches, or returned or cancelled merchandise). As a result, we offer no representation or warranty as to the accuracy of this information. This information is to be used as a guide only.

    I saw about NOMAL
  11. foolcoolguy

    foolcoolguy New Member

    Thats cool, I added as my search bar on Firefox.
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  12. fohtwentyy

    fohtwentyy New Member

  13. Derp420

    Derp420 New Member

    Funny thing about this is that you can you to search for Google lol
  14. Arman

    Arman New Member

    I have been using GoodSearch for a while now, used a solid 2-3 months to help gather some $ for NORML, now I am going to try and help gather some $ for MPP. It seems like less than 20% of the people on these forums actually use GoodSearch on a day to day basis, if we could get every single user on to use GoodSearch at least twice a day, think of how much money we could raise for these organizations.:eek:

    I had a idea, not sure if its good or not, I'll leave that decision up to you. What if we set up some sort of system were as many users for six months donate to one organization(lets say NORML), and then for the next six months, donate to another organization(MPP) using GoodSearch.
  15. Jewbutca

    Jewbutca New Member

    This is awesome! I was just testing it out, and it's true... for each search you do (even if you just search the same thing multiple times in a row), the amount that goes toward the charity goes up by a cent (you can look at the live balance on the main page - "Amount raised"). Doesn't sound like much... but if I had been using this instead of google for the past year, NORML would probably have another $50-100 in their pocket just because of me!... I have a lot of free time :) I encourage everyone to use this site. It's just as fast as any other search engines and seems just as reliable. Thanks Delta!!
  16. 420 Medical

    420 Medical New Member


    That's nice sort of like Google Adsense programs, but with a good cause, nice:)

    Do you know how someone can get listed in their search engine? And do you think they will allow a site like Cannabis Career Institute to be there?
  17. nightwitch

    nightwitch New Member

    If your Broke and have no money to give NORML or MPP. Use good search and enter a charity name.

    For every search you a run a penny will be given to the charity of your choice.

    How many searches a day do your run?

    NORMAL and MPP are charities on good search.

    Here is the link to the toolbars you will need to install one.

    Add GoodSearch to your Browser

    After your Toolbar is installed enter NORML or MPP in the Charity box located on the toolbar.

    NORML - National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Washington, DC)

    Support your charity with more money SHOP thru good search.

    How much stuff do you buy online?

    Vendor List Coupons, coupon codes, deals, discounts! Support charity! over 1000 shops to chose from

    Use the search box in the upper right hand corner to find even more shops.

    There is a list of vendors at the link above and the percents they will give back to your charity.

    Some examples.

    Amazon offers 1.5% back on purchases so if you spend $100.00 they give NORML $1.50

    EBay 25% - 37.5% donation of eBay's FEE Revenue (not item sale price) on ALL Winning Bids or Buy It Nows (BINs). Donation percentage based on overall volume.

    $12.50 - $17.50 donation per new active user (based on overall volume).

    A new "active user" is an individual who: (a) registers for eBay for the first time; (b) confirms his or her registration with an eBay-supplied password sent by email; (c) then goes onto eBay and places a bid or uses Buy-It-Now to purchase an item within 30 days of their original registration.

    So Sign Up a new eBay account and buy something even if it is only once.

    Dell Gives 2% donation on all products. If you buy a $1200.00 computer dell kicks back $24.00 to your charity

    Link to Dell Good search Page Dell Coupons - Coupon Codes! Support Charity!

    Apple Store 1% donation on all goods (excluding gift certificates and shipping) based on overall volume.

    Link to Apple Apple Store Coupons - Coupon Codes! Support Charity!

    ITunes Donation 2.5% donation on all products.

    Link to Itunes iTunes Coupons - Coupon Codes! Support Charity!

    Also remember to check out the discounts and coupons under each vendor lots of nice Deals and Offers.

    You must click thru the Good search vendor page in order for the donation to count.

    You will click the yellow button that says “goodshop this store” on the vendor page a new browser window will open.
    Do all shopping within this browser window.

    So your charity gets the donation.

    This is FREE money you can give NORML or MPP

    Please feel free to pass this information around.
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  18. IKILL3RI

    IKILL3RI New Member


    Hey night thanks for the info.
  19. nightwitch

    nightwitch New Member

    your welcome pass the information around please
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  20. ctwalrus

    ctwalrus New Member

    i seriously do close to 100 searches a day on random ass stuff
    i added this to my firefox toolbar
    ill be donating close to a dollar a day
    thats 365 dollars a year! ill just round it down to 300

    ahh thats cool because im too poor to donate the old fashioned way

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