Using an E cigarette as a weed vaporizer

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by toothfairy420, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. toothfairy420

    toothfairy420 Stoner Chique

    I was wondering if anyone could help me out with this one, my research has kinda led me to a dead end. I am expecting an E cigarette in the mail soon and I am wondering if I could make a tincture that could be vaporized. My questions are: is it safe to inhale iso alcohol vapor? how about drinking alcohol vapor? Also, since the thc would already be extracted with the alcohol, would it be feasible to dilute with water?
  2. 1406

    1406 Retired

    I don't know anything about the e-cig heating elements, or if it will get hot enough to vaporize THC.

    Also, I have read that some e-cig models (primarily the China resellers) use harmful chemicals and paints in their products.

    I think you'd receive better feedback if you got this moved to a different forum.

    Good luck.
  3. Charley

    Charley New Member

    I was wanting to buy one because I smoke and I always like to look for new things to try. from what i can tell from them the vapor solution is encased in glass and the tip breaks when you put it in. I am not sure you would be able to refill one and reuse it without it leaking all over.

    however if you can post a instructional here lol cuss if it works it sounds like a great idea.

    as for alcohol vapor it can cause lung infections bleeding of the thought and nose and even get you slightly drunk. (I used to work with industrial alcohol in a poorly ventilated room I experienced all that. I am assuming higher proof drinking alcohol will do the same.)

    altho you can make tinctures from vegetable glycerin
    there very sweet tasting and relatively safe. (vegetable glycerin is added to shisha aka hookah tobacco to increase the smoke volume of the tobacco and help carry the vaporized nicotine and flavoring.)

    (altho I am not sure if a vegetable glycerin based tincture would extract the THC or not.)


    here is a link that tells how to make
    How to Make an Herbal Tincture Using Glycerin |

    also if you can not wait that long you can use a crock pot on the lowest setting and leave it on overnight (or even a day or two) place all the ingredients in one of those vacuum seal bags (sold as foodsaver brand) make sure its properly sealed and drop it in the crock pot cover it with water (check every so often to maintain the water levels. (you can also make canna butter and oil this way.)

    and like I said I have no clue if the vegetable glycerin can extract the THC tho. (so dont blame me if it dosent.)
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  4. ReXBudMan

    ReXBudMan New Member

    There already is a thread in this forum that talks about the E-ciggie.

    No, you cannot use tincture in there, alchahol vapor is well, bad for you, i wont go into detail.

    I was under the impression that if you wanted to use the e-cig as a vape you would have to make some hash-oil. real goey stuff that vapes at a low temp. Because the E-cig uses only 1 temp, apparently this user was able to input hash-oil, and use it from the E-cig and he got alot of hits too.

    Hash-oil is very potent stuff, quite expensive and in alot of cases hard to obtain.

    I recomend you purchase an inexpensive portable vape or something to fit your needs.
  5. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    I don't get it.
    toothfairy asks several questions. You make a definitive statement in response but refuse to explain your answer.
    What's wrong with that picture?
  6. ReXBudMan

    ReXBudMan New Member

    Just to get into it a little further, since, i did not satisfy certain members.

    Inhaling alchahol vapor is bad for your health and very unpleasant, you will not enjoy it.

    diluting it in water wont work either.

    Like I told you earlier, the best thing to do is to make hash oil and put that into your E-cig
    then you will be able to use it as a vape.
  7. toothfairy420

    toothfairy420 Stoner Chique

    Thanks for your input guys, yea...further research has led me to glycerin based tinctures, I have also found that the boiling points are different for tobacco and thc. There is a contraption called the vape pen, it features adjustable temperatures, but is only available to medical marijuana patients.
  8. ReXBudMan

    ReXBudMan New Member

    I am sorry i didnt mention boiling points in detail. THC does have a different boiling point, however you can still boil hash oil at the 120C which is what I believe, roughly, is the e-cig temp. There is slight modification to do, but i warn you, dont inhale alchahol vapor, its very bad.

    I havent heard of glycerine based tinctures, i wonder if their boiling points are the same as that of hash-oil. I suggest you have a look at how to make the oil and I think that goey substance is ideal for your -ecig. Potent as anything.
  9. Charley

    Charley New Member

    turns out i was wrong about refilling an e cig it seems there are 3 different types and i only knew of the one at the time of my original post.

    I just orderd one myself (that can be refilled) and found they are made to use glycerine to make your own flavored vapor (you can use in place of the liquid nicotine or add with it to reduce the amount of nicotine. they also sell a ton of flavors you can use as well.)
  10. ReXBudMan

    ReXBudMan New Member

    Very true, i dont know about E-cigs definitivly. However you wanted to know whether u can use THC or tinctures. Im going to have to search on glycerine based tincture, iv never heard of it. You can refill those with hash oil which may work out cheaper if you purchase Keif and then compile that to oil, then again, you miss out on alot of fun stiff in hash oil, alot of cannabinoids that you get through the regular process.
  11. Charley

    Charley New Member

    did a little more research.

    turns out several dispensaries sell E cig cartridges that have MJ extracts in them.
  12. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    really? i thought those things were for like quitting smoking? is it real mj extracts? like, hash-oil kinda stuff?
  13. Charley

    Charley New Member

    I am not sure what they use exactly all it said was extract. I am assuming the dispensaries are simply filling blank cartridges with it.
  14. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    that sounds pretty cool, still, id rather a propper vape.
  15. DaDornta


    I own an E-cig...its all black w/a blue LED....people ask me "What are YOU SMOKING?!?!"
    I don't use it anymore. The thing made me more of a nicotine fiend because it was less harsh. The battery issue made it not practical to take to work.

    It also didn't fare well in below-freezing winter temps outside (even though it is not smoke, people freak out an insist you go outside here -- they refuse to try to understand)

    So now I am out 100$ -- and have this gizmo that on paper sounds really cool...but hard to use continually. I even bought extra batteries, but the atomizer (the heating element part) wears out too -- and you eventually need to replace that.

    I'd rather go with another device -- although it would be cool (and I have indeed before I found this thread thought of trying...) to have a MJ extract deposited on "blank" cartridges that you can buy.

    I just don't think the hardware is up to handle the demands... :(
  16. Charley

    Charley New Member

    granted I have only had mine for a short time but im loving it.

    and yes i am still trying to think of ways to make a working extract lol

    may I ask what model you have? I got the dse 901.
  17. bud goode

    bud goode New Member

    Hey man,

    Just do what i do:

    1_ get the hose from your vapouriser,

    2_ tape it to an electronic cigarette.

    you can take a draw off weed vapour and nicotine vapour at the same time.

    kinda like a joint :)
  18. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    That would make your head swim, Id say
  19. trancemen

    trancemen New Member

    e joint buy the kr 808 d or joy e 510 mega xl ull quit smoking but still vape marijuana make iso hash oil with isopropyl alcohool search on youtube then mix it with pg or vg or put some drops in the nicotine liquid aroma bottle vape it iff ur not satisffy try the 6volts vaping it will blow ur f g mind off take kare i have the 510 joye and i vape liquid nicotine like a champ everyday hey
  20. Siouxicidal

    Siouxicidal New Member

    Thought about that too..

    My gf tried the e cig and didn't like was going to throw it away so I decided to mess with it. Just YouTube and googled hacks and found nothing. But did watch a few videos on how to refill it. So I got the idea to soak it in alcohol. I've heard of making it into a shot and actually tried it once but used garbage weed so got no results although just to drink not smoke. But I just got the idea just now and was already working on it when I found this thread. What kind of alcohol did you use? Or plan to use? I did tequila, that's all I have at the moment besides rum. I heard from a doctor years ago to put it in tequila for a week, that's what I did last time but I'm excited to try this so thinking 24 hours maybe less. I'm also going to water it down. If it actually works I doubt I'll feel effects but would like to see if the taste or smell works also to see if the alcohol reacts to the cigarette ok.

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