Using an E cigarette as a weed vaporizer

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by toothfairy420, Feb 9, 2010.

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    ya the major ones are vape pen, medstick, medastick, thc stick, and cannabee. everything but cannabee is all interchangeable. omnicron probably has the best pen type, but the best cartridge in strength is by far medstick. medstick pens are also really cheap at a medstick cartridge + omnicron pen is probably the best combo, but i would reccomend trying it with the cheaper medstick first to see if you liek it. doing ecig for weed is good and will keep your medicating going, but really isnt a total replacement for smoking. i have to say vape pen is major weak, most heavy smokers wont get a buzz from it. the pen are also way over priced, wouldn't waste money on it.
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    I work at a Dispensary in Colorado and we sell two varieties of e-cigarettes that have companion THC cartridges. After talking to one of the producers they said they defiantly use a glycerin mixture and alcohol is a safety issue in their eyes.

    After trying a few of these ones I wasn't impressed because the atomizer would keep getting sticky or break entirely. At first I didn't mind because it was quite a novelty, but I've been working on quitting cigarettes later so I picked one up for nicotine. After a lot of research I decided to pick up V2Cigs for one very particular reason: it's atomizers are part of the cartridge not the battery, so when I'm done with a cartridge I just throw it away. No more cleaning, no more breaking. This does make the cartridges slightly more expense (Like half a dollar a piece lol) Unfortunately none of the pre made cartridges I've seen work with it, so I have to fill them myself if I want that "herbal" infusion.

    I've noticed that the ones I do myself are way stronger than the ones I picked up before, leading me to the conclusion that the ones you find in a dispensary are probably super diluted. Either way, I love being able to smoke herb sitting at the baseball/basketball game.
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    I know this is an old post but the answer is no because oils don't work in e-cigs and will quickly ruin it. Forget about inhaling alcohol vapor! You're better off just buying something that's designed to vaporize herb.
    I only vaporize now but I still smoke once in awhile. Those filter tubes available for rolling your own cigs work good if you want and people will think you're smoking a cig unless they're close enough to smell it.
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    It does seem that buying an Iolite or something similar would be a much quicker way. That being said, I've looked at the numbers.

    1- THC can be extracted at around 200 Celsius.

    2- The boiling point of glycerin (and propylene glycol) is 290 Celsius

    so it should be possible to extract THC into prop glycol by simmering the weed at a temperature between 200 and 290, no? I'll fully admit that I could be wrong, I'm not a chemist.

    And if you can dissolve THC in prop glycol that's your e-juice, or m-juice I guess. The e-cig only takes the prop glycol mix you feed it and boils it.
  5. clint902

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    Theoretically it would work, however, thc isn't water soluble. The atomizers in e-cigs have a wick and the solution needs to wick properly to work. Instead of messing around with propylene glycol and mixing stuff, why not set up a heating element and a metal cartridge to your existing e-cig battery then stuff your weed into the cartridge? Hardly seems worth the effort though.
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    I want to thank all of you that have been talking using the E-Cigarette because it sounds like a good idea but sometimes a good idea takes a lot of work to get it right and it sounds like everyone is trying. If I come up with something I fill will help you I will share it but now I'm just learning and doing allot of studying. I hope in the near furture I will have something to share so for now have a good evening and again thanks.
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    California Wants to Ban E-Cigs, Vaporizer Pens...​

    Did you know that it’s technically NOT illegal to vaporizer on planes or trains?!
    California’s government has already had a perplexing, counter-intuitive and counter-productive battle with marijuana this year. Whether allowing cities to ban dispensaries left and right or denying millions of LA’s patients safe access, they’ve been on a senseless witch hunt. And it just got even stupider.
    Bill SB 648 which has already passed the Senate seeks to ban the use of E-Cigarettes/Vaporizer Pens wherever cigarettes are banned. Here is the insane legislation that is going to pass in two weeks unless enough people fight back:
    • Ban e-cigarette use in virtually all workplaces in California, including in hospitals. Violations would be punishable by fines of $100, $200, and $500. (Section 12)
    • Ban e-cigarette use inside or within 20 feet of any public building or in a vehicle owned by the state. (Section 4)
    • Declares that the use of electronic cigarettes “may be a hazard to the health of the general public,” and would include e-cigarettes in all future smoking bans passed in California. (Section 11)
    • Ban e-cigarette use in railroads and air carriers*. (Section 13) (wait, it’s legal to vape on a plane?!)
    These are places that, even if this insane rule passes, don’t have the means or desire to piss off their customers/clients/peers by ratting them out for a plastic vaporizer from China that barely smells and helps their businesses:
    1. Hotels
    2. Clubs
    3. Golf courses (and Mini-Golf Courses)
    4. Casinos
    5. Strip Clubs
    6. Movie Theaters (they have enough trouble checking tickets)
    7. Beaches
    8. Buses
    9. Strip Clubs (strippers really love vaporizer pens)
    10. Your “non-smoking” apartment (that never said “non-vaporizing” when you moved in)
  8. Steve Cool

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    UC system pulls plug on E- cigs in systemwide smoking ban ...

    Get ready Cali, according to the San Jose Mercury news our friend the E- cigs took a hit -- After Nov. 5th's vote, a new systemwide vaping ban will be fired up at all University of California campuses.The controversial ban takes effect Jan. 2 and includes smokeless tobacco, or chew.
    Unfortunately for those that chose to Vape as a healthier way to medicate, you will also be affected by the state wide UC ban.​
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    I bet that's why Raging Vapor went "Out of business". Of course it's possible tobacco and Herb has the same properties,but why take the chance there's a difference in Important Temperatures,and what you get>?
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    Why would you even try this? IT doesn't make sense, you should of bought a weed vaporizer and not an electronic cigarette.

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