Using banana leaves for rolling

Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by ESP, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. ESP

    ESP New Member

    I read somewhere that using semi-dried banana leaves for rolling papers is pretty nice. Does anyone know if this is any more harmful than other papers? It would be pretty cool to tear off a banana leaf, roll it up, and smoke it! :)

  2. DarkPhoenix

    DarkPhoenix New Member

    Bananna leaves? never heard of it.

    im just gonna stick to my hemp papers, occasionally the rice papers, sometimes the flavored papers are good, unless thats what your talking about bananna flavored papers, i had those once they were ok
  3. replica

    replica New Member

    It's not unusual to find banana leaf cigars in countrys like Thailand, it shouldn't be a problem at all.

  4. ESP

    ESP New Member

    I think I might try it tomorrow. I know it's been used for cigars but I just wanted to know if any of the chemicals in the leaves would cause any more significant damage to me when smoked than regular papers.
  5. ESP

    ESP New Member

    haha so I tried smoking with a banana tree leaf. It was pretty nice! It had the feel of smoking, sturdiness, and slow-burning of a cigarillo, but without the taste and effect of tobacco.

    First i took off a leaf from the tree in my backyard, put it on the grill for a little to get all the moisture out, then soaked it in water for a little so it gets flexible enough to roll. Then I pat dried it with a paper towel, cut off a rectangle, and rolled it up. Lick the edge to keep it from unrolling.

    The smoke didn't seem anymore harsh than using regular papers, but I still want to know if smoking the leaf poses any major health risks.
  6. Calgore

    Calgore New Member

    I cant imagine it being anymore of a danger, was there a taste difference?
  7. ESP

    ESP New Member

    eh not too much. I could tell, by the taste and feel of the smoke, it was not a regular joint paper just because of the higher thickness of the banana leaf compared to a regular thin paper. The smoke was a little thicker, like in a cigarillo or blunt, but not nearly as harsh. I enjoyed it a lot. Definetly very good for bigger rolls, but still good for small ones too.
  8. Calgore

    Calgore New Member

    I am definately going to try that one day then
  9. bush doctor

    bush doctor New Member

    banana leaves

    i've got 9 banana trees in my yard, one is an abyssinian (ethiopian) banana, the latin name is ensete ventricosum. this plant has enourmous leaves and grows up to 30 meters, it never fruits but does produce a huge flower after 6 to 9 years. this is the type of banana leaf they use in other countries to wrap tamales, dokono, other treats and and to build the roof to jungle huts.
    i would recomend using this species for rolling due to the facts that you will not be hindering the growth of any fruit by removing the leaves and that this gigantic species produces a large number of huge leaves in short period of time. you can find them at local nurseries here in southern california and they can be grown in large wine barrels or directly in the ground in well drained soil. I am currently drying out about 20 rectangular pieces that i cut from just one leaf.
  10. ESP

    ESP New Member

    Yea that's cool that you have fast leaf production. I read that most banana trees produce only about one leaf a month! The tree in my backyard is about to start growing bananas, so I took one of the bottom leaves that seemed to be starting to dry up. If i were to make a bunch of these papers, then I would try drying them in the sun for a few days, or some other good way of drying. I just wanted a quick method so i tossed them on the grill haha. But i'm sure drying them like you would with tobacco or some other plant would be much better and smoother. But it any case, I would definetly recommend soaking them before you roll, since they will very easily break when dry. I wonder if they would burn okay if u just plucked the leaf and rolled it immediatly.
  11. replica

    replica New Member

    That sounds awesome. I used to grow grapefruit, but ended up moving away from the house. I'd like to get a banana tree that does produce bananas, they're delicious :banana:
  12. rodrigo67

    rodrigo67 New Member

    nothing but banana papers!

    I can say from 10 yrs experience that I have never tried anything more mellow and satisfying than smoking with fresh ,not dried , banana leaves. That's right , I prefer to cut off a piece of the leaf before it starts to unroll because the inner most part has never been exposed to the air or light which means the minimum contamination. The inner most part of the leaf roll is so fresh it is still yellowish or pail green and will form itself around the around your herb naturally sealing itself because of the obvious moisture that is turned into steam when you first light up. It takes several relights to get it going but once the leaf burns back behind the herb you can puff on it and set it down for a bit and it will stay lit for a good while but does not smoke or burn up it just kind of smolders just enough on the inside to be relit without a flame. Banana leaf joints are also very convenient to those who work with their hands alot because you can hold one in your mouth and not have to worry about soaking sloppy ass paper. It also helps out with the ever so common slobbery smokers. I have seen some people dry them out over a candle fiirst but I still think the fresher wetter leaf the better. I moved down south of the border into old mexico about ten years ago where I have the freedom to grow in or out of doors and I would consider it an insult to use anything but banana leaf for mis colas preciosas.An added bonus to the consuming of banana leaves is that it curbs the desire to consume alchohol which is always a good thing. stoned drivers are alot less dangerous than drunk ones . Peace out , Lobo
  13. demonic

    demonic Sr. Member

    if you want to dry them fast... leave them in the dashboard of a hot car. Within an hour or two they will be dry as hell. I've done this here in Florida when I needed to flash dry various leafs and herbs. ;)
  14. Berryjuana

    Berryjuana New Member

    My only comment is this: I'm allergic to bananas. xD
  15. Kushy

    Kushy down

    At first when I saw this thread I thought someone meant trying to roll a J with a banana PEEL. bahaha
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  16. D.0.B

    D.0.B New Member

    haha i remember when i tried to make the (fake) infamous bananadine drug from the extracts of a banana peel if those leaves taste any thing like that shit id rather suck a bombfire into my my lungs aha

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