Using female pee for male test????

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by tromafan, Mar 14, 2001.

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    What's up everyone!! EXCELLENT job on this board!! You're all a great group of people putting your time in on passing drug tests. Ok, my friend popped up this question that he wanted an answear for. If you go into a drug test with female urine and your're a male will they be able to tell? Please let me know, his UA is this saturday.
  2. Megaweapon

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    Heya troma, tell your friend to fear not...

    5.6 Age:
    Age can not be tested using urine. There is a rumor that approximate age can be detected in urine, and is tested in medical insurance exams. It's a myth.

    5.7 Gender:
    Gender cannot be tested either. As with age, there is a rumor that gender can be detected in urine, and is tested in medical insurance exams. It's another myth. It may be argued that a pregnancy test can be used to detect the gender of the urine provider, but the same test is used to detect prostate cancer in males.
  3. Randøm_

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    Megaweapon's exact! I've even heard a case where dog urine substituted adequately, I wouldn't suggest dog urine, plus I have no idea how to get the dog to do that in a neat container, lol. No fret, gender can't be determined unless a gender specific drug is being taken that will show up in the tests.
  4. Megaweapon

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    Im just quoting stuff off the main page...

    9.2.3 Dog urine
    I heard from Dr. Grow that dog urine (of all things) can be substituted, and will pass the test! However, I don't know how an age, gender, pH, or creatinine test would result. Someone was able to use dog urine for several months to pass the test. This subsection assumes you have a clean dog. I know my dog's urine wouldn't pass; he eats more weed than humans do. It would make more sense to use human urine, but dog urine provides a workable substitution in an emergency.

    I never tried it, and it could all just be myth... who knows, not me for sure :)
  5. Slightly Stoopid

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    Dog Urin..

    My only question is how you would go about obtaining it.. I think it would just be easier to get a freinds urine:) Also, how do you get it in there? All of my freinds that have taken tests, in clinics etc, made them get into a cloth robe thing.
  6. Randøm_

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    Ummm, talking about dog urine substitution is a bit out of my area of expertise, lol. But as for how to "get it in there" ... femmes can use a condom inserted into the vagina and prick it with a fingernail to release the urine. Males, this is a sure fire way but a bit extreme, have to rely on, if given a robe by the clinic, catheterization.
    1) drain the bladder
    2) pour clean urine into a squeezable container
    3) affix a thin plastic tube to the container and insert the other end into (I think you know where ... the genital's orifice), past the urethra, and squeeze the urine into the bladder.

    ...females can also use catheterization, by why should they when the condom trick can work so easily.

    It is a sure-fire way to get a negative test, but it seems a bit extreme. I self-performed minor surgery on myself, but this kind of scares me a little.

    Oh, by the way, make absolutely sure you boil whatever containers and tubes you use first, to stave off getting infection.
  7. Megaweapon

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    Random.... Can i ask why would you want to put Dog urine into your own body?
  8. Randøm_

    Randøm_ Banned

    using that "weapon" , ey?

    aurgh! no, no, no! My post said "Ummm, talking about dog urine substitution is a bit out of my area of expertise, lol. But as for how to 'get it in there' ... "
    I was answering a question about how to use a false specimen when you are given only a robe at a clinic.
    Just because I know how to get away with it doesn't mean I would try it. I know how to make myself scream in agony, too (such as by stabbing my big toe with a fork), but that doesn't mean I would consider doing it. I'll tell you this much, though, if I were put in a situation where I had to do either that or go to prison for years ... I'd be buying myself a canine pet!
    You see, Mega, there is a big difference between knowing how to do something and doing it. Then again, I think you just couldn't pass up the opportunity to pick on me :( ... lol.
    To try and steer this a little back on-topic ... drug-testing is obsolete if there exists sure-fire ways to beat it ... so legalize marijuana ... yay!
  9. tink

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    is there a test they have to tell male from female?
  10. lew scannon

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    Gender is not a factor when testing for drugs. As long as it is known to be toxin-free, any human sample can be used as a sub.

    Dog urine is a different story. Canines have a normal creatinine count of 1.0 - 2.0 ng. That will not fly with the specimen integrity checks. Samples with a creatinine level over 20 ng is acceptable. Any sample with a creatinine level of 2 ng and under is ruled "not consistent with human urine" (aka "substituted specimen")
  11. BloodyRedBarron

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    Dog Urine

    Dont even try dog piss.
    Will show ups an altered urine sample.
    Dog urine don't contain the amounts of creitine as a human.
    You will get busted.
    What is Adulteration?
    Adulteration is the tampering of a urine specimen with the intention of altering the test results.The use of adulterants can cause false negative results in drug tests by either interfering with the screening test and or destroying the drug present in the urine.Dilution may also be employed in an attempt to produce false negative drug test results.
    One of the best ways to test for adulteration or dilution is to determine certain urinary characteristics such as Creatinine,pH,and Specific Gravity and to detect the presence of glutaraldehyde, nitrite and oxidants/pyridinium chlorochromate (PCC) in urine.
    >Creatinine is a waste product of creatine; an amino-acid contained in muscle tissue and found in urine.A person may attempt to foil a test by drinking excessive amounts of water or diuretics such as herbal teas to "flush" the system.
    Creatinine and specific gravity are two ways to check for dilution and flushing.Which are the most common used in an attempt to circumvent drug testing.Low Creatinine and Specific Gravity may indicate dilute urine.
    The Absence of Creatinine (<5mg/dl) is indicayive of a specimen not consistent with human urine.Normal creatinine levels are between 20 and 350 mg/dL.Under rare conditions,certain kidney diseases may show dilute urine.
    >Specific Gravity tests for sample dilution.The normal range is from 1.003-1.030.
    Values outside this range may be the result of dilution or Adulteration.Elevated levels of protein in urine may cause abnormally high specific gravity values.
    >Nitrite test for commonly used commercial adulterants such as Klear or Whizzies.They work by oxidizing the major cannabinoid metabolite THC-COON.Positive results generally indicate the presence of an adulterant.Nitrite is not a normal component of human urine.However,nitrite found in urine may indicate urinary track infection or bacterial infections.Nitrite levels of >20 mg/dL may produce false positive glutaraldehyde results.
    >Glutaraldehyde test for the presence of an aldehyde.Adulterants such as UrinAid and Clear Choice cotaines glutaraldehyde which may cause false negative screening results by disturbing the enzyme used in some immunoassay tests.
    Glutaraldehyde is not normally found in urine therefore,detection of Glutaraldehyde in a urine specimen is generally an indcator of adulteration.Glutaraldehyde is not normally found in urine However certain metabolic abnormalities such as ketoacidosis (Fasting,uncontrolled diabetes or protein diets) may interfere with the test results
    >pH test for the presence of acidic or alkaline adulterants in urine.Normal pH levels should be in the range of 4.0-9.0 Values outside of this range may indicate the sample has been altered.
    >Oxidants/PCC (Pyridinium Chlorochromate) Test for the presence of oxidizing agents such as bleach and hydrogen peroxide.Pyridinium Chlorochromate (sold under the brand name UrineLuck) is a commonly used adulterant.Normal human urine should not contain oxidants or PCC.The presence of high levels antioxidants in false negative results for the oxidants/PCC

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