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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Jennie420, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Jennie420

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    Hey folks,
    I was wondering what the right way to use someone else's urine on a drug test is, like how do I keep it warm? Does it go bad after a certain amount of time? Stuff like that. Thanks!
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    I bought a bottle of Asprin (3 oz bottle), rinsed it out a few times (just water, I didn't want soap residue), along with a thermometer (was looking for the analog type, ones with red liquid in them, but couldn't so I bought a digital one, make sure they don't make beeping noise).

    I got my roommate's piss, heated up the bottle by setting it next to my room heater, got it up to 108 deg, then tucked it under my balls, waited 30 min, took the temp again and it read 95 deg. Travel time to the test site was 8 min, wait time was about 15 min. I got it back up to 108 deg then I headed to the test facility.

    When I got there, the nurse told me to empty my pockets, but NO pat-down. She told me not to run the faucet or flush the toilet. I closed the door, poured it into the cup up to a bit past the minimum line, dumped the rest in the toilet, handed her the sample, sign, done. Of course, PASS.

    Estimate your travel and wait time. Measure temp cool-down rate. You can also get a handwarmer from Home Depot to keep it warm if your travel time is longer than mine. You just need to make sure you measure the temp with handwarmer and how long it takes for your sample to cool to 93-98 deg cuz handwarmer will be hotter than that.

    I got my roommate's piss on the day of the test. I would keep it in the fridge if it's gonna be longer than 24 hours and heat it back up.

    I was nervous when I did it, but you just need to plan and run a few different scenarios.
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    haha good work dawg. funny how you said you tucked ur roommates piss under ur balls. HAHAHAHA it was necessary but also funny.

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