vale 4x, does it work??

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by marleybar, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. marleybar

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    i have recently been looking around this site trying to find the best detox drink out there and i have decided to go with vale 4x. my boyfriend has a test tomorrow, he already went once and did the synthetic urine but it didn't read a temp so now he has to redo it with someone watching him. this is for a big job so i would love to hear any information about this product! :cool:


    p.s. he drank keystone beer Saturday night and his test is on Monday is that going to effect anything?? also, he's about 6'1 190lbs. and has been clean since about Friday afternoon.

    like i said any info would be greatly appreciated. thanks again!
  2. Eustacian

    Eustacian New Member

    I wish I could have more positive advice for you but I don't think he'll pass unless he was a very light smoker.

    Spend the rest of tonight reading the dilution sticky, maybe you'll get lucky.
  3. marleybar

    marleybar New Member

    why do you think that the drink isnt going to work?

    have you had any friends try it?

    i've read on here that people have smoked the night before or the day of and took vale and passed..... :confused:

    do you think that there is anything else i can do to make the drink work better???

    thx 4 the reply tho
  4. Eustacian

    Eustacian New Member

    In general those drinks are a ripoff. They just work on the same principle as dilution. Nothing can remove THC from the body fat with the exception of time and exercise. Dilution doesn't remove THC from the body, it just reduces the concentration of THC metabolites in the urine for a couple hours.

    Now the dilution method certainly does work, but only when you've abstained for awhile. Your boyfriend hasn't smoked in 3 days. That might be enough for the dilution method to work, but probably not for a heavy smoker. I'm trying to dilute myself, and I'm on day 14 and am still testing positive.

    If your boyfriend was a very light smoker, with very little body fat and is pretty active, then dilution might work after 3 days. If he was a heavy smoker like I was (daily, 2-4 bowls a day) then it probably won't work.

    Give us some more info to work with. Is your boyfriend real active? Is his 190lbs mostly muscle or does he have a tummy? How much does he smoke? Those are important factors to consider to be able to determine if the dilution method will work.

    I do wish him the best of luck, I'm just not feeling too confident.
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  5. marleybar

    marleybar New Member

    have you ever tried vale 4x or any drink before?
  6. marleybar

    marleybar New Member

    i read over the dilution sticky and saw that all the vitamins that they recommend there are in the drink. its too late at this point to go and buy anything else, i was just wondering if anyone knew what he could do to make the drink work better....

    btw he is a heavy smoker and he is mostly muscles he use to be a runner but has been in college for two years and fell in love with beer.... so a very little beer tummy.
  7. Eustacian

    Eustacian New Member

    I would suggest drinking at least 64oz of gatorade or powerade along with the detox drink before he tests. (The detox drink instructions should indicate how much other fluids to drink along with it. Follow those instructions, maybe consider drinking more.)

    He should pee at least 3 to 4 times prior to testing and he should give a midstream sample (pee a 3rd in the toilet, then a 3rd in the cup, then a 3rd in the toilet.) Maybe he will get lucky and pass. If he doesn't get a complete pass, maybe at least he will get a negative-dilute which may allow a re-test.

    Unfortunately, because he failed the first test because of temperature, and the second test is monitored, they are already going to be very suspicious. They know he cheated the first time so they probably won't be too sympathetic about a negative-dilute sample (which also indicates cheating.)

    Best of luck and whatever happens, please post the results so we can all learn what works and what doesn't.

    (You should know if he passes if he is offered the job. If you get a call from a doctor (MRO) within a couple days asking about the test, that means he didn't pass.)
  8. marleybar

    marleybar New Member

    alright well he took his test today so cross yall's fingers!!! ill let yall know the results once we get them!
  9. marleybar

    marleybar New Member

    hey well im sad to say this but vale didn't work... it came back extremly diluted... its not a positive but .... he didn't get the job since it was his 2nd test and still no positive or negative they decided to move on and find someone else.

    this sucks!!!
  10. knotme66

    knotme66 New Member

    Do you mind me asking what was the exact result of the test? Was it negative/dilute? Are you sure it wasn't a positive/dilute? Mainly just checking to see how he did overall between the drink, dilution and the smoking history.

    EDIT: Maybe I didn't catch how heavy of a smoker his is/was so could you enlighten me to about how often or how much he smoked before finding out about the test?
  11. Webdox

    Webdox New Member

    No detox drink or powder is going to get your creatinine levels to where they need to be in order to not get flagged for dilution. It is simple as that. Should have followed the dilution sticky marleybar.
  12. marleybar

    marleybar New Member

    im not sure what it was exactly the company he was applying for just called and said that it was extreamly diluted ....

    he is a very heavy smoker like ... smokes like 3 or 4 bowls a day on average. and he quit for 3 days before...

  13. knotme66

    knotme66 New Member

    Marley....One last question (I think...)....Was the test done after following the drink and it's directions only, OR was there some form of diluting along with the drink? If there was dilution involved too, could you enlighten me to how much "water loading" was done in what time frame? Thx....and sorry to hear about result.
  14. marleybar

    marleybar New Member

    well two days before the test he was chugging water like crazy maybe like 10 20oz bottles a day and then the day of the test he woke up and drank 1 bottle of water and then waited for a couple of hours and drank the vale 4x. Then like the directions say he refilled the bottle with water and chugged that. we waiting for an hour like it said and went and took the test about 2 hours after drinking the detox. also vale says there suppose to be a 5 hours window where your suppose to test neg.. but like i said his came back extreamly diluted ... now im having problems getting ahold of the company to get our money back! :-(
  15. Eustacian

    Eustacian New Member

    Good luck getting your money back!

    Generally those guarantees aren't worth the money they are printed on.

    Either they will say you must submit a copy of the drug test report to get the money back, but unfortunately you don't have a copy of the report - your employer does.

    Or they will say the product is only guaranteed to "detox" your body of nicotine because of course marijuana is illegal and you shouldn't be using it anyway.

    I'm not saying it won't happen, but I really doubt you'll be getting your money back.
  16. knotme66

    knotme66 New Member

    One thing that was interesting to hear was about how using the drink had the result come back extremely diluted....not positive/dilute. AND....the amazing part was that it didn't seem to take as much waterloading as the dilution method describes. Could one of the experts enlighten me to why that happened?
  17. DLiver420

    DLiver420 New Member

    Another case to be made for substitution. Never give them your urine unless you absolutely have to. IMO, Even getting caught would be better than coming back positive. (I've subbed many times with 100% success. I'm just sayin, even if you did get caught...)
  18. knotme66

    knotme66 New Member

    Could the reason for a extremely diluted result be that there wasn't enough creatine and/or specific gravity levels? AND...had the levels been higher, would that had created a negative result without a diluted sample?
  19. Knucklehead

    Knucklehead New Member

    I've been through this .

    Twice , I drank 3 liters or so of water along with Vale triple strength .I was told that there was one for somebody under 180 lbs and one for over 180 . Water for two to two and a half hours prior . Vale about an hour and a half before test . Pissing every 10 minutes . Trees , behind cars , anyplace I could .A bit of a problem really . Try and go just before stepping into the office .They never gave me results . No call , no problem . The last time , I did a home test about four hours after the Vale and it came up positive . Thought I was sunk . But , no call . I try very hard though , to just smoke a very small amount when I do . I'm talking one hit . To me a light buzz is as good as a heavy buzz really .I read a Vale website that said this stuff is for light smokers .These people talking about having two bowls two and three times a week are asking for trouble IMO .
  20. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Getting caught substituting and testing positive have exactly the same consequences.

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