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    I smoked as late as 6pm the night before and used VALE 4X the following day and took the urine test around 2pm the same day and I passed.....the margin was narrow, but I passed...initially it was unclear, but given the 5 minutes the test is supposed to wait, the "line appeared" giving me a negative result...being that I have smoked non-stop for almost 20 years, VALE had it's work cut out, but it came through when I needed it!!! I "highly" recommend it! You do have to follow the directions about eating a dry meal 3 hrs before and drinking boatloads of water. After following the directions I allowed 2 hours for (as the product warns) "excessive urination" while I continued to drink water....then I immediately went to have the test performed. It cost $50 bucks total, which included a package of "pre" vitamins and the Detox drink....and it didn't taste too bad either!
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    where do you get VALE detox

    Where do you get VALE detox?
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    Yep, that Vales does work,...usually. But then so does, dare I say, water. Just like I discribe in the dilution guidelines. But we don't charge $50 ... yet. LOL!!
    Great to hear you passed and thanks for the post.
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    Well first of all THC is not water soluble and any decent facility can detect if you have diluted or flooded your system with water which will normally result in an inconclusive result not a negative. I know from previous experience. But what ever works for you.
    Another point I have always used either Vale or Stuff and it has always worked if you follow the directions.
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    it a 2 year old post
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    Vale Detox Does not work! Do not buy! Please trust me!!

    This sucks! Just got word that I failed my drug test for a new job. I weigh 155 lbs, and I am a chronic user o marijuana for 12 years. I stopped a week prior to test. Drank about 3 gallons of water in the first 3 days and continued drinking thru weekend. I bought the Vale fiber boost caps as well as the Vale triple strength sweet apple drink. Remember I only weigh 150, I was thinking it would mask it for longer and work faster.I followed the directions to the T. I failed horribly. I am so glad this wasn't for probation use or something like that. Because my ass would be in jail! Now I'm out 32.00$ for a nasty ass detox drink that didn't even work. I am so disappointed. The job I was going for would have been great. I'm at least gonna try to get my money back for this crap but I bet it's going to be a pain. The reason I am posting this on here is this is the website I came to before I took my test and it led me to believe that this stuff actually worked. This is False. Warning: you will fail!!! Trust me.

    Thanks, Sad unemployed pot smoker
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    $40.00 DOWN THE DRAIN!~!!! Have used other non-premixed powder mixes with no probs! This was advertised as 24hrs, didn't smoke for 48hrs! FAILED!! THIS IS AN EMBARRASING WASTE OF$$$!!! SUX SUX SUX!!! Try PEE-CLEAN!! DO NOT USE VALE PRODUCTS!! Ugg!
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    Yeah...never heard of vale. I go to thcclear for reviews b4 trying any thing new. Good to know. Sorry guys

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