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    I know theres tons of threads about vancouver already, and for that I apologize, but I did a search and couldnt really find the answers to the questions that I have....

    Ok, next winter (after I put in a year at my new sweet-ass job) I am driving my honda element the 1600 miles up to vancouver. I really dont plan on doing much up there besides getting away from the desert for a week and chillin in the hotel room. I think its awesome how the pot laws are lax there and I'd like to just sit and smoke dope and eat room service food and basically be lazy. My question is this: can you find weed pretty much anywhere in the city, or do you have to go to a certain district? Is it pretty much risk-free to buy from a street dealer, or do they have undercover cops like here in america? If i went into a head shop and asked where to find weed, would they help me out, or would I be kicked out of the store like here in phoenix?

    also, i was wondering, since there are mail order ops based in BC, how risky would it be to mail some smokage back home for when I return? I will probably be buying a nice glass piece there too, since if vancouver weed is as good as I hear, I wont want to spoil it with it super risky to mail that back to AZ too?

    at the canada-US border, are there just checkpoints at the border, or do they have more 30 miles inside the US like they do at the mexico border? I was stopped at a checkpoint twice this summer and never even crossed into mexico. anyway, I have seen on tv in BC there are some roads that run paralell to the border where you could just go heave something over the fence and then come back when youve crossed into the US and pick it up....anybody ever tried this?

    any info would be appriciated....i have plenty of time to plan this thing, and Id like to figure out a way to smuggle a little back home.
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    I was just checking out orbitz and looks like i could fly there and get an executive suite at a 5 star hotel for around $2400 for a week. I might just take the big white bird instead of spending $700 on gas to get there and back. I dont know about the suite, though....probably could get a nice room somewhere for $100 a night and have just as much fun. that would only be like $1300 total
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    Yeah its easy to find weed, but i wouldnt go to some guy on the street, or the guys on the bikes who drive past yelling WEED SHROOMS X and **** like that, they have nasty ass weed and its probably been dusted.

    if you go to a head shop and ask where to get weed, they wont tell you, otherwise they get in to trouble, also dont try to buy from people inside of a shop either, the business gets in to **** for that too. there are compassion clubs where you can get weed, but you need to be a member, and for that you need your doctor to fill out a form.

    If i were you, just look for people blazing, and ask for a hook up, most stoners here are nice as hell, that said there are the shady mofos too, so be careful.

    I hear they have motion dectors and **** at thouse boarders, they use to find people smuggling **** in to the US from Canada, people would go through the forrest thinking they would be fine, but they get caught.

    As for brining back a bong or pipe, well, if its been used you wont be able to take it back, but if its nice and clean, you can take it back since there is no res inside of it, so you can say its a tabacco bong/pipe whatever.

    Hope some of that helps. and have fun in my city when you are here
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    If you can I would suggest driving...for a few reasons, A you can drive around once you get to b.c. also you can bring some herb back into the US that way, because mailing it is stupid, it will get taken away and you will get busted by the cops for having it mailed to you. I know the boarder patrol is harsh but you have a better chance of keeping it if you bring it across becaue the mexico boarder patrol they just wave you through if your white. Also, you can bring your piece back in your car cause again if you mail it and it has residue on it you will be in deep **** with the cops. Not to mention find some good nor-cal herb while you are driving down to arizona again and that would be fine esp if you dont want to bring weed back from canada.

    Please dont do anything dumb tho and try to bring back a pound or something stupid...and be SOBER when you drive through the boarder patrol because if you are stoned they will search your car from top to bottom...just a little friendly advice...

    oh yea, and have a BLAST!!!
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    I would think that mailing it would be much safer than trying to smuggle it in a car. And Im pretty sure that they cant prosicute you just for recieving something in the mail....they can take it away and try to go after who sent it, but if they could lock you up just for getting it in the mail, the DEA would be sending out packages of weed to people all the time just to bust them.

    Anyway, I have decided to go to jamacia instead. Its just about the same price and it will be a lot warmer there in the winter.
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    I agree. i've had friends get the **** searched out of their car by Canadian Border patrols, and have always heard NEVER bring back any in your car. I've even been told its probably best to get your car DETAILED in canada if you've smoked in it, or even had weed in it at all, as dogs are becoming more and more common. Mailing bud is not too risky. Fake return address, and if its caught, they'll send you a confiscation notice and thats usually the extent of it. DO NOT bring it back in your car though. They are REALLY cracking down because of the amount of Canadain weed being imported to the US. I don't know where you got your info from Snow, but its seriously flawed. bringing it back in your car is hands down the stupidest way to try it.

    As for your choice of going to jamaica...congrats! you won't be disappointed, believe that, mon!!!
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    Ight all, I was smoking a bowl when i got to thinking about where i can smoke some good shit and not have worry about busts or any crazy ass shit like that. So, I got to thinking about where to go. I know Jamaica, Amsterdam and Colorado to an extent. But I thought about Canada and all this Vancouver gossip i hear of. Now I am planning on making a road trip this June to Canada. So my question is are there amster-style shops or what else it could possibly be. So if anyone would to help me, i'll be sitting in front of my screen and ripping this bowl. L8tr yall.
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    Hehehe, Vancouver is nicknamed Vampsterdam for a reason. I havn't been there yet, but there is an alley or a road somewhere in the city that is dedicated to head shops and cafes. Mmm, I'm sure someone else will give you more information on that.
  10. 90minuteIPA

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    The "Pot Block".
  11. zogob420

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    vancouver cafe

    So i'm goin to vancouver, CA again - dont know if any of you remember my story on the dude that tried to sell me weed and got busted by the pos in front of me -

    anyway, supposedly there is a 'weed friendly cafe' up there, and i'm pretty excited about it. No idea how that's legal, but, it is. - supposedly

    ill keep this thread posted on what it is after i find out on saturday.
  12. Thats awesome...where is Vancouver, CA?...I am visiting Palm Springs in a few weeks...
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    Threads merged.:)
    I live right across the water from Vancouver. There are multiple weed-friendly cafes in the pot block across from Victory Square along Hastings. While it's not legal, cops turn a blind eye to these places. Bring your own weed in, they don't sell weed inside these cafes.
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    Good day unto all. I am currently visiting my Dad in the suburbs of Vancouver and am in utter dismay.:crybaby: I can't find the weed. When out and about I'll ask the smoker looking type emitting good vibes, but to no avail. Bummer, and my DAd's area is drowning in weed to. They just busted a grow op a few blocks down from his house. Any suggestions or advice on where to come across the magical green? I was thinking of heading down to Wreck beach, but its a little bit of a drive. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Expand on.

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