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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by The_Bishop, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. The_Bishop

    The_Bishop New Member


    I have noticed that when I am taking a drag that 3/4 through I can taste a minty flavor. Is that the taste denoting the moment of vaporization?
  2. lwien123

    lwien123 New Member

    In a very general sense.......yes.
  3. Qbit

    Qbit New Member

    Yeah that'd be the terpenes, the aromatic essential oils that are the first to vapourize.
  4. tdavie7

    tdavie7 New Member

    It can be, although there are many other flavours/tastes. Depends on what strain, vaporizer, temperature, method of use (draw or bag) and how much weed. I've picked up mint, sage, grape, citrus, pine, diesel/fuel, pineapple and caramel.

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  5. Qbit

    Qbit New Member

    On a sesame seed bun. ;)
  6. Le0n

    Le0n New Member

    I would say yes.

    The first hit you take is usually the tastiest hit, but the flavour doesnt stop at the first hit. You should get distict tastes throughout your session with the last few hits tasting a little worn.

    Each strain has a distinct flavor both inhale and exhale including the aftertaste. I personally LOVE the taste of the strain I have now.

    If you want to keep the flavor going a little then turn down the temp slightly, some people like the lighter vapors anyway. If the temp is too high you will not enjoy the essence from your strain and may get a little charring thus a chared taste which IMO ruins the flavor.

    Vapes are awsome! It makes one feel like a conosur of fine smokables :D
  7. CS&N

    CS&N New Member

    I was just about to post asking about this, but theres already a thread, so...

    I used a lightbulb vape last night, and me and my friend could taste vegtables. Not one in specefic, but just vegtables in general. We loved the taste...

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