Vape high Vs. Smoke high

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by MadeInChernobyl, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. MadeInChernobyl

    MadeInChernobyl New Member

    Obviously one would need experience using both. So those of you who have tried both methods, which high would you say was the most ejoyable?
  2. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I have done both. I can say from my own personal experience that using my vaporizer is much more enjoyable.
  3. Yaznaki

    Yaznaki New Member

    I love my vaporizer, and it's great for conservation of herbs, however I also love the taste and watching the smoke from smoking, so I switch back and fourth, depending on both my financial situation, and weather the herb tastes superb smoked, or just okay.

    Vaporizers, as with smoking work best also with KB, not no nasty brick stuff.

    Make sure you don't look into one of the crappy glass dome vaporizers, like the BC vaporizer, as they are the '78 pacer of the vaporizers.

    I'd reccomend a vapor brothers, from personal experience, or any of the whip style vaporizers for that matter.

    If you have the cash there is the super vapezilla, and the volcano, both are the high end of the vaporizers.

    The volcano puts the vapor in a convienent bag for it to go stale in, and the super vapezilla is a whip style, meaning you only make the vapor as you inhale it.

    The high is pretty similar, altho it's a bit more heady, than couchy.
  4. BongMan420

    BongMan420 Active Member

    I like the high of both. I like how up you feel after using a vape. Smoking gives you more of a couchy feeling that I like a little more than the up one.

    But that's just me. I wouldn't say either one is better than the other, both have their pros and cons
  5. I personally enjoy smoking more. It's not that one high is that much better than the other, I just enjoy smoking out of a bowl, bong, bubbler... better than using a vap. It's the act of smoking that I enjoy more.
  6. BongMan420

    BongMan420 Active Member

    Ya when it comes to the 'fun' aspect of smoking I'm afraid a vape is pretty boring. Even with the cool funky lights (on the vapobro's one), still it's slow and unimpressive.

    I liked the difference of the high and the fact it's healthier, but smoking as a whole is more exciting and more fulfilling than vaporizing to me. Nothing like a crowd taking a huge hookah hit and everyone coughing off of the insane amount of smoke. It makes you feel like a stoner, I guess. :D
  7. Lee

    Lee New Member

    Indeed the Collecter, theres nothing like kicking back and passing a bong or blunt around. the bag of smoke gets kind of boring, but then again it is really conveniant and what not. and its cool how it uses such little id with a big sack to smoke on = blunts/bongs, your own personal killer nugs = vap. word.

  8. imported_Dynasty

    imported_Dynasty New Member

    I have smoked cron, hash, oil all out of vaporizors (large amounts) and never once got anything more than a headrush, so my obvious answer of course is smoking, plus i love french inhailing, german inhailing and blowing O's.
  9. Restricted

    Restricted New Member

    ^ Its the same way for me. All my friends like vapes the best but I just have never gotten high off it :mad: . Then again I dont have access to one of those high quality volcanos so i can't say ive had the full experience.
  10. klepto

    klepto Sr. Member

    I enjoy running a lot, and smoking with a vape lets me have a nice run without coughing.
  11. joel223

    joel223 New Member

    I like smoking, vaporizers never really worked for me, not sure why, alot of my friend love them. I had one that was electric with a little tray to put the herb in, then set the heat on the thing and vape.(forget what it was called) Never got me high. Gave it to one of my girlfriends and not it is all she smokes out of.

    The only one I ever had that was AWSOME was made out of glass and had a big heat gun that you put ontop of a special bowl. Man that thing was awsome! Got me high as my first time. Great stuff. Unfortunitly I left it on my window seal and my old cat flipped it with her tail and broke it into a million little tiny pieces. I need to invest in a new one.

    Other than the vap with the heat gun, none of the others I have tried have ever worked. So I'd have to say smoking is my fav. Nexxt to the heat gun vap.
  12. mastagata

    mastagata New Member

    well now that i have had my Vapor Brothers for two weeks now, i can say that they are just very different highs. (sorry to revive this old thread, i'm just obsessed with my vaporizer) vaporizer high is much more clear headed with a slow come up and a nice come down, i never feel tired after vaping. it feels like a much more clean high. i've smoked a few joints since buying the vape and i can say yes i still miss smoking...such as bongs and other such things. the problem with smoking after vaping is that it HURTS and tastes bad. smoke never tasted bad to me i guess i'm spoiled now. but i do miss the alternative high of the smoking high. they are just different and both very good but for health reasons i HAVE to stick to vaping.
  13. nornerator

    nornerator New Member

    vape high all the way its a very clean high. I get much higher vaping than i ever do smoking. I use like a fifth of a bowls worth of kb in my vapo, and it hits for 30 minutes or so, its just amazing.
  14. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    I much prefer the vape high. It's cleaner and I have more energy unless I get totally wasted. My lungs like it better too.
  15. SuperTorch

    SuperTorch Sr. Member

    The original question of this thread was about the TYPES OF HIGHS between vapeing and smokeing. Not the fun of the act of either. Most of those who have favored smokeing is because of the act of it or the funess of it. To the guys who never got high off of vapeing all I can say is you must be doing it wrong because I don't think the others here are lyeing when they say they get really high from vaporizers. I have never vaped, but was hopeing it is the holy grail of clean highs that do less damage on you system and clean purer come downs. From all I have read about vapeing that seems to be the case once you've got it down. Most vape companies will tell you it takes some pratice to learn it to your own personal likeing. I sure would be disappointed if vapeing doen't get you as high, but its my understanding that its a more cleaner and less of a stone and that may be what some are reffering too. All I can say about that is it must be the steams and seeds and tar and other things that you don't get while vapeing that makes a joint more tireing/stoney than a vaporizer, as you should still be geting all of the(and btw unburnt) THC that you would during smoking. I can't wait to give a vape a try as it may be just what I'm looking for - ultra clean easy on the body highs.
  16. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    Supertorch, you should actually get MORE thc by vaping. Smoking burns some of the thc and other cannabinoids, so vaping gives you more for your money. Unfortunately, there's more of a learning curve with vaporizers, especially for those of us who are long time smokers. I'm speaking mostly about whip systems, since with the bag delivery, it does the work and you just suck the air and vapor from the bag. On the first hit of a fresh load especially, you may not think you're getting any vapor because you're looking for a cloud of white vapor or expecting to have trouble holding in the hit (like smoke). It's best to hold in your hits, whether you feel like you got anything or not. Another tendency is to pull too hard on the whip if you feel like you're not getting any vapor. Sucking harder just pulls more cool air into the heating chamber, which then doesn't have time to properly heat that air 'cause you're sucking it out too fast. It's just like cranking up the fan on your car AC to the max. The air coming out isn't as cold as it is at a lower fan setting because it's passing over the cooling coils too fast.
    The high is different and some of that difference (if not most) is because you're not getting the gases caused by burning. Some of the body buzz from smoking is due to the bad stuff that vaping avoids. I'm a long time smoker (quit cigs 10 years ago) and my lungs really appreciate vaping. I understand why some don't want to give up the joints, pipes, and bongs, but if you're trying to improve your health or just give your lungs a break I think a clean break from smoking (at least at first) is the best way to experience the vaporizer high. And personally, I get higher from vaping. :trippy:
  17. SuperTorch

    SuperTorch Sr. Member

    I hear more people say they get higher from vapeing then the people that say they get higher from smokeing. But I still don't think I've heard a good explanation of just the type of high you get from vapeing. Is it 80% the same but just cleaner feeling or it it usually always a upper type of high compared to a stone type of high of smokeing.
  18. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    I can only speak for myself and my wife, but I think vaping gives more of a head high and less body buzz. And I've gotten a good high on herb that I'd given up on back when I was smoking. I feel more active (more energy). I've found myself zoning out like I haven't done in years. At times I've felt like I've overdone it, and I probably did. It seems to take a little longer to feel the effect. I also probably overdo 'cause it's still a novelty to me-using different vapes, just experimenting with different loads, pulls, etc.
  19. SuperTorch

    SuperTorch Sr. Member

    I don't smoke cigarettes, I had one puff my whole life and I feel once I get my vaporizer I bet its all I'll ever use. I don't have a connect right now and no buds either so I'm left to speculation. :(
  20. DaDornta


    I do not prefer one method over the other. To me, both methods deliver the unique sensation that is neither comparable or sufficient in my mind. Neither one is satisfactory by itself. I tend to combine both in one session. I'll usually smoked and then vaporize.

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