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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by puff.puff.pass, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. puff.puff.pass

    puff.puff.pass New Member

    does a lightbulb vape smell like i dunno i guess it would but i just wonderin because its so different and im not talking bout no store bought vapes i got hardly any cash cant afford the good stuff lol :D
  2. Rastafari420

    Rastafari420 New Member

    If you're just sitting in a room with the windows and doors closed, yes, it will smell. If you open a window or something its not too bad.
  3. SuperTorch

    SuperTorch Sr. Member

    Your not alone.

    Vaporizer smell(or lack thereof) is one really over looked topic. I hate to reek, I don't smoke cigs at all so my clothes never smell except when I smoke skunk. I know vaporizers have a little smell, but from my understanding it extremly reduced and a big key to that is it doesn't hang around or get in your clotheing. Vape 8 hits and in 5 minutes the smell is totally gone to my understanding. If someone put there nose to you clothing theyd never know, thats just another MAJOR plus of the Vapers lifestyle. Love to go to the movies with no worries I'm stinking - the never smoked weed family siting right beside me - out of the theater. I don't feel its a burden I feel its my responsibility to not let my enjoyment bother others. LOVE THE REDUCED SMELL of vapeing.
  4. Rastafari420

    Rastafari420 New Member

    I forgot to mention...
    When using the lightbulb vaporizer, it is common that people heat it up too much and end up burning the weed. When this happens, it reeks. But supertorch is right, the smell from vaping dissipates after like 5 min.
  5. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I have never used a light bulb vaporizer, but I can tell you that people comment a lot that there is no smell when they walk into my home. This is right after I have taken and exhaled a vap hit too.
  6. the piper

    the piper New Member

    Yeah, when it burns withing the bulb, it smells disgusting, and tasyed pretty crap too. I was turened off from weed for a day form it. lol (i had to give weed and my vape one more chance) and it worked! lol
  7. Rauch|Drogen

    Rauch|Drogen New Member

    I wouldn't say it's gone within 5 minutes, but certainly it lingers for far shorter than smoke. I've vaped in my basement (with a lightbulb, can't afford the fancy gadgets), and my sister came down a few minutes later and couldn't smell a thing (I asked her..)

    Compare that to my experiences when my mom would smell smoke DAYS after I'd last smoked, and that's when I'd do it in my room, with my window open, fans blowing towards the window, and afterwards I'd use febreeze or similar air-freshening product..

    So yeah, definitely vaporizers are far more stealthy scent-wise, and the lightbulb variation, when used correctly, is no exception.

    - Rauch|Drogen :thumb:
  8. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    Vapor is like someone you meet at a party and then they're gone before you even catch their name. Smoke is like the relative who visits you during the holidays and won't go home. ;)
  9. Rasher

    Rasher New Member

    ya ive only ever smoked out of a light bulb until today, and i can say its deffinatly a comparison, in my opinion, light bulb smells alot more than a real vaporizer because 75% of the time id say people (my friends) overheat it, so thats probably whats happening, plus it tastes shitty, which contributes to the smell I can offer thought something that will help so that it cannot me smelled at ALL, i tried this in my house, can you cant smell a thing, take an old cardboard tube from paper towels, put 6-7 clorox dryer towels in it, then elastic one to the top, blow out the vapor into that and i guarantee you will not smell it, smells like... laundry :p
  10. gabriel420

    gabriel420 New Member

    I always thought that vaping smelled like dried tomatoes... but maybe that's just me :/
  11. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    Must just be you. ;)

    I've never smelled dried tomatos when I vaporize. It was probably the herb you were vaporizing at the time. :)
  12. dreamsurge

    dreamsurge New Member

    I think it's just you, to me it smells like burnt pine trees.

    Are we exxagerating here just a tad, hmm?;)
  13. SuperTorch

    SuperTorch Sr. Member

    I think the burnt popcorn analogy is still the most accurate. I'm just not sure I'm vapeing it all the way after 2 hits of geting nothing a 3rd hit will give me some vapors and it surprizes me. Does it all tun the same color or is it lighter and daker colors of vaped ground herbs. I'm sure I'm geting 75% but may be leaving 1-2 good hits behind when I toss it.
  14. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I usually make sure I draw on my whip until I don't get anything more, and the herb is always brown. If there is any green, you can get more out of it. :)
  15. SuperTorch

    SuperTorch Sr. Member

    Yea I get confused looking at vaped herb because I think its the light colored(TAN) vaped herb mixed with the Darker Brown vaped herb. But the Tan I'm seeing may actualy be unvaped herb. I'm also RED/GREEN color blind so that doesn't help either. Looking at ground up green herb that is ready to be vaped you can see there are varying colors of green - some darker some lighter and this is what I get once vaped - varrying colors of brown vaped herb - some light brown some dark brown, but its the light brown that makes me think its actualy green and may still have some in it. I know I'm geting most of it, but just want to get all of it.
  16. DaDornta


    I wish my vape smelled like tomatoes...mmm

    Mine usually kinda smells like burnt popcorn at high lower temps kind of a flowery-light MJ smell that goes away in a few minutes.

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