Vaping hash?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by dabu, May 6, 2008.

  1. dabu

    dabu New Member

    Just wondering if anyone has experience vaping hash. Was recently in a foreign country where hash was more common that bud, but the hash was fairly diluted. Ended up rolling a bunch of joints with hash bits, but that really made me miss the joys of vaping or grav hits.

    Anyways, if hash was all I had, could I vape it effectively? I'm guessing I'd break it up into little pellets and try vaping, but maybe only the surface area would release anything. Plus I don't know if the temperature would be the same.
  2. tokinGLX

    tokinGLX Sr. Member

    i LOVE vaping a hash bowl in my ssv. just got to remember not to stir the bowl just after taking a hit, because the hot hash will stick to the pokey like crazy.

    it lasts a long long time and spits out giant hits of tasty goodness
  3. nebulator

    nebulator New Member

    yes i love too vaping my bubble....Vapolution works great with hash, just don't use the full melt and bend the Vapo on its side....The extreme with hash will fill at least 4/5 bags of tasty vapor or some fantastic bong-whip hits!
  4. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    The Volcano vapes hash superbly, regardless of type...:cool:
  5. SpiralArchitect

    SpiralArchitect The Cosmic Chronic

    I never enjoyed vaping hash. I have done it a few times and it usually ends up just melting the hash to a 'goo' of sorts. It does vape it, but I have to apply higher temperatures.

    Also, I use a VaporWarez and if I want to effectively vape hash I have to tilt the vaporizer up a little bit so the heating element is parallel with the ground. This assures the hash is in direct fire of the heat.

    :shrug: I guess I just like smoking it too much....
  6. beezleb878

    beezleb878 Sr. Member

    So many types of hash, some would work better than others.
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  7. Conky

    Conky Active Member


    I bought my SSV because of you.
    Do you put the hash itself in or do you mix it with pot?
    I'm just uncertain of how I would put it on the screen without the hot air just passing by the hash.
    anyway you could post a vid or some pics of a hash bowl.
    Also I always wondered how anyone could vape 1gr. to themself. When I watched those vids I was amazed. The most I've ever been able to vape at once was like .3grams. Anymore than that.......well I would pass out before i got that far.
  8. tokinGLX

    tokinGLX Sr. Member

    i neverneverNEVER mix my hash with nugs in the wand.

    simply because the hash lasts so much longer than the herb.

    i have a separate wand that i use jsut for hash. it is double screened, and i fill it about as full as i would if i were putting regular buds in there with crumbled hash(i come across bubble hash more than anything else), and like mentioned earlier, when taking hits, let the bowl cool thoroughly before reaching in there with your pokey and stirring it around. might need to fiddle with the temp(and/or your intake breath) a little bit to find the sweet spot, kick it up a half notch or so.

    i really only break out that bowl on special occasions, the current load has been in there for over 3 months. many hits taken from it, many more will follow.

    as for the one gram challenge....well, i just got a new video camera so i might just have to redo that one of these days
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  9. dabu

    dabu New Member

    Tokin, you mind going into some more detail about how the hash consistency changes through it's vape life cycle? Your hash pure? Do you mess around with it at all to try and maximize surface area contact?

    This was the only time I've had to deal with hash, and it was fairly hard and not too potent. It didn't crumble at all, just remained sticky little balls...looked like rat shit :rolleyes:.
  10. tokinGLX

    tokinGLX Sr. Member

    when you first put it in the bowl, do what you can to maximize surface area. after the first few hits, the hash will probably start to clump together. just let the bowl cool for a few minutes, stir it up, and resume hitting it. if it was originally a hard gooey ball, after that first round of vapage, it should be a little more willing to break up in the bowl.

    also have to keep in mind, there are many ways to make hash, and some of those ways just might not be so great for somebody trying to vaporize the end product. i usually have bubble bag made hash or scissor/finger hash, so my samples are usually pretty good in quality.
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