Vaping Noob: A Few General and Herbalaire Questions

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Mezz Mezzrow, Aug 16, 2009.

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    I've had an Herbalaire 2.1 for 6 days now. I haven't smoked since my first "vape", and I don't think I ever will again, baring equipment breakdown or blackout or something. I've still got a lot to learn about vaping, though. 1- If the HA is designed to work with chunks, what do you do when you're down to shake? I screwed up my first bag use, and used powdered stuff. Not a good idea. I wound up with toasted herb in the bag. When I have no chunks left, will I have to go back to smoking? 2- It's easy to tell when a bowl you're smoking is done, cause it's become ash. It's a lot harder to tell if the stuff in the crucible is done. How do vapers decide the herb is toast? 3- What is the relationship between vapor visibility and effectiveness? Some of the Utube vids I've seen show some huge clouds being generated. At a lower temp, there doesn't seem to be much visible vapor. The HA literature says that the vapor at lower temps is purer. Thanks
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    Welcome to the forum Mezz. The herbalAire's a good choice.

    I use a second screen. Load the herb, then put another screen in the crucible to keep the herb from being drawn into the main mouthpiece.

    The herbalAire is very efficient and will turn all your herb a nice brown color. If you're not sure it's finished, just load another bag. Can't hurt. There may be some good vapor in a bag that seems to be loading with just clear air.

    This can sometimes be a problem when people move from 'always visible' smoke to 'sometimes visible' vapor. Many times vapor is almost invisible (except in large quantities) except in the right light. Exhaling into the right artificial lighting or especially the right angle of sunlight, will show vapor that would be otherwise invisible. I use a setting of about 370 with the herbalAire. Higher temps will give you a few more analgesic and sedative compounds, but also a lot more toxins, most of which also have the sedative effect in the quantities involved.
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    Good tip, thanks.

    Interesting. There's a lot to learn, obviously, making the transition from smoke to vapor. I've ordered a PD, which unfortunately is on back-order due to demand. :(

    The direct draw on the HA seems kinda mediocre, even though I have no basis for comparison. Hopefully the PD will be a better experience.
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    Good choice. It's my favorite. Not really back-order, technically-more like pre-order, since there haven't been any available in stock for about a year now. One recent buyer said his wait time was 6 weeks, but I'm sure it could vary some.

    That's my opinion too. The 18 little inlet holes that make it so efficient are a drawback in whip mode.

    It is. You won't get the big hits that a full size whip bowl can provide, but it does have a nice combination of high efficiency and satisfying hits. :)
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    They're selling them on Amazon. Someone must have horded a few, and they were selling them for $500. I went back a few days later and they'd raised the price to $700! You gotta be pretty desperate to pay that kind of money, rather than wait a few weeks and get it for $180. :p

    6 weeks is pretty good. Hopefully it'll take no longer than that. Meanwhile I'm a bag-man. Hmmnnn, someone should make a breast shaped bag. It would be a natural. You can blow it up bigger and bigger, then start nursing. :D
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    Here's what the deal was on those ridiculous prices. Vapenow was using Amazon to help out with/speed up shipping for them. The company thought they had to put a price on the units in order to use Amazon for shipping, so they put up those really high prices so no one would buy, since all the units vapenow gets are already sold. It worked, but since then they found out how to use Amazon without putting a price on the PDs.

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