Vaping while parents are asleep.

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  1. The Key

    The Key New Member

    I haven't been smoking weed for too long and I've had my vaporizer since January. It's an EasyVape. I only need 5-10 hits (depending on the weed) to get high enough for a good night's sleep.

    There's been times that I've vaped when my parents were out and maybe I just over did it by smoking an entire bowl. Half our later, my mom got home, opened the door to my room (I didn't put the fan on because I was way to high to smell).

    I have a TP roll sploof that I use, and I blow it out the window through the sploof.

    Did it reek because of the quantity of weed that I smoked? Or was it because the dryer sheets in the sploof hadn't been changed for months. (I changed them about a week ago).

    Or was it because I have yet to clean the whip?

    Was it the vaporized weed I have in a bag?

    So now I take my 5-10 hits while my parents are asleep and blow the vapor through my sploof and out the window. Any chance I'll get caught via smell?

    How bad would that bag of vaporized weed reek?

    What other measures can I take besides having my window open and fan going?

    I bought my vape for stealth, and it's failed me more than once.
  2. Love4TheNugg

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    I'm gonna go ahead and say the only possible answer.

    Yes, it fucking wreaked.

    You smoked pot in your room, of course it did.
  3. Brad420

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    If you really want to vape in your house, Go in another room other than yours, Preferably the bathroom, And exhale out of the window, A few sprays of febreeze when your done and that's it.

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